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Major Aspects in September 2015


September 6 - Venus turns direct - 14 Leo

September 13 - Sun conjunct Moon - New Moon / SOLAR ECLIPSE - 20 Virgo - 2:49 am EDT

September 16 - Jupiter opposition Neptune - 8 Virgo / 8 Pisces

September 17 - Mercury stationary retrograde - 16 Libra - 2:10 pm EDT

September 17 - Saturn enters Sagittarius

September 23 - Sun enters Libra - Equinox

September 24 - Mars enters Virgo

September 25 - Pluto turns direct - 13 Capricorn

September 27 - Sun opposition Moon - Full Moon / LUNAR ECLIPSE - 5 Libra / 5 Aries - 10:30 pm EDT

September 30 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 7 Libra


2015 Overview

The previous EIGHT* years' occurred in 2006, 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. New career paths open up, new business ventures and expansion of the ones already in motion take a different course toward success. (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - October 2015

October 2015 Overview

October is a NINE month, creating situations to bring completion into place.  Finalizing situations by key events becomes the consistent energy that unfolds all through the month.  Lights begin to dim on certain scenes providing the message that the situations are ending, and have served their purpose during the nine-year cycle that began in 2008.  There will be the feeling that a glass wall is coming down to separate you from those scenes that are completing as there is nothing more that needs to occur.  People are shifting out of roles as Mercury retrograde in Libra prompts shifts and changes in roles, positions, and locations.  People will move from one spot to another or from one role to another, as musical chairs begins to provide the ending scenes to bring conclusions to many situations.  Once Mercury turns direct, there will be a new flow of situations and events that will flow off of one stage and preparation to transition onto another begins.    October becomes the preview of the upcoming year, as 2016 is a NINE year, providing the ending and transition off of one stage and onto another.  You are picked up, stage changed, and you are put down onto a new stage, new props, new people, script, and purpose.  We don’t always know where we are going, yet know that the current situations are ending.  Being comfortable in a void is important, having faith and trust that situations will unfold, passage to a new environment complete with people and events will begin as the Divine timing occurs.  Mars and Venus take turns connecting with Jupiter in October.  Mars activates the completions as Jupiter expands the scenarios that are taking us out of the bay of the past ready to set sail into the transitions of the open ocean.  Venus connects with Jupiter on October 25th, which also becomes the point of 16 Libra, which Mercury reached before retrograding.  Venus opens the doors of options and opportunities that will become the journey out of the bay and the last bit of land is passed as transitions and the open ocean become the focus. 
September 27th through October 3rd
The week from September 27th through October 3rd starts with the almost Full Moon rising on Saturday evening and by Sunday the Full Moon becomes the Lunar Eclipse at 5 Libra/5 Aries.  This provides a very powerful shift of focus as the Libra relationship and partnership issues within Mercury retrograde are chocked full of events that bring in major situations to address.  Sunday becomes very full as many events hit the shore dealing with relationships.  Major realizations are a natural part of this Lunar Eclipse as roles shift and become part of the revision process.  By Wednesday Sun connects with Mercury retrograde at 7 Libra, which brings in many important decisions that will begin to unfold as September fades into October.  October is universally a NINE month, which brings a close to many situations that have been operational since 2008 (the beginning of the current nine-year cycle).  Like a Broadway play, the lights begin to dim on particular scenes and many others are finishing up to bring in the conclusion of events, to then clear them away.   With Mercury moving behind the Sun there are so many situations and adjustments happening that are behind the scenes that not everything makes sense.  As the reward to acceptance is understanding, it becomes important to have an ease of acceptance until Mercury turns direct and brings all of the situations and information forward. 
October 4th through October 10th
The week becomes the walk down the hallway toward Mercury turning direct on Friday, October 9th.  However during this week, there will be many events that will bubble to the surface to provide additional information that points to main issues and circumstances that are part of a larger transition.  Tuesday Mars in Virgo creates an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, which begins the pulls into a new phase.  Mars in Virgo, joining Venus and Jupiter already in Virgo, begins to activate the situations that are part of Jupiter’s expansion through Virgo.  The key will be the time that Mars and Venus actually connect with Jupiter to the exact degree, which is Mars on October 17th and Venus on October 25th.  These days will be significant, but the major events begin on Tuesday as Mars and Neptune turn the directions of events.  Early Friday morning in the predawn hours, Moon lines up with Venus, Mars and Jupiter to provide the beautiful lineup but also the promise of good things to come.  As Mercury turns direct at 10:58 am EDT, the information that has been brought to the surface connects the situations that begin to turn forward. Mercury, returning to 1 Libra, where it was on August 28th, will begin to integrate the situations and events that occurred in September to begin the transition through the NINE universal month of October.
October 11th through October 17th
This week begins with Moon connecting to Mercury, setting the pace with this beautiful early morning planetary array.  Bringing in information continues as the winds of change pick up on Sunday, emphasizing the gusts from the Sun opposition Uranus changing winds.  Monday brings in the New Moon with Sun and Moon conjunct at 19 Libra. The New Moon opens the doors for many new directions to become highlighted, especially as Mercury moving forward increases the pace.  More information comes into the picture to assist the process to dim the lights on the old scenarios and begin the tugs into other directions.  As the lights dim, situations become complete, finishing the purpose on the stage of the years during the nine-year cycle that started in 2008.  On Saturday, Mars connects with Jupiter at 14 Virgo, which also creates a trine (positive) to Pluto in Capricorn.  This becomes significant as Pluto’s movement into Capricorn created the lightning bolt of 2008 as the beginning year of this nine-year cycle.  The challenges that came in at that time are now transitioning into an ease as the challenges fade as the stage begins it’s descent into completion.  
October 18th through October 24th
This week finds Mercury continuing to make headway integrating all of the information that bubbled up to the surface in September to transition the situations away from old situations.  Mercury hits the square to Pluto in Capricorn, which becomes the turning of the cogs to open the locks of the new phase.  The information build-up will shift the scales to unlock the new phase, allowing the energies of the old situations to have less power and pull.  This becomes a major shift that allows the journey out of the bay of the past and movement into the open ocean, transitioning into a new phase.  The major focus this week becomes the shift that is occurring as the lights dim on the old situations and the glass wall of completion comes in between situations that are complete.  This creates an uneasiness as not all are aware of the importance of this timing in the scheme of Divine timing.  However, as shifts and changes occur and the decks are cleared of previous challenges and responsibilities, the transition void becomes larger.  The turning cogs become the theme of this week giving us an open ocean as we transition into the void that requires connection to the Divine map and journey. 
October 25th through October 31st
This week begins with Venus connecting to Jupiter at 16 Virgo, which opens the door to the new phase, being pulled by the positive efforts that were brought in from the Venus Jupiter conjunction on July 1st at 22 Leo.  The importance of the efforts from that time will become the journey into new directions that will begin to open on Sunday.  Additionally, Mercury reaches 16 degrees mark that encompassed the retrograde phase.  Moving beyond this 16 degree mark allows Mercury to create an important connection to Uranus.  Blowing in the information from the Mercury retrograde phase begins a new series as Mercury and Uranus create the changing winds of major changes slated for this time.   The nearly Full Moon rises Monday evening that brings in new information that hits the shore to reveal a new pathway as the exact Full Moon sets as the sun rises on Tuesday, October 28th.  As October 28th becomes the magical day of transition into the new phase, the winds blowing in the changes create a new phase that sees the last of the land as the horizon opens to the vast ocean, becoming the journey out of the past and into the open ocean.
November 2015
November is universally a ONE month that opens to a new phase after the clearing away of many old scenarios from October, revealing the new journey that is upon us.  The dimming of the lights and the lowering of the glass walls have signaled the completion and ending of the scenarios that leave us with a darkened stage, void of activity for many areas of our life.  It is time to transition beyond the old and to tune into the pulls to journey into our new directions.  This creates many unknowns that make for an uneasy time, creating a void from all that was previously an outer familiarity.  As we are released from the past, the future pulls us toward a new phase, journeying in this void until we reach our new land.   November 2nd brings Venus to connect with Mars at 23 Virgo.  This activates the positive efforts carried by Venus to create the journey taking us into our new directions, which appears the first week in November.  Mid-month, Sun connects with Mercury at 25 Scorpio to bring in a new level of commitment to the new directions that continue to pull us away from the past, further into the void, and ultimately into our new land.  Mercury transitions into Sagittarius on November 20th, which also activates the phase of Saturn in Sagittarius, to set new goals, to solidify our journey and direction to the new phase.  New decisions are made on November 24th as Mercury connects with Saturn at 7 Sagittarius, which are also followed by the high tide of the Full Moon hitting the shore.  On November 29th, Sun connects with Saturn to shine the light on these decisions to make them a reality as the transition and journey continues to pull us further into the open ocean.


Written by Karyl Jackson
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