Major Aspects in 

February 2017

February 3 - Venus enters Aries

February 5 - Jupiter turns retrograde 23 Libra

February 7 - Mercury enters Aquarius

February 10 - Sun opposition Moon - Full Moon / LUNAR ECLIPSE - 20 Aquarius / 20 Leo

February 18 - Sun enters Pisces

February 22 - Mars square Pluto - 19 Aries / 19 Capricorn

February 25 - Mercury enters Pisces

February 26 - Sun conjunct Moon - New Moon / SOLAR ECLIPSE - 8 Pisces

February 26 - Mars conjunct Uranus - 22 Aries

February 27 - Mars opposition Jupiter - 22 Aries / 22 Libra

Alpha Life Trends

Illuminating your Divine Journey through Numerology and Astrology

Planetary Influences

The planetary system of the zodiac belt comes with incredible science, logic and exactness and becomes the cosmic clock bringing us the sun rise and sun set.  To study the history of events in our world, a greater understanding of the planetary influences becomes visible in our life and in the greater world.  As we are given opportunities to learn, grow and express awareness of all life, spiritual connections to this Divine energy emerge and become visible.  The study of the planetary influences in our day-to-day life gives us the opportunity to see the Divine presence guiding our life as we gain greater understanding and awareness of all Life. 

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