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Major Aspects in 

February 2017

February 3 - Venus enters Aries

February 5 - Jupiter turns retrograde 23 Libra

February 7 - Mercury enters Aquarius

February 10 - Sun opposition Moon - Full Moon / LUNAR ECLIPSE - 20 Aquarius / 20 Leo

February 18 - Sun enters Pisces

February 22 - Mars square Pluto - 19 Aries / 19 Capricorn

February 25 - Mercury enters Pisces

February 26 - Sun conjunct Moon - New Moon / SOLAR ECLIPSE - 8 Pisces

February 26 - Mars conjunct Uranus - 22 Aries

February 27 - Mars opposition Jupiter - 22 Aries / 22 Libra


2016 Overview

The previous NINE* years' occurred in 2007, 1998, 1989, 1980, 1971, 1962, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Clearing the decks of the past situations to prepare for the next nine-year cycle becomes the active theme all the way through the year with the spotlight of major shifts beginning in October, November and December to opent to the following ONE* year (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - February 2017

February 2017 Overview
February is universally a THREE month emphasizing the creative surge that is emerging through various situations and opportunities. February takes the situations from December and January to unfold a new pathway, with different props, circumstances and options. The beginning of the new nine-year cycle still feels new and we may not know exactly how we are moving forward with many areas of our life. We are in a void after completing the last nine-year cycle and still don’t have a clear picture of the themes or situations that are moving within events. As February evolves, there will be more and more clues to see the lights shine on various events that light up the new areas of our life. We have elements on our stage as the curtain lifts, but not everything is visible. Throughout February new options emerge that hold a stake in the ground and a light on for activities emerging in our future days. The THREE gives us options and as we boldly jump into a new life, while the scenes around us continue to evolve with a new rhythm and theme. The Lunar and Solar Eclipses in February become the connecting points that light up the pathway forward along with the new themes of our journey.

January 29th through February 4th
This week takes the energy from the New Moon and the Chinese New Year celebration to open the curtain to many new situations. The stepping stones and entrance into February provides a breath of fresh air and brings in options, choices and opportunities. Walking out of void of the ended cycle, February brings in situations that have many connecting points that take til mid February to feel the full effects of the switch to this new nine-year cycle. As Moon connects with Venus on Tuesday evening, a new optimism becomes visible on the horizon, giving us a new level of awareness that walking out of the void has taken the past and dissolved it from our future pathway, leaving us with little to relate to and making us feel alone and alienated from even our life. However, this is a fleeting feeling as February brings in many opportunities that may not be visible just yet.

February 5th through February 11th
This week begins with Jupiter in partnership oriented Libra turning retrograde, to move through the journey that Jupiter has transitioned in the expansion beyond the past situations. Many areas of our life will begin to shift and change because of the partnership connections that are part of the revolving door of change. Jupiter in Libra expands the connectivity to reach a balance and share with others of equal that also have the awareness and partnership focus. Jupiter will review events from the journey so far, especially since mid-December as Libra emphasizes the importance of having the equal sharing elements to bring harmony to our connectivity. Thursday brings a harmonious balance with the Sun and Venus to lay the foundation for options emerging, and become more dynamic as the almost Full Moon rises Thursday evening to emphasize the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Friday. The balance of Leo and Aquarius bring in the connectivity through Leo’s self-expression and appreciation of the Aquarius uniqueness of each individual. This balance becomes the beginning book end series that has a counterpart in August as the same Leo/Aquarius focus is brought to full expression.

February 12th through February 18th
This week emphasizes right action and accomplishing tasks and goals. There is a lot of activity happening because of the changing relationships and people moving in and out of different positions. The creative energies of February become the infusion of events that seem to dance into action, requiring us to respond and follow suit. Moon and Jupiter connect on Wednesday to bring in a new level of optimism and an excitement to open new doors. Moon and Jupiter emphasize the emerging relationships that have occurred from the shifts of changes and the revolving door of people moving in and out of the new areas of our life. Saturday, Sun shifts out of Aquarius and into intuitive Pisces, which brings in a more receptive mode to the connectivity of people around us.

February 19th through February 25th
This week begins with Moon creating a harmonious angle to both Venus and Mars, which seems to have positive events occur that have edges rounded for a blending effect. Moon shifts into Capricorn on Monday, highlighting the revising of documents and adjustments that are a major part of this month as well. The revision of documents providing the finishing pieces to the new elements in motion that will continue to stay active within this next cycle. Wednesday Mars creates a challenging square to Pluto, which may seem that certain elements are locked into place and also seem to not be movable. This may seem frustrating at first, but the gears are locked from the inflexibility of situations in the past. The focus this year will be to turn the gears and create more flexible situations. Ultimately the situations will change and patience will be required until changes break free. Saturday Mercury shifts into Pisces, joining the Sun as a more intuitive process enlightens the days. Mercury brings in a strong visionary element as Moon also connects with Mercury, providing a stronger understanding of the evolving situations.

February 26th through March 4th
This week we continue to carry the visions and understanding of our new journey, as we shift into Sunday’s Solar Eclipse. At 8 Pisces, a new awareness emerges as part of the visionary elements and connection to the Divine focus. Moon also connects with Neptune, providing a stronger connection with our spiritual blueprints that are evolving as well. Moon brings in the awareness of the true elements, although invisible, are easily felt. Putting value in the unseen becomes the importance of the Solar Eclipse event. Additionally, Mars connects with Uranus, blowing in events that are coming in from a different direction. The connection at 23 Aries emphasizes the focus of change that also helps to peel away the old self, revealing the true elements that are leading the shifts for the year. On Monday, Mars also creates a balance with relationship changes as Jupiter in Libra shifts people into and out of situations to bring those of similar intent together. Mars blowing in changes also shifts with Jupiter’s changes of shifting relationships out of old situations and into new opportunities. By the last day of the month, Moon connects with Venus at 13 Aries to harmonize with the true self as chosen for expression during the changing environments.

March 2017 Overview
March is universally a FOUR month emphasizing the tasks needed to plan, organize and put into action. The FOUR is a building number, with heavy emphasis on work, projects and ability to discipline our efforts. The beginning of the new nine-year cycle requires we continue to build our new life with the foundation shifts and changes to become more real and true to our new life as an expression of all we are inside. There are several major aspects that set the theme for the month, with a primary focus coming from Jupiter in opposition to Uranus. Jupiter in Libra is bringing the connectivity of relationships to the balance of the peeling back of layers revealing the true self. This aspect prompts each person to venture forward allowing life to unfold many new situations, opportunities and shifts in our environment. The other aspect is a Venus retrograde. Venus retrogrades every couple years or so. Venus rules the ease of well-being and the elements of money and love. Venus retrogrades provide the windows of transition that bring in the reconciliation to balance the true inner values. Venus is retrograding from 13 Aries into 27 Pisces, to bring in the spiritual elements and values that are a major expression through the True Self of Aries. Venus turns retrograde on March 4th and turns direct on April 15th. These six weeks brings many changes forward that help to offset the displaced emphasis of ease of well-being when gained through tossing away the love and kindness elements in favor of money and greed. During these six weeks, many shifts occur that have a direct connection to the choices of the past and will become the terrain now evolving our stage of life.

Written by Karyl Jackson

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