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Major Aspects in March 2015


March 1 - Mercury opposition Jupiter - 15 Aquarius / 15 Leo

March 3 - Jupiter trine Uranus - 15 Leo / 15 Aries

March 4 - Venus conjunct Uranus - 15 Aries

March 5 - Sun opposition Moon / FULL MOON - 15 Pisces / 15 Virgo

March 9 - Mars trine Jupiter - 14 Aries / 14 Leo

March 11 - Mars conjunct Uranus - 15 Aries

March 12 - Mercury enters Pisces

March 14 - Saturn turns retrograde - 5 Sagittarius

Marach 16 - Uranus square Pluto 15 Aries / 15 Capricorn

March 18 - Mercury conjunct Neptune - 8 Pisces

March 20 - Sun conjunct Moon / NEW MOON - 29 Pisces

March 20 - Sun enters Aries - Vernal Equinox

March 30 - Mercury enters Aries

March 31 - Mars enters Taurus


March Overview

March is universally a TWO* month in the EIGHT year of 2015, which requires cooperative energies with relationships and others, to expand understanding and allow others to find their own way forward, without the old school controls. Negotiating, mediating and working out the kinks in situations become the important activities of the month.  The spark of independence is ignited in situations that have controls that need to dissolve.  As the spark of independence ignites many people become courageous, boldly breaking free to move into their new direction. 

2015 Overview

The previous EIGHT* years' occurred in 2006, 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. New career paths open up, new business ventures and expansion of the ones already in motion take a different course toward success. (*in numerology terms)



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Alpha Life Trends

Illuminating your Divine Journey through Numerology and Astrology

Celestial Trends - March 2015

March 2015 Overview
March is universally a TWO month (in numerology terms), which brings inner growth, connection to others and the ability to determine the inner resources that are needed for your new direction.  As the celebration for the Chinese New Year revealed the dynamics of a new spiritual mission, a revision and affirmation with your spiritual purpose now opens up to reveal many new opportunities. The month begins with Mercury opposition Jupiter, which brings in the information that was percolating throughout the Mercury retrograde.  Mercury aligning with Jupiter’s expanding concepts of bold creativity, brings in the information that will begin to connect, blend and motivate people with like minds to integrate new ideas.  The aspects of March continue to reveal the new options that move people, situations and ideas into new directions.  In preparation for the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on March 20th, many intuitive pushes and prods begin to be felt as pathways reveal people that are also drawn to these new ideas.  This preparation is felt on the 18th as Mercury connects with spiritual Neptune to enhance the intuitive information that seems to be flying on the ethereal airwaves.  The spiritual connections become almost visible as  energies shift people into their assigned directions.  These directions are aligned with the spiritual blueprints that have shifted and changed the pathways of many.  With the Solar Eclipse/New Moon occurring in the last degree of Pisces, (29 degrees) the new energies begin to build a wave that moves everyone into new directions.  From the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on March 20th to the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on April 4th, many shifts and changes will appear, sorting to cue people into their right directions.  

March 1st through March 7th
Sunday’s  aspect of Mercury opposition Jupiter requires balance with the information that is streaming into the day and Jupiter, which provides the opportunities that have been continuing to emerge since July 2014.   Mercury has information that was in flux during the Mercury retrograde and is now presenting a pathway forward.  Jupiter has expanded the opportunities to bring forward bold and dynamic concepts.  With Sunday as the first day of March and the day that holds the Mercury/Jupiter aspect, there will be many situations to shift into gear.  Late Monday evening, the Moon connects with Jupiter to bring intuitive messages forward to enhance the opportunities that are expanding this week.  On Tuesday, Jupiter trines (positive) Uranus, bringing in sudden requests that build the wave of opportunities.  Wednesday Venus connects with Uranus, to provide the actual opportunities from Tuesday’s requests.   As the almost Full Moon rises Wednesday evening, the Pisces/Virgo sector begins to accentuate the intuitive guidance that is opening pathways.  Pisces gives the intuitive connections and Virgo requires the effort that may not be assigned to anyone, but becomes the gift for those who put out the effort needed.  The Full Moon becomes exact mid-day on Thursday at 15 Pisces/15 Virgo to bring balance to the gyrating events of the week.  The heightened emotional feelings push you forward to take action as prompted by the intuitive messages.  This opens the door to the opportunities that begin the pathway for March.

March 8th through March 14th
Monday brings Mars trine (positive) Jupiter, which activates the expanding opportunities from last week and rolls them into a bigger scope and pathway.  Midweek, Mars connects with Uranus, to jump the tracks from the conservative route to follow the new, revised direction.  Moon shifts into Sagittarius to help revise the plans and goals needed to move along the new tracks.  Moving into Friday, Mercury shifts into intuitive Pisces, which heightens the information that begins to stream into the ethers, activating awareness of the upcoming pursuits and opportunities.  Saturn turns retrograde on Saturday at 5 Sagittarius.  The planet of Saturn first entered Sagittarius on December 8th, to begin to shift focus to goals, aspirations and direction as it relates to philosophy, beliefs and perspective. The trine energy of the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius spark and ignite the desire to blaze a new trail instead of following the one that others determine is best for you.  It is time to bring forward and solidify your independence to become bold, brave and courageous.  It is time to walk your own path.    


March 15th through March 21st
This week becomes the cruise down the runway to take off on Friday as the Solar Eclipse occurs in the early morning of the 20th. The cruise has a launch pad on Monday evening as Uranus is square Pluto, to provide the kick off the wall (of old ways) to catapult into the new direction.  This process has been assisted by Jupiter’s efforts to bring bold, courageous and innovative ideas forward, as new energies are integrated into the day-to-day operations.  Wednesday Mercury connects with intuitive Neptune to bring in the inner alignment with the spiritual journey.  Later in the evening the Moon emphasizes this aspect with Neptune and then with Mercury, to provide an echo of the inner voices to push you toward the direction that is also calling outwardly.  The inner and outer balance manifests the pathway that is to be the new journey.  In the early morning hours, Friday brings in the Solar Eclipse/New Moon to signal that it is time to leave the old behind and to pick up the new pathway to journey forward.  It is time to bring the balance into the Divine connections since the 11th hour has arrived in the last degree of Pisces.  As the connection occurs, Sun shifts into Aries to herald in the Vernal Equinox.  It is time to grab hold of your purpose and be ready to make a difference in the world at large.


March 22nd through March 28th
After the sun has set, just a sliver of the remaining New Moon setting, Venus joins the moon that creates a dynamic backdrop to Sunday evening.  This becomes the dynamic start to the week.  With the events surrounding the Solar Eclipse/New Moon, new beginnings occur as pathways emerge to move you forward into your direction for 2015.  Tuesday brings in information to shift gears and open  communications that create the very reasons to expand concepts.  Additional goals come into play on Wednesday as the substantial thoughts become tied together to create the stepping stones that point into a forward direction.  Midday on Thursday special emphasis is given to those tasks and projects that have a special place in your heart, giving reason to make a side trip, unplanned, yet it captures intentions with thoughts, words and deeds.  The weekend becomes significant as new creative concepts begin to fly into the picture as the floodgates open.  Thoughts and ideas begin to dance and look for excitement over the weekend to bring in a new level of motivation and enthusiasm. 


March 29th through April 4th 
This week becomes the walk down the aisle to meet the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon, the bookend to the Solar Eclipse/New Moon from March 20th.  Moon connecting to Jupiter sets the stage with a beautiful picture that promises good things to come.  As Mercury shifts into Aries, joining Sun and Uranus, new trails are blazed, setting goals, direction and pursuits.  Midweek the curtains of time open to the month of April, a THREE universal month.  THREE brings in creativity, unique thoughts and perspectives as well as a strong resourceful dynamic.  The days leading up to the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon bring in the positive trine energies that spur situations into a spiral of excitement.  As the nearly Full Moon rises Friday evening, the high tide of options and opportunities begin to hit the shore.  Accentuating the Solar Eclipse early morning on Saturday, the Aries/Libra sectors begin to dance with excitement.  Aries, aligned with Mercury and Uranus create the sparks that ignite many opportunities.  Libra brings balance and harmony into the equation as a natural expression of the dynamic energy of  Aries. With the dynamic degrees of 14 Aries / 14 Libra, the reach is throughout the Aries/Libra sectors, creating an active, yet harmonious focus that brings new ideas and concepts into expression.

April 2015 Overview
April is universally a THREE month, which brings in the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on April 4th.   The Full Moon brings a high tide of events that provide many opportunities as shifts and changes rise with this Full Moon event.  Within a week of this Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon, we have four key aspects that create the major shifts that are slated for the month.  Sun conjunct Uranus shines the light on the changes that need to occur when the house of cards falls down and the cardboard cutouts are seen from the side, and the hidden elements are pushed into visibility by a gust of wind.  Uranus becomes the planet that ultimately shows the holes in situations that are not true to push for changes from situations that are resistant.  As Mercury connects with Uranus, additional information is discovered that is communicated to help these changes occur.  On that same day, Jupiter turns direct to take the changes and utilize the opportunities to move away from the past to bring resourceful ideas forward, to take the place of the ones that have dissolved into the nothingness they were to begin with.  On Thursday Sun connects with Mercury at 20 Aries to sign on the dotted line with commitment to the new goals that will begin to expand now that Jupiter has turned direct.  Pluto also turns direct in April, to add momentum to the major shifts occurring  With Mercury connecting to Mars on the 22nd in earthy Taurus, revisions of finances and the financial systems will have an impact in the flow of events, as the remainder  of April unfolds the slated  changes.

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Written by Karyl Jackson
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