Major Aspects in 

September 2018

September 5 - Mercury enters Virgo

September 6 - Saturn turns direct - 2 Capricorn

Sseptember 7 - Sun opposition Neptune - 15 Virgo / 15 Pisces

September 9 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 17 Virgo

September 10 - Mars enters Aquarius

September 12 - Venus opposition Uranus - 2 Scorpio / 2 Taurus

September 13 - Meracury opposition Neptune - 15 Virgo / 15 Pisces

September 18 - Mars square Uranus - 2 Aquarius / 2 Taurus

September 20 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 27 Virgo

September 22 - Sun enters Libra - Equinox - beginning of Autumn for N Hemisphere, beginning of Spring for S Hemisphere

September 24 - Sun opposition Moon - HARVEST FULL MOON - 2 Libra / 2 Aries

September 30 - Pluto turns direct - 19 Capricorn

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Uranus in Aries

Uranus - Winds of Change

Uranus is a sign for 7 years. The Planet Uranus changes signs every 7 years and brings with it change, unexpected events, and sometimes complete upheaval. Uranus tosses us outside our comfort zone to experience life "outside the box". The winds of change blow as Uranus moves our life into new and different directions, giving us experiences that we had not planned on or thought would occur in our life by any stretch of the imagination. In our logical, systematic thought process, we walk along our pathway in life, yet at other times particular events create the change of a lifetime. The Planet of Uranus is usually the messenger of such changes.

Because Uranus stays in one sign for SEVEN years, it is often the planet that is considered the testing ground of the "disciples". Often the experiences, during a SEVEN year cycle of Uranus in a particular sign, bring in the same type of challenges over and over again, regardless of what we do, and regardless of the efforts to thrust change. It is as if the events are not connected to our actions at all, but instead are occurring to see how we "respond" to the events. This is especially true in those events that are seemingly unfairly set against us. These type of events are the tell-tale sign of this SEVEN year testing ground for disciples of Truth.

Uranus in a sign for SEVEN years creates positive easy trines, or challenging side winds of squares, or power struggles of unfairness in oppositions and rags to riches (or visa versa) in conjunctions. It is all for the purpose to bring about greater understanding and spiritual evolution, individually and globally.
Doorway signs are those signs that at a challenged angle to Uranus. Typically in astrology, much is written about squares in a negative perspective. However, squares are like stairs, they allow us to make major steps upward. Squares are also needed to make major transitions from one room to another, from one way of life to another lifestyle. The true doorway is square, ultimately giving us the opportunity to make an archway out of the transition, by seeing the higher purpose of the arch through the square.

Uranus in Aries - March 11, 2011 - 2018
The shift of Uranus into Aries occurred on March 2011 and will stay til 2018. This shift creates changes for a 7-year generation period. Additionally, the changes impact us personally and globally. Uranus in Aries brings the self forward in ways to create revolution of self and require new, innovative ways and means. On a personal level, those that have planets that are square to Uranus during the 7-year period are impacted as "doorway signs", those whose life will dramatically change because of the square, opposition or conjunction to Uranus. These new doorway signs are those who have major planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Additionally Uranus moves into a square position to Pluto seven times, with the first on June 24th, 2012. There will be major upheavals with this square, impacting the status quo and requiring systems change. The events resemble the force of change and hammering similar to a rusted bolt that doesn't move, doesn't change. The hammering begins to knock the rust off in order to make the transitions necessary. The hammering began in early 2011 with the uprising against old regimes and old patriarchial dictatorships. This uprising will continue to knock the rust off of the bolts until change happens. The epic times of change began when Uranus moved into fiery Aries. The uprising, revolts and upheaval will continue to displace the status quo, intensifying during the exact squares of Uranus to Pluto. The last time Uranus was square to Pluto was April 1932 to December 1934, which also give us another level of understanding that events from the current time are also tied into events that correlate to that time in history. We will see many aspects of similarities to current time, especially as the Mercury retrograde** cycle also correlates 2013 to events of 1934. We see that the same planetary energies are creating similar events in the outside world. Click here to read more about the similarities of the Mercury retrograde** cycle. Especially obvious is the similarity to the dust bowls happening in 1933, 1934 and 1935, relative to the ones experiencing in 2012, 2013. Additionally, there were major events of power struggles internationally, leadership transitions, rise of power regimes and financial adjustments globally. Change and revisions are needed, yet through the eyes of history, the elements are shifted to give us a chance to respond and direct the energy into positive times of change.

Jupiter square Uranus - Seven year cycle - Testing of a True Disciple
Jupiter square Uranus occured February 25 and April 20, 2014. This aspect occurs every seven years, the same elements that define the "seven-year testing of the true disciple", which occur with this astrological aspect. Every seven years Uranus shifts into a different sign, but it is often not until Jupiter squares Uranus that the turning cogs of spiritual energy shifts you into a new theme, with a new path and journey.

Jupiter requires that you expand beyond your previous comfort zone or your previous station, and Uranus brings in the changes that shift you beyond that old environment. Looking back to the history of this aspect provides the recognition of key changes that shifted your course and theme of spiritual growth. As the old themes transition into a new cadence, the evolution of situations emerge a whole new series of events that brings forward the elements that the square signals. Jupiter in Cancer emerges the emotional awareness as it pertains to the Self that is evolving beyond the old situations. As this aspect appears this week, the underlying elements of feeling exhausted, and overwhelmed by the marathon that has transpired during the seven year testing of a disciple. You may try to point to something in the current environment, but typically the environment no longer holds the events of the past and yet, the spiritual journey has not brought to completion the events that occurred seven years ago. The spirit has still been completing this journey.

February 25th and April 20th hold the same aspect of Jupiter square Uranus, with February holding the Jupiter retrograde and April holds Jupiter direct, moving beyond the past. Between these two dates, major changes will occur to release the old journey to reconnect with the new.

Finishing the marathon of these seven-year journeys is no subtle feat. It is filled with overwhelm, emotional exhaustion and feeling that you have narrowly escaped total destruction. As the Phoenix emerges from the ashes, the spirit emerges with the strength gained from such a harrowing escapade of events. How is it possible to explain to others the incredible journey that has just transpired? Escaping from the torrent of flames that engulfs the past events, you walk out of the scene with the miracle of running the Mogadishu Mile; out of a destruction that is inconceivable to the ordinary person, yet a journey that has changed your life forever.

Look at the areas of your chart that hold the square of Jupiter and Uranus to understand the dynamic events that created the squaring events. This level of intensity is only known by experience when key planetary locations create challenging aspects within your chart. Gain insight and understanding of your spiritual journey as the location of these squares provides the life-changing events that you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy but with the incredible growth now wouldn't trade them for the world. Only those who truly experience this level of intensity can understand the true journey required as the "seven-year testing of a True Disciple".
•    February - April 2014 - 10 Cancer / 10 Aries
•    October 2007 - 16 Sagittarius / 16 Pisces
•    May 2000 - 20 Taurus / 20 Aquarius
•    September 1993 - 18 Libra / 18 Capricorn
•    September 1986 - 18 Pisces / 18 Sagittarius
•    July 1979 - 16 Leo / 16 Scorpio
•    January 1973 - 23 Capricorn / 23 Libra
•    June 1965 - 16 Gemini / 16 Virgo
•    November 1958 - 16 Scorpio - 16 Leo
Uranus in Aries sets the stage for change, breakthrough and freedom
Uranus moved into Aries on March 11, 2011, the new stage was set to shift a generation of events. Uranus square to Pluto in Capricorn has been pushing for changes in business, government and industry. Uranus brings in the changes that have been emerging since early 2011 with the changes, overthrow and transformation of regimes and power heads. The fact that Uranus moves to square Pluto exactly begins the first of SEVEN times for this aspect to occur (from 2012 - 2015). It is as seven powerful waves of complete transformation of business, industry and governmental regimes. The seventh wave will be the largest and the most powerful wave. We will see the sweeping effect come into action; moving out the dictatorship that holds leadership as a position of overlord instead of protector, benefactor and grantor of freedom and rights. The major change that comes with each of these aspects addresses the dictatorship and overlord use of power. Uranus requires change and the square to Pluto brings in the hammer of revolt, uprising to overthrow and knock off the rust of the fixed ways of dictatorship that causes undue suffering of people from the use of misused power. These events are just the beginning of the complete transformation of power regimes in business, industry and government. , there will be another major surge of energy creating significant events and changes for the Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn folks.Uranus assesses situations and assists in the process to reveal the true self. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac and thus provides the seeds of self expression, motives, ethics that determine the response and "karma" of reaping the seeds that are sown. If there are issues that require adjustments or disclosures before this can happen, Uranus will bring total perspective of the inner and outer workings of situations to facilitate this revealing process. Usually Uranus assesses and reviews the seven-year events that occurred while Uranus was moving through the previous sign (Pisces from 2003 - 2010) that determine the seeds planted and the reflected events that are now ready to reveal the appropriate harvest. Uranus in Pisces prompted many delusional events that when Uranus moved into Aries, the shift into the reality of transformations needed reality hit hard.
Important upcoming astrological aspects to prompt change, transformation, growth;
It is the shift of situations as Uranus movement through Aries activates a new phase of your Life Journey that changes and reveals your True Self. Details read on....


Uranus in Aries - Impact on your Sun Sign

Uranus moved into Aries on March 11, 2011, which opened the Aries floodgates. Integrating a whole new energy into events and circumstances, Uranus brings in change, breakthrough and freedom in the Aries arena and will stay in Aries through 2018. Moving the innovative Aries energy into the current tasks and projects, Uranus provides a major flow of new energy. This new energy of Aries requires that you break out of the old ways of doing things. The fiery sign of Aries determines that we have to become our true self and no longer play a role. Uranus shifts into Aries and you will begin to shift your focus and you will be propelled to go into your true Aries directions. The impact of Uranus pushing you forward is detailed in this section, according to your Sun Sign.

ARIES - Aries individuals will see many doors open, which have major impact on aspects of your life. You will find that Uranus in Aries emerges and continues to unfold, you will be moved into many new directions all at once. Your life will be revised and the internal blueprint adjusted according to the alignment or mis-alignment of the inner essence. You will be require to make adjustments to your path according to your inner awareness. You will find that many of the aspects of yourself will take you to the next levels of growth and awareness. The changes that begin with your thoughts as Uranus moves into Aries become the very transitions into a whole new world. The transformations in the outer world will manifest and become the very stepping stones to your new level of awareness and expression that becomes your journey through 2018.

As Uranus enters into Aries, you will be given the opportunities to move into new directions. These new directions will begin to unfold and as Uranus blasts into Aries, you will see that your life catapults you into a completely new and changed environment. Even though Uranus expanded many options in your life not imagined, Uranus blows in changes and unanticipated events, one right after the other. As this represents a seven-year generational series of events, you will begin to realize that your life will never be the same. It will be stretched in one way and then another as the expansion process continues to move you beyond your past or any semblance to the life you once had. The reason is because it is time to change and you are not asked about these changes otherwise you would put it to the vote of your logical mind. Life just changes the scenery. Uranus provides the drop kick into the new environment and you will just decide to get with the program and do it very quickly. You are adept at doing this anyway, it was just not in your own plans, but it is now.

TAURUS - Uranus in Aries expands the cosmic connections that you have with people. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and to connect with people in various ways in which you share a common connection with your inner blueprint. You will find that you become the solidifying force in the outer business world as your karmic connections pull you into many new directions and many new locations. Your inner strength and inner status begins to shift your life around as a reflection of the qualities that you have within this inner world. You also become a solid person in major areas experiencing uncertainty. This is especially true as you have the qualities of a lighthouse shining the light on the truth. This is important as people around you become susceptible to the shifts and changes that create confusion. You are able to provide guidance and direction. You will feel as though you are poised to gain confidence as you expand the roles and positions that you have currently. You may be looking to instigate new avenues of pursuits as you expand goals, tasks and focused efforts into your own direction.

With Uranus opening the floodgates and Uranus turning on the Aries flood, you will be expanding your own inner world and becoming more aware of your karma, destiny and your own inner workings. Situations will prompt you to explore more of your own inner connections as well as discover a deeper side of yourself. The aspects ruling your destiny and karma will become more noticeable to you, so that all of the events that happen seem to be very specific and destined. This helps you to see that everything has a deeper meaning and a deeper purpose. You will continue to expand this inner awareness all through Uranus in Aries, as with all of the changes happening within this inner world, you will become clearer abut the real person you are and the expression that provides the clearest sense of purpose.

GEMINI - Uranus in Aries opens the focus of your career and business dealings to the next level of connection with people. You will find that opportunities come along and move you into an environment that has more options and possibilities. You will transition into a larger environment in which you deal with more people and a larger connection with humanity. Uranus is expanding you beyond what you felt comfortable with in your connection with people and the impact within your business arena, yet the changes that are unfolding give you a greater capacity to communicate and bring Truth forward. You will see the value of this process and how it impacts the greater scope of humanity, which becomes a strong draw to your pursuits.

You will be tossed into a sea of people that are now your friends and people you deal with everyday. You have been riding the wave of change within your career environment and now you will walk through the open door that moves you right into an environment with a lot of people. You will begin to jump into action as this change gives you exactly what you have wanted. You will begin to utilize your talents and capabilities in ways you had not imagined. You become excited about the situations and how they are evolving. You will find that with the change of Uranus, Uranus expands your interactions with others as if you are tossed into the middle of a large audience, all ready to meet you and set their schedules with you.

CANCER - Uranus in Aries opens doors to looking at change of career, focus and philosophy. You will begin to expand your concepts and pursue business and career opportunities. Your conservative approach to life has kept you with the status quo for quite some time. You will realize that life is to be lived, not to just maintain a status quo. There has been a strong approach to past situations that you will be revising. Your approach will be to expand and review more of what life has to offer. Uranus opens up your career and business options, which takes you down a road that you have not anticipated. Uranus in fiery Aries prompts you to be more agile, flexible and active in your approach to life and makes changes easier. You will begin to see a larger scope of life open up and give you more options than you have had in the past.

You will find yourself in the middle of changes within your career environment. You may have wanted to go one way, but it is the other way that opens up. Situations begin to resemble the choppy waves of a storm at sea and you begin to experience a great many changes and many uncertainties. You will begin to look at breaking out of the box and where you have been for many years. If you don't break out, you will be at the receiving end of life breaking you out of your old role, positions and situations. You are ready to make some dramatic changes. Even though you have dreaming about these changes for years, the tendency is that once they begin you go into a conservative mode, grabbing at security rather than opportunity. It is time to seize the moment and go for the gusto with the opportunities that are in plenty.

LEO - Uranus in Aries creates a positive shift to your creative energy that is finally given the green light to emerge. Your focus will be to expand your inner values and utilize your creativity in ways that bring you a greater connection with your true talents. You have wanted to have a stronger connection with your creative passion and the events that are spawned by Uranus in fiery Aries. With this new awareness you will be able to make important choices about the opportunities that are streaming your way and determine the cornerstones to the next phase of your life. You will begin to invest in yourself as you can see the value that you are building from your strong talent base. Ultimately you will get fired up about the creative options and opportunities to pursue many unique business pursuits.

You will find that the similar fiery energy of Aries works well with your Leo qualities. You will become aware that there are so many more opportunities than you had allowed yourself before now. You will begin to see opportunities to travel, to move to different environments and to look at your philosophy and sense of adventure. You will begin to realize that it is time to go beyond the place that you have been and that it is time to revise your expression. Aries is a fire sign as is Leo. However, you have been very controlled and a bit reclusive about your life. It is time that you move out of the closet and begin to take charge of your life and live. This begins a new phase in your life in which you can enjoy yourself, your life and begin to think in terms of all that you want to do. You are ready to expand your horizons and consider many options than you've ever allowed yourself before.

VIRGO - Uranus in Aries expands you beyond the previous challenges that you have been experiencing since 2002. Your natural, simple, and basic approach to life gives you the opportunity to expand those qualities into a new and different environment. You will be pulled to express more and to expand more than usual as your energy seeks a different outlet for expression. You will be evolving into directions that also align your intuitive connections and you find that a destined path begins to open up for you. You are ready to embrace positive changes within your environment and look forward to the opportunities to a new and different path. No matter your concept of this path, you will be moving into a destined direction as your energy pulls you forward. You will find that it is a perfect fit for you and the adjustment of your mental perspective is the key.

As Uranus opens the Aries door, you will become aware of a deeper side of your self. You will be moving out of the old structure and be really glad to move into a new environment. The challenges that you have experienced since 2002/2003 have been from Uranus in Pisces which has been in opposition to your Sun in Virgo. This challenge has created so many challenges that have been happening outside your self that there was a tendency to think that the issues were with you rather than just happening outside of you. With Uranus moving into Aries, the challenge shifts to a whole new group of people and leaves you feeling that all of the challenges were from some warped world that has now dissipated. During Uranus in Aries, you will begin to draw from the experiencing in ways that you would not have thought. You will become very strong about the information that others push you to accept as true. You know too much and when you see it for the shallow information that it is, you begin to dig your heels in and make claim to the knowledge and awareness that you have inside. Situations will push you to recognize the self that you have become and the strong connectivity you have with your own inner world. The spiritual world that resides within you has grown to encompass a whole new capacity. This added strength continues to grow and ultimately becomes the foundation to all that you are and all that you do.

LIBRA - Uranus in Aries expands your expression and interaction with others. You are focused on creating harmonious relationships. With Uranus expanding this arena and then Uranus blowing in changes you will land in a whole new environment with a whole new group of people to deal with. Since Saturn is in Libra, you will be focused on perfecting your relationship skills and will also determine the perimeters of acceptability for your self, your self expression and how others treat and respond to you. You are making major changes in this arena and have set important ground rules and goals to be the best that you can be.

You will find that your life is on the threshold of dramatic change. You will go about your everyday life, however in this midst of the ordinary you will have the winds of change blow in many new people. You may not have made any change in your life to create this, but all of a sudden you find yourself involved in situations, relationships and before you know it you are on a completely different stage than you ever thought possible. Changes in the interactions with others change overnight and you are experiencing a series of adjustments that come out of the blue. You may even move into a new environment which gives you the chance to start over again, giving you a second chance to bring new exciting options into your life. You will begin to see yourself differently and within the new context, you find that the new self that you have become is even better than before.

SCORPIO - Uranus in Aries expands your concept of work, service and how you can be of assistance. You have a great deal of talent when it comes to knowing what to do to help others and Uranus's movement into Aries opens this door even wider. You have been looking at the improvement process and what you can do to improve many areas of your life within your work and health environments. You may have the chance to explore new areas of work or to learn a technical talent that can expand your job sector and options. The fact that you have many talents is something that you have a tendency to not really explore until pushed or shoved, will now become an exciting phase of your life.

As Uranus moves into place, a whole new series of situations come into your life. You will focus on your work environment and the service that you provide. You will also review your health and well-being and the connection that is precipitated by the true self and the concept of mind, body and soul. You will begin to explore more of this connection and you will grow into an awareness that has been displaced and put into another area of your life. Studying more of your deeper awareness and your own inner concepts of intuition begin to explode into this phase of your life, will become a stronger part of who you truly have become. Your sense of service will expand greatly and you will come into a new connections with people around you. This will become a time that gives you a chance to expand more than you thought possible. Uranus brings a major flood of changes within your current work environment to open up more of these very options and gives you the opportunity to see that you are a person of talent once you move beyond your "comfort zone".

SAGITTARIUS - Uranus in Aries brings a positive energy shift that begins to precipitate changes within your creativity and self expression. You have had challenges since 2003 when Uranus was square your Sun sign, but now as Uranus shifts into Aries a positive energy shift begins. You will begin to expand on opportunities that come up at this time because of this new connection with the fire of Sagittarius and the fiery Aries energy. The connection ignites many exciting areas of your life that have been squelched by the water of Uranus in Pisces. Now as more choices and options surface you will give yourself more room for expansion. Uranus brings this new energy combination that propels you to go beyond your own boundaries. You will begin to explore many new creative ventures, options and opportunities. You will find that the fiery duo of Sagittarius and Aries gives you an invincible feeling and spurs you to pursue avenues that previously would have been shelved. Time to put yourself into a new environment, leaving the old environment behind.

You revise your definition of creativity, your creative expressions and your goals associated with your creative desires. You have been laying low, playing it safe and not venturing out much, even though your Sagittarius energy thrives on adventure. Uranus brings in a great deal of changes that spark a new level of creativity, bringing new and exciting opportunities your way. The whole time Uranus has been in Pisces, since 2003, you have crawled back from all of the fun things that you have yearned to do, and now as Uranus brings in a whole new environment, you will begin to go beyond all of the borders of previous decisions to expand your creative options. As the energy of excitement gets fired up again, you become spontaneous and adventuresome again, and will actively seek to blast out of your old environment and accept life's opportunities and move into the great unknown.

CAPRICORN - Uranus in Aries brings changes and expansions into your home environment as the Aries connections open up new opportunities. Uranus will open many doors as if your home has a revolving door of your coming and going. Uranus provides you with expansive situations and expands the number of places you may call home. Your work will call you into many new directions and you will feel as though you need to be carrying you home on your back like a turtle. Uranus expands these very opportunities and you are thrust into the new and changing environment as Uranus blows in a whole slew of options that have come out of the blue. There may be a thought that this is a short term thing and that situations will settle down to the nice boring routine you enjoy, however as Uranus moves into Aries, you will have to completely revise your concept of home.

You find that your home environment becomes subject to a great amount of changes. You will shift your focus and begin to see that your home is wherever you are, as your career will begin to pull you into many different environments. You may even live out of a suitcase for quite sometime as the turtle approach to carrying your home on your back may not be very feasible, especially with the amount of demands upon your time and energy. You will go here and there and be pulled into many different directions, with most of the opportunities coming out of the blue. You will find that you are taking on a whole new career focus, one that allows your talents to be on display and gives you a whole new environment for success. You will realize that situations require you to go where ever the work is located. Travel and change of environment will be a constant motion for the next seven-year phase of Uranus. Ultimately you are building your business, your career, your new pursuits and setting a whole new pace for your life.

AQUARIUS - Uranus moving into Aries opens the door for new ideas to be brought into your career and business pursuits. You will look at situations and realize that it is time to get your ideas into motion, providing a giant thrust of communication and announcements about your inventive concepts. Ideas just seem to have billowing sails behind them, which push them into the wide open sea to move into a whole new port. Uranus gets all of your ideas into the open sea and you won't be able to do anything but try to steer each of these ideas into the right direction. You are very inventive and think outside the box. You will find that this is truly an exciting time for you as inventive ideas have the spotlight.

As Uranus blows in change, you will begin to look at many new and exciting options. You have mega ideas and many are inventive and unique that truly require that you move them forward in the ways that are calling to you now. Or you may be going back to school to learn a particular trade of focus of your career. You will break open a new line of inventions or pursue interaction with business ideas because you will now find that the doors of opportunity are open to you to push your new inventions out into the open. Like the sails billowing with opportunity, you find that you have more ideas than most people know about. It is time to launch these ideas and get them into motion. Time to follow through with your ideas as Uranus blows open many doors that up til now have been closed. Your life will take on a whole new pace as well and you will be in constant motion. You will want to hone the skill s needed to sell your new inventions and move your life into a new and unique business directions. You may also think about moving or changing your location, as your inventions and ideas pull you into many different environments.

PISCES - Uranus in Aries gives you the chance to move the old you out of the way and the spotlight shines on the "new you". You have completely changed your self as Uranus and Uranus move out of Pisces and move into Aries. The experience of change has been the whirlwind you have experienced during the last seven years. It is now slowing to a dull roar and you will find that you are a completely different person. Uranus moving into Aries accentuates many of the new thoughts and ideas resulting from all that you have transitioned through. Now you will find that Uranus opens a whole new door for you to walk through with the "new you". You will notice a new sense of self esteem and that you value yourself so much more. Rather than thinking that your emotional sensitivity is a liability, you will find that you are able to use your emotional sensitivity with confidence and has become a great asset. This new found confidence begins to open many new doors for you.

You are ready to move the old self concepts out of your life. While Uranus was in Pisces, many strange and chaotic events plagued your life. However you were able to handle all of the situations in an incredible way. Now that you can calm the waters and look back at the situations, a whole new concept of the situations begins to be seen. You are able to see that your inner emotional strength has gained you a great deal of respect and confidence, regardless of how you felt at the time. Once the emotional uncertainties have settled down, you see the situations in a very different way. This gives you a chance to see yourself in a new light and to gain the confidence that is the result of these experiences. You will take action on the opportunities to have your life back and to grab at putting yourself back at the helm. Being a Pisces, you feel as though you don't fit in. You are also aware of the energy that makes you feel confused and that your inner life and outer life is all chaotic. However you will realize as you look back over the past seven years that you created most of the inner clouds yourself. The weather pattern is breaking to reveal the sun to shine the light on the new you that has emerged. Uranus and Uranus moving into Aries opens the door to see the incredible journey you experienced and the new you that is now visible.

House placement of Uranus in Aries
The location of Aries within your chart indicates the area of your life that will reap the benefit of Uranus moving through Aries. The location of Aries often covers two houses, with the majority in one house or the other. Uranus moving into Aries turns the lights on in your Aries sector impacting the house(s) that Aries occupies. Where Aries rules (in the ruling position) will be the area in which the most will be impacted, even if there is a time delay to show sudden, dramatic changes within that area of your life.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 1st house brings changes out of the blue that will impact your self image prompting you to create a new image and adjust to a new position in life. The first house rules self, positions, leadership and the like. With Uranus changing the situations that impact your position, you will find that a new self image is needed. You will have to go beyond the old concepts of self and create a new image. The Aries shift is destined to push you to be your true self regardless of whether you are moving up or down in status. The requirement of the shift is to bring out your true self. The casings of image may be built upon facades from childhood, your work, your marriage, your past, your capabilities or some other concept built from the outside world. This image will be stripped away giving you the opportunity to create your new self, without anything but real qualities. This is a very exciting time as you now have the opportunity to re-invent yourself, to make different choices, to determine how your old self was formulated and to revise the person that you want to be.
As Uranus moves into Aries and pushes you to become the person you truly are, you may find that your environment changes also, especially the environment and props that created the old facade. When the old environment is gone like an old movie set, you are left in the middle of the picture with an old image, old costumes and old script. It is time to get in touch with who you really are and determine who you want to be and the direction that you want your life to go. Changes will continue to move you through this time of transition and you will be subject to a complete makeover. Who are you really and what do you truly want to be? These are just the beginning of a series of questions that will pen up a whole new room with a view. Having a blank canvas can be frightening or exciting, but as you get with the exciting opportunities associated with this aspect you will realize that for the first time in your life YOU get to choose.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 2nd house brings changes in your life that impact your financial arena. You will have the opportunity to think outside the box with regard to finances. You may take on a new business or career because of financial reasons, which becomes a dramatic change, but ultimately becomes a positive change. You find that changes occur that prompt you to get with the new Aries program and to leave the old conservative concepts behind. You will have to reinvent your financial plans and become more aggressive in your approach to your financial status.
The Uranus winds of change blow many new and unique opportunities into your life that impact your financial house. You will be revising your values and your investments to gain a stronghold of the elements that are now of value. You looked upon monetary values and structures in a certain way, that has now been subject to the Uranus changes. Your concepts and self-image as created by situations will now have to go through a complete overhaul. You may have been handed a new project that you don't know how to handle, or you may have brought great things to fruition and now you are shifted into a time of complete transition. Moving up or down within the financial arena now becomes the subject to revisions. You will be looking at situations and the changes that have moved into your environment to determine your next steps. The key is to understand that situations in the outside world fluctuate according to changes and that the changes are only moving the focus to something different. As these changes occur, you can be one of the first to realize the value and capitalize on these changes if you begin to think outside the box. Rather than grabbing at the old ways or try to return to what once was, you will be more successful to adjust to seeing the financial picture as it really is to set your new plans into place. Once you align yourself with the real picture you will see the array of incredible opportunities that lay at your feet.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 3rd house shifts and changes your communication process and prompts you to jump onto a very spontaneous path, writing, speaking and communicating. Changes that blow into your life bring in the new theme of communication as you will have to adapt to many new high octane set of circumstances. As Uranus continues to shift you into new situations, one right after another, new requirements come into play that require you continue to be on your toes. You are very innovative in your thoughts, ideas and concepts. You are independent, unique and draw conclusions about situations easily and rapidly. Situations are moving into your life that require you make adjustments easily and will find that you are given assignments that take you from here to there, changing hats and requirements for mental capabilities.

You may also find that as you shift your mental skill set or the information that you are pulling from, you will hear the squeaky transitions of gears shifting and situations changing at a moments notice. As you move into different gears you will ultimately become very adept at the changes that are moving into your environment. You may find that you have to jump in to become an expert in something you don't even have a natural feeling or concept. But this is stretching you into a whole new environment. To see the handwriting on the wall with these new requirements, you may want to look into new classes or find a fast-track approach to learning the most about this new found expertise requirement.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 4th house brings the winds of change into your home environment and points to a complete revision of your home base. You will find that your home environment is the focus of a great deal of changes as Uranus blows in many new and different situations that impact your home. You may find that your home is in a constant state of flux and that you have to adjust to making your home wherever you happen to be. One moment on one coast the next on the other coast is not too far from the situations you will find yourself experiencing. You will have to quickly adapt to finding your emotional base as portable as your life becomes a constant series of changes.
Most people want to have a home base that doesn't change, but when Uranus blows into your 4th house, you will find anything but a constant series of change as the norm. The fact that Uranus is in Aries for seven years becomes the important element, as you realize that your home environment will be in a constant state of flux. The natural response to settle down and grow roots will just not happen, so the more portable your mental and emotional attitude is, the easier you will adjust to the changes that are moving into your life. These changes will continue to occur through the different series of changes that are prompted by the outside circumstances. One time it might be because of a relocation due to a job, and the next thing you know another relocation package comes in for yet another job, so the quicker you make these adjustments, the quicker you will find an ease at responding to the rapids of change. Short of having to experience wizard of oz adventures with relocation, you may find that situations prompting these type of home changes, comes from many different directions. So to say no to one direction only opens up issues coming from another direction and probably will seem completely unrelated. However, changes are a constant fact with Uranus.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 5th house blows many new and exciting opportunities your way. Your creative endeavors, whether they are music or art will become the stepping stones of changes that Uranus will bring into your environment. The 5th house also relates to children but also to the creative concepts of new ideas as well. You will find that Uranus blows in many new opportunities to discover and utilize your creativity in ways that you had not even discovered. Uranus impacting your 5th house, gives you the option to revise your creative pursuits. You may be able to finally bring many of these ideas out into the open to reap the benefits of your creativity. You may have been the president of a bank and now you have to bring your artistic talents out of the closet to show your ware.

The planet of Uranus always turns many things upside down in order to break you out of your rut. The 5th house will now have a say in the creative energy that is being on display. Exciting opportunities are moving into your life to take you into new directions, to shine the light onto your talents and to accentuate your natural calling. Selling ice to Eskimos may have its value, but as situations relocate you into the tropics your ability to display your talents will make you an instant hit. Uranus also prompts you to think outside the box and with your creativity already a strong suit, you will have the chance to move your ideas out into visibility even further. This process takes on a life of it's own, as you find yourself in the right place at the right time for your creative pursuits to become like fireworks in the sky.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 6th house blows you into a whole new environment, one in which you bring your natural talents of working with others into a reality. You bring a strong counseling ability to your work as you find ways to bring efficiency into the picture. Whether the efficiency process is in the physical health areas, or mental health areas or emotional oriented mind-body-soul approach to situations, you will find yourself shifted into this arena overnight. You are revising your regimes and those schedules that need to be meshed together to get all in good working order. You desire to get everything into a systematic approach that works well and you will search to make it all happen. You like to have a good positive working environment in which everyone is happy, making efficiency of personnel around you into an art form. This is the "health" of the work environment that is very important to you.

As events from Uranus moving into Aries blow into your 6th house, you will be addressing all areas of your life that bring a new level of efficiency into your concepts. You may find that your work has shifted you from working in a mailroom to working in a hair salon or becoming a pet groomer. But none the less you will find that the changes happening are important for your sense of self. You bring an order to situations that seem to be without order and you quickly find that this becomes your true calling. You may not have thought of yourself in this way, but yet you have a knack and a natural ability to bring efficiency and order to any job, industry or governmental department. The series of events bring many changes into your work environment and because of that you will become an expert in many fields, quickly bringing order and efficiency to whatever environment that you find yourself involved.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 7th house blows in many new situations that impact your current relationship and begins to shift and change the circumstances surrounding your interactions. Uranus brings many changes that unfold circumstances that create new opportunities to relate to new and different people. You may become a diplomat of sorts and put into the role that you may feel is beyond your skill set, but you will quickly find that this is a real calling. Not having the pre-formed concepts allows you to determine many new and successful plans and approaches at dealing with other people. You may find that all of a sudden you may find a shift in your job or home environment that prompts you to create new friendships and relationships. You will discover that your interactions with one type of individual will be replaced by being able to relate to everyone, opening the door to reveal a new you.

Uranus brings in a great shift in your sense of independence and relieves you of any co-dependent qualities. Your independence will soar as you find new interaction skills. You are ready to make changes in this regard as prompted by changes within your home and work environments. These shifts seem to happen simultaneously as the cornerstones to your habits are completely changed out. You will be in a new environment with new people and new requirements for interactions. This creates a series of changes that will shift your life on a major scale and take you into many new directions.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 8th house blows in a whole new focus regarding your inner connection with your intuition and with your spiritual beliefs. Yu are revising the core elements and values that are important to you. You have basic and deep values and these have been in your life for a long time. To review and revise these aspects of your life require specific new beliefs to be put into place. The disparity between the old values and the outside world will be the focus during this time. You have experienced situations that have completely shifted your inner terrain and you are now moving into a time of great discovery. The 8th house represents the inner world that contains the infrastructure of your life and your world. With Uranus opening major floodgates of changes within this realm, you will find that you are questioning everything that you have believed in up to this point. You may have experienced a near-death experience and have found that your whole world has been turned upside down. You will begin to revise the infrastructure of your beliefs and the capability to see life in a completely different way is the weather pattern that is moving into your life.

Uranus brings in circumstances and situations that prompt you to experience change and upheaval in certain areas of your life. Uranus moving into the 8th house becomes one that shines the light on an old way of seeing life, built on values that are long gone in validity. Landing on shifting terrain is challenging and especially when you have lived for a certain period of time that now requires you toss out all of the old concepts. These are the type of changes that become very difficult to explain to others because the changes are really for you to completely revise your infrastructure and to completely revise your life, your beliefs and to bring your life up to date with your new understanding. You may become reclusive during this time because these changes are so time intensive and yet so few others can truly understand the magnitude of issues that you are dealing with. Resetting the foundation of your life becomes an all inclusive event.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 9th house brings in a whole new philosophy and spiritual pursuit. You may feel as though you are on a new spiritual journey as your energy level is exhilarated by spiritual pursuits that take you into new territory and into the unknown. You will travel into many new levels and environment, which may take you into discovering new psychological territory or into expanding the yoga connection to the spiritual pursuits. You may venture to India or the Himalayas or to discover the Incas or the pyramids in Egypt. Your travels inside and out are actively revising your philosophy and your spiritual concepts of your inner and outer worlds. You may be looking for your roots or you may have stumbled upon your roots by having previous lifetime flashbacks during a business trip to a foreign country. These type of events are blown into your life by Uranus. Turning your old philosophy of life into something that now is only a concept that is quickly dissolving, you are spurred to open yet another series of doors that push you onto a whole different continent of thought.

Uranus brings in situations and circumstances that prompt you to break away from the old philosophy and gives you events that beckon answers to questions. You will search for answers to the questions that life brings to you as a way to propel you forward into a customized search> You have specific questions that you can't answer through the previous philosophy or religious verses. With mounting questions and empty answers, you trek through life to find that which can provide answers to the mounting questions. Your spiritual journey becomes very active and takes you into many different directions and unique environments. You will ultimately stumble upon a philosophy or attitude or religion that gives you answers. You will stay with this philosophy until the same thing occurs, that it no longer gives you answers to your questions. There may be many stops along your way with each stop providing the next series of answers. Your journey will ultimately give you a great deal of information and the answers that you are looking for.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 10th house brings you into a new and different career than you have been in the past. Events will blow into your life that pick you up and toss you into a whole new career environment. As Jupiter opens the Aries floodgates, you will find that a new self is born and with it a new commitment to humanity and the larger scope of life. You are revising your sense of self as career options expand and change the direction your pursuits. You may find that you are transferred into a new territory in which new talents and skills become your focus and growth. Your image requires that you make important changes and transitions during this time because events are continuing to push you into positions that have a great amount of changes surrounding them. You may have one position, then a person retires and you find yourself in that very role.

As Jupiter opened the floodgates and Uranus turns on the Aries flood of events, you will experience a huge influx of changes within your work and career environment. Aries is a natural leader and very inventive with approach, style and capabilities. You will be taking off the restrictions that are placed on you, which may prompt you to become self-employed and launch your own career direction. You may also continue to pursue your normal career pursuits only to find that they have dried up and change is mandatory. The changes that are constant in this arena for you are purposefully stripping off the layers to the core talents that have always been like putting a round peg into a round hole. The changing events that are coming your way are to break you free from being the round peg and to find the career fit that works for you. Aries is usually ahead of its time, so you may launch your business and career direction in an area that will ultimately lead the pack into a whole new industry. Now is the time to begin your true work.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 11th house expands your humanitarian interests and sets you onto a path that gears you toward humanitarian interests. You are ready to connect with a whole new group of people and have strong desires to make a difference in the world of others. With events moving you into unfamiliar territory, you will enjoy exploring the unfamiliar because you get to utilize the unique talents that have just been sitting on the shelf. Within your personality style, you excel in exploring the new and unfamiliar, so the changes that are moving into your life are really pretty exciting to you. You will naturally make a lot of new friends and build some wonderful relationships as you continue to expand your interactions with people.

Your true self begins with the Aries energy wherever it is within your chart. Aries in the 11th house shows you have a great capacity to work with other people, a lot of other people, so you will find that life is moving you into environments in which you will do just that. You also strive to make a difference wherever you go, and the Aries floodgates will give you many different environments to impact and to lead to new heights of expression. You may find yourself nominated to certain positions or decide to run for a particular post within your community, whether it is political or being a block parent. Your desire to lead the charge to better the status of people with drive you into directions that you had not considered before and even push you to shift your career focus because of the changes that are blowing into your life.

Uranus moving through Aries impacting your 12th house brings in the very events that prompt you to discover more about your own inner world, intuition and your true inner self. The events open the door to explore a whole new environment, to see and understand your own inner workings. The concepts of who you are and what you are here to accomplish and why you are the way you are become the very footsteps of your journey. You will be expanding your inner connections and discovering more of the person you truly are inside. Self realizations will happen at the most unusual times and new understandings will open doors that have been closed for years. With this new level of self awareness emerging, you will transition into a whole new person. You may not look any different on the outside, but the inner core self is completely transformed. With Aries in the 12th house, your true self will be emerging through a whole series of circumstances, events and incredible realizations. You will let go of the old person that you are no longer and expand into the transformed person you have become.

As Jupiter opened the floodgates in January and Uranus brings in the Aries flood, your inner world becomes transformed and you will feel as though your memory of who you used to be is getting erased. Major changes are happening through the series of events and circumstances that are flooding into your life. You will look at the mirror and not recognize the person you used to be and yet as your inner world unfolds like a rose, you are becoming a whole new person. Your inner calling will become very different than it has been as you are moving into a seven-year era that will reveal some of the greatest understandings about your self, your inner world and your intuitive connection with the spirit world. Whether you have come from being a logical scientist, or from being a methodical accountant, or from being a music teacher, your inner world becomes the focus to an incredible journey. You will also find the destiny connection event that pulls you from one pursuit into a whole different environment that is ready to be discovered. Once you complete this journey you will not be the same person you started out. Uranus will ultimately move out of the 12th house and move into the first house of new beginnings, pulling up the curtain to reveal the new you.

Written by Karyl Jackson, 2013
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