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Major Aspects in November 2015

November 2 - Venus conjunct Mars - 23 Virgo

November 6 - Moon conjunct Jupiter - 17 Virgo

November 11 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 19 Scorpio

November 12 - Mars enters Libra

November 17 - Sun conjunct Mercury 24 Scorpio

November 18 - Neptune turns direct - 7 Pisces

November 20 - Mercury enters Sagittarius

November 22 - Sun conjunct Sagittarius

November 23 - Venus opposition Uranus - 17 Libra / 17Aries

November 24 - Mercury conjunct Saturn - 7 Sagittarius

November 25 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 3 Sagittarius / 3 Gemini

November 29 - Sun conjunct Saturn - 7 Sagittarius


2015 Overview

The previous EIGHT* years' occurred in 2006, 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. New career paths open up, new business ventures and expansion of the ones already in motion take a different course toward success. (*in numerology terms)



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Alpha Life Trends

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Celestial Trends - November 2015

November 2015 Overview

November is universally a ONE month that opens to a new phase after the clearing away of many old scenarios from October, revealing the new journey that is upon us.  The dimming of the lights and the lowering of the glass walls have signaled the completion and ending of the scenarios that leave us with a darkened stage, void of activity for many areas of our life.  It is time to transition beyond the old and to tune into the pulls to journey into our new directions.  This creates many unknowns that make for an uneasy time, creating a void from all that was previously an outer familiarity.  As we are released from the past, the future pulls us toward a new phase, journeying into this void until we reach our new land.   November 2nd brings Venus to connect with Mars at 23 Virgo.  This activates the positive efforts carried by Venus to create the journey taking us into our new directions, which appears the first week in November.  Mid-month, Sun connects with Mercury at 25 Scorpio to bring in a new level of commitment to the new directions that continue to pull us away from the past, further into the void, and ultimately to our new land.  Mercury transitions into Sagittarius on November 20th, which also activates the phase of Saturn in Sagittarius, to set new goals, to solidify our journey and direction to the new phase.  New decisions are made on November 24th as Mercury connects with Saturn at 7 Sagittarius, which are also followed by the high tide of the Full Moon hitting the shore.  On November 29th, Sun connects with Saturn to shine the light on these decisions to make them a reality as the transition and journey continues to pull us further into the open ocean. 

November 1 through November 7
This week opens the ONE month of new beginnings.  The transitions slated for this time are moving away from the old environment and the old situations that have now completed their purpose in your life.  The situations that have been evolving since 2008, the beginning of this nine-year cycle were all about the theme that began at that time.  With the purpose waning and becoming complete, a new surge begins to rise in the background with a new theme and new directions appearing on the horizon.  Venus connects with Mars on November 2nd, which activates the positive energies that will begin to unfold, revealing the pathway that will become visible as November evolves.  Friday morning, Moon connects with Jupiter, shining the light on Venus, Mars and Jupiter that have blended their energies together.  The Moon highlights the Jupiter effect of brings the promise of good things to come.  With Moon connecting to Jupiter on Friday and connecting to Mars and Venus on Saturday, the curtain begins to open, revealing the new pathway forward.  
November 8th through November 14th
The week begins with Moon highlighting the energies that will begin to reveal the new pathway forward, as the inner pulls begin to be felt to veer into new directions.  Wednesday, Sun connects with the Moon, creating a New Moon that heralds in the inner aspects of ethics, motives, intentions and values.  With this New Moon the planet of Mercury also joins the focus, bringing in new information, thoughts, ideas and concepts.  Decisions will begin to be made that align the inner and outer realms as new directions become the attraction that pulls you forward.  Thursday Mars enters Libra, which activates many of these decisions as pathways begin to be seen as ideas and thoughts look into the right avenues that are calling.  Moon also shifts into Sagittarius on Thursday, emphasizing goals and plans as the prompting to put new plans into place becomes the focus of the day.  Thursday evening Moon connects with Saturn to solidify our goals and hammer them
into place.  Friday continues to bring these concepts to sort out details and make some new decisions that have been calling us for a while.  These thoughts, ideas and concepts become solidified and by Tuesday, November 17th, Sun connects with Mercury to hand us the pen to sign on the dotted line with a renewed commitment to make choices to move into the new directions.  There is an internal drive that is activated this week to make these important decisions in time for November 17th. 
November 15th through November 21st
This week begins with many ideas and concepts about the new pathways emerging and becoming visible.  Tuesday Sun connects with Mercury, shining the light onto the inner drive to pursue new avenues, open new doors and explore new terrain.  Sun shines the light onto the decisions that Mercury has conceived and has heard the calling to the new environment that begins to pull you into new directions.  The goals and plans begin to formulate in your mind and become the pursuits that call you forward.  As you sign on the dotted line with a new level of commitment, the pathway becomes more visible.  The light on the horizon pulls you to explore, expand and conceive of the new phase of your journey.  Wednesday, Neptune turns direct, as your spiritual blueprint reveals this next chapter.  Neptune calls with the intuition and provides the insight into the steps that you will take next.  You begin to see and understand from the inner perspective how your life will
begin to unfold.  Friday, Mercury shifts into Sagittarius, connecting to your goals and plans to begin the process. Taking the steps, taking the actions and aligning your intentions becomes the result of this week.   
November 22nd through November 28th
This week begins with Sun shifting into Sagittarius, joining Mercury and Saturn, which will solidify the new plans that are being put into place, with communication of the many pieces and parts of your thoughts and ideas that have come into your perspective and concepts.  Tuesday Mercury connects with Saturn, which solidifies the new concepts and determines that the time is right for all to begin as the journey unfolds the pathway, the timing and the purpose. As the nearly Full Moon rises, an intuitive knowing begins to shine as the midnight light shines upon the path that is emerging.  Wednesday the Full Moon emphasizes the Sagittarius goals and the Gemini mental decisions.  It is time, and the knowing becomes the high tide that hits the shore with situations and circumstances that prompt actions to be taken as new events begin to unfold.  Wednesday’s Full Moon carries with it the knowing that the time has come to make the shifts and changes that have been in your thoughts, to bring them into reality.  Realizations that the time has come begin to feel like a fresh rain to wash away the old memories and to bring a new fragrance of life as it permeates the pathway forward.  
November 29th through December 5th
This week begins with Sun shining the light onto Saturn’s new decisions that are formulated as well as bringing a new pathway forward with a dramatic flair that accompanies the pull into new directions.  Saturn requires discipline and a sense of responsibility as it is time to make the important transitions away from the old and secure to move into the new and yet unknown.  What is important to know about upcoming events in 2016 is the Mars will move into Sagittarius and turn retrograde, going back over these same degrees, which will activate the very decisions being made at this time.  From March through July 2016, Mars will provide the impetus to act on the decisions that are made while Sun, Mercury and Saturn are moving through Sagittarius.  To know and understand this timing will help to make sense of the process, the pulls and the intuitive visions of new things to come.  Moving into the TWO month of December, the new directions and pulls will be
blended with others that have been in our life.  The transitions become the shifts and changes that are the changing tides of humanity along the spiritual journey called life.  Adjusting to our own changes and to others around us becomes the focus of December as the time has come for everyone to change off of the old stage and move toward the new stage, opening to the NINE year of 2016. 
December 2015
December is universally a TWO month that begins the blending and changing of ourselves but also of those around us.  With the new energies emerging in November, blending them with others becomes the focus and the theme for December.  There will be a lot of activities that enhance the connections with others and revises the relationships with people.  Roles will change and shift, prompting new choices for career, business and expression.  The New Moon on December 11th is at 19 Sagittarius, which emphasizes the new goals and directions that will begin to open as we move into 2016.   The career and business musical chairs will begin in January as decisions to make shifts will become a reality with the dance that moves you forward and back and to the side as shifts become a common theme.  Moving forward into new directions, your environment begins to changes as well as the transitions become the gradient revealing the next shade of your journey.  December 20th becomes a point that holds the important business decisions that turns the flow of situations toward a different direction.  With people taking aim at one direction or another, December becomes the prelude to a dynamic 2016 that begins in January with Mercury turning retrograde on January 5th.  The changes that occur at that time have their roots in decisions made in December but not implemented in January until Mercury begins the musical chairs.
Written by Karyl Jackson
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