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Major Aspects in April 2015


April 4 - Sun opposition Moon - LUNAR ECLIPSE - Full Moon - 14 Aries / 14 Libra

April 6 - Sun conjunct Uranus - 16 Aries

April 8 - Mercury conjunct Uranus - 16 Aries

April 8 - Jupiter turns direct - 13 Leo

April 9 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 20 Aries

April 14 - Venus opposition Saturn - 4 Gemini / 4 Sagittarius

April 16 - Pluto turns retrograde - 16 Capricorn

April 18 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 29 Aries

April 20 - Sun enters Taurus

April 22 - Mercury conjunct Mars - 16 Taurus

April 26 - Moon conjunct Jupiter - 13 Leo




March Overview

March is universally a TWO* month in the EIGHT year of 2015, which requires cooperative energies with relationships and others, to expand understanding and allow others to find their own way forward, without the old school controls. Negotiating, mediating and working out the kinks in situations become the important activities of the month.  The spark of independence is ignited in situations that have controls that need to dissolve.  As the spark of independence ignites many people become courageous, boldly breaking free to move into their new direction. 

2015 Overview

The previous EIGHT* years' occurred in 2006, 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. New career paths open up, new business ventures and expansion of the ones already in motion take a different course toward success. (*in numerology terms)



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Alpha Life Trends

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Celestial Trends - April 2015

April 2015 Overview
April is universally a THREE month, (in numerology terms) which brings in the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on April 4th.   The Full Moon brings a high tide of events that provide many opportunities as shifts and changes rise with this Full Moon event.  Within a week of this Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon, we have four key aspects that create the major shifts slated for the month.  Sun conjunct Uranus shines the light on the changes that need to occur when the house of cards falls down and the cardboard cutouts are seen from the side, and the hidden elements are pushed into visibility by a gust of wind.  Uranus becomes the planet that ultimately shows the holes in situations that are not true to push for changes from situations that are resistant.  As Mercury connects with Uranus, additional information is discovered that is communicated to help these changes occur.  On that same day, Jupiter turns direct to take the changes and utilize the opportunities to move away from the past to bring resourceful ideas forward, to take the place of the ones that have dissolved into the nothingness they were to begin with.  On Thursday Sun connects with Mercury at 20 Aries to sign on the dotted line with commitment to the new goals that will begin to expand now that Jupiter has turned direct.  Pluto also turns direct in April, to add momentum to the major shifts occurring  With Mercury connecting to Mars on the 22nd in earthy Taurus, revisions of finances and the financial systems will have an impact in the flow of events, as the remainder  of April unfolds the slated  changes.  
March 29th through April 4th  
This week becomes the walk down the aisle to meet the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon, the bookend to the Solar Eclipse/New Moon from March 20th.  Moon connecting to Jupiter sets the stage with a beautiful picture that promises good things to come.  As Mercury shifts into Aries, joining Sun and Uranus, new trails are blazed, setting goals, direction and pursuits.  Midweek the curtains of time open to the month of April, a THREE universal month.  THREE brings in creativity, unique thoughts and perspectives as well as a strong resourceful dynamic.  The days leading up to the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon bring in the positive trine energies that spur situations into a spiral of excitement.  As the nearly Full Moon rises Friday evening, the high tide of options and opportunities begin to hit the shore.  Accentuating the Solar Eclipse early morning on Saturday, the Aries/Libra sectors begin to dance with excitement.  Aries, aligned with Mercury and Uranus create the sparks that ignite many opportunities.  Libra brings balance and harmony into the equation as a natural expression of the dynamic energy of  Aries. With the dynamic degrees of 14 Aries / 14 Libra, the reach is throughout the Aries/Libra sectors, creating an active, yet harmonious focus that brings new ideas and concepts into expression.

April 5th through April 11th
This week, electricity in the air as Mercury sparks new opportunities with Jupiter, bringing in creative options on the winds of change.  The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on April 4th lit the new pathway, bringing in changes and dynamic events.  Sun and Mercury connect with the Uranus winds of change on Monday and Wednesday. As this week begins, Monday brings in a Mercury trine with Jupiter early morning, which later Sun rises to connect with the Uranus winds.  This aspect brings change and shifts in unexpected situations opening a new series of events.  The warming breeze blows in situations from a different direction than anticipated.  Sun spotlights the elements that are the subject of change, opening new discussions. Electricity is in the air, spurred by Moon shifting into Sagittarius which ignites Mercury’s communication as changes blow into your environment. Mercury brings in information that when it connects with Uranus, opens up a completely new focus of thoughts and discussion.  Plans change as goals revise schedules and gears turn to aim in new directions.  The changes open up the opportunities that you have been expanding since July 2014 when Jupiter entered Leo.  Jupiter turns direct mid-day on Wednesday, opening the doorway to jump into expansive directions you have been pursuing since July.  Bold, creative ideas can now begin to roll out, to develop a stage that you have set with all that has been created by Jupiter’s enthusiasm.  The evening brings in the exact trine with the Sagittarius Moon and Jupiter’s optimism, highlighting the pathway that has now emerged. Thursday brings forward the information communicated that creates the new commitment to this direction, with Sun conjunct Mercury.  The excitement grows as many possibilities open up.  At the end of the day, signing on the bottom line with this exciting commitment, the new journey officially begins.  Venus shifts into Gemini, providing the communication and announcement of the new information.  Venus brings forward the harmony and resolution with Gemini’s information creating the solutions needed.  Situations begin to flow and information provides the enthusiasm and optimism.

April 12th through April 18th
This week brings in many discussion about the new directions to begin to pound out the goals an new focus.  Early on the 15th, Venus and Saturn require to align information into a new plan, organizing the events that will unfold new schedules.  Venus in Gemini expands the new ideas that are the focus of communication.  Saturn hammers this new action plan into place with specific schedules, tasks, projects and objectives.  Thursday Pluto turns retrograde, to begin the process of backtracking over the new plans to integrate and empower the new ideas.  Shifting the old into a new process becomes an important task as many old, outmoded avenues of habits are tossed out.  Saturday brings in a New Moon, opening up the 28 Aries degree to ignite a dynamic new direction, spearhead new projects and jump into action.  This New Moon inspires a new pace, which continues to be visible as the sunsets, revealing the connection of the Moon with Mercury and Mars.  

April 19th through April 25th
This week begins with the magic of the New Moon sliver, just after sunset, connects with Mercury and Mars.  Mercury has the information that is now emerging, ready to be put into a dynamic action plan.  The beautiful sunset glow with the New Moon become the curtain that rises onto a vibrant week. Sun shifts into earthy early Monday, to bring in an organized, methodical process to the plans.  Mars aligns in a positive focus with Pluto’s transforming goals.  Midweek Mercury connects with Mars, which becomes the greenlight for a breakneck pace to get schedules and accomplishments in order with the step-by-step tasks.  These tasks become the thrust forward into a new gear that steps up the pace to one that already seemed impossible.  The demands of the rest of the week seem to keep the same pace, with an ever-increasing series of demands from the day’s events.   

April 26th through May 2nd
Sunday brings in the beautiful sunset with the Moon glowing bright with Jupiter’s promise for good things to come.  Creative ideas pop on Monday, which begins the week that allows movement into the FOUR universal month of May on Friday.  As the new ideas continue to fly into the day, Tuesday gathers the best of the best to package up as a way to move forward.  Presenting the new concepts, approach and scheduled pathway receives questions and demands for detailed information.  Once it is satisfied enthusiasm is received.  Gaining the momentum needed for the new ideas to take off at the end of April, Mercury shifts into airy Gemini, and lift-off occurs.  Shifting to the correct coordinates for May, the FOUR month provides the environment to plan, organize and implement the decisions made throughout April discussions.  May brings in the change of focus and the shift of circumstances that open the door to rollout the implementation of the changes.  May heightens the thrust forward, with a solid pace for accomplishments and the push to make things happen quickly.  

May 2015 Overview
May is universally a FOUR month, which brings April’s creative ideas into the right month to effectively organize, set schedules and roll out the new action plan.  The Full Moon on May 3rd bring s in the high tide of events that also shifts the plans and goals into a solid schedule, as Mercury and Saturn hammer the details into place.  There is a lot that needs to be organized, which is what happens the first week of May following the Full Moon.  It is as if the previous plan was scattered onto the floor by a gust of the changing winds in April.  May 11tth Mars shifts into Gemini, which activates the mental plan put into place.  Everything might look good in theory, but living it out on a day-to-day basis becomes a quickened pace that seems hard to keep.  By the 14th, Mars and Saturn begin to get a feasible schedule together that can be upheld and still provides the accomplishments needed.  On May 17th, the New Moon at 26 Taurus becomes the acceptance of the new pace as major milestones still have designated place for accomplishments.  May 18th finds Mercury slowing and ready to turn retrograde by evening.  Mercury has reached 13 Gemini, before the Sun could even reach into the sign of Gemini.  This keeps the pace so forward that the feeling of disconnect required a revision process to make the pace a bit more logical.  As Mercury turns retrograde on the 18th, Sun shifts into Gemini on the 21st, which begins the process of the Sun shining the light onto the information of Gemini needed to set a realistic pace and process.  Mercury connects with Mars to find the right pace and gear needed to attain the level of accomplishments needed.  The last day of May Sun shines the light onto Mercury as the revision of schedules, accomplishments and responsibilities shifts into a workable plan.  

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Written by Karyl Jackson
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