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Major Aspects in 

September 2017

September 3 - Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars - 29 Leo

September 5 - Sun opposition Neptune - 12 Virgo / 12 Pisces

September 5 - Mercury turns direct - 29 Leo - 4:30 am PDT / 7:30 am EDT

September 6 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 13 Virgo / 13 Pisces

September 9 - Mercury enters Virgo

September 16 - Mercury conjunct Mars - 8 Virgo

September 19 - Mercury opposition Neptune - 12 Virgo / 12 Pisces

September  19 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 27 Virgo

September 22 - Sun enters Libra - Equinox

September 24 - Mars opposition Neptune - 12 Virgo / 12 Pisces

September 27 - Jupiter oppsitions Uranus - 27 Libra / 27 Aries

September 28 - Pluto turns direct - 17 Capricorn

September 29 - Venus opposition Neptune - 12 Virgo / 12 Pisces

September 29 - Mercury enters Libra 


2017 Overview

The previous ONE* years' occurred in 2008, 1999, 1990, 1981, 1972, 1963, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Clearing the decks of the past situations to prepare for the next nine-year cycle becomes the active theme all the way through the year with the spotlight of major shifts beginning in October, November and December to open to the following TWO* year (*in numerology terms)



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Alpha Life Trends

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Celestial Trends - September 2017

September 2017 Overview
September is universally a ONE month, bringing us to a time of review of all the year’s events and situations that have moved us forward. The universal ONE month of September emphasizes the new beginnings that have been in progress all year long. 2017 begins a new nine-year cycle, after completing the last nine-year cycle from 2008-2016. This year has pushed us to move out of the past situations and circumstances to prepare us to move into our new nine-year cycle from 2017 to 2025. This month of September is the ONE month in a universal ONE year. Situations that have given us a push to move forward will take the events of the Mercury Retrograde as well as the Solar Eclipse on August 21st at 29 Leo to ignite our new directions. September’s events will roll out a new pathway to move us forward into our right directions. We each have a personal year, showing where we are in our own personal sequence. However, we are first impacted by the universal influence of this ONE universal year, bringing in new energies that will be rolled into situations that unfold our new pathway along our own personal year. With Mercury now direct and moving through a ONE universal year, we will be able to see the pathway that is revealed as our way forward. The influences in September bring in the Virgo/Pisces elements that point to right action choices as aligned with our spiritual blueprints, with adjustments reflecting our new level of commitment to balance the inner and outer aspect to right action choices. The Mercury retrograde and Solar Eclipse at 29 Leo highlighted the area of our life that required we step up to move beyond the old situations and be prepared to embrace the freedom to move into our true direction. September, prompts us to make new choices and gives us a push into our right direction. Below are the weekly trends to see the progress we have unfolding during this important month.

August 27th through September 2nd
This week August 27th through September 2nd, shifted important issues into the new focus as Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius. The emphasis on goals and directions are integral to the elements of Sagittarius. With Saturn turning direct at 21 Sagittarius, revising our goals and directions gives us a new attitude for our forward progress through September and the remaining months of the year. Action-oriented Mars created a positive angle to the Uranus winds as many changes began to come into play from the after effects of the Solar Eclipse, and is preparing for the pivotal elements included with Mercury turning direct. Uranus always brings in many unexpected events, and with Mars creating a positive trine, the shifts and changes will begin to occur to move us into our right directions to help us make the new choices needed.

September 3rd through September 9th
This week September 3rd through September 9th, begins with Mercury retrograde connecting with Mars at 29 Leo. Mars is aligned with Mercury’s line-up of information as it continues to build in the last degree of Leo. Just one degree holds it all until it pops out of the Leo corral and floods into Virgo. Having Mars energizing this process builds the wave and activates many situations primed to be a major part of this week. Setting the pace for the week, Sun strikes a balance with Neptune’s spiritual blueprints, bringing in the information that is needed to make adjustments to our spiritual journey. Sun’s purpose provides expression through the adjustments of our spiritual blueprints through the decisions and use of expression and our right action choices. Many of the changes that come into this month become the purpose for each to shift into different directions as needed.

September 10th through September 16th
This week September 10th through September 16th, begins as Mercury begins this week moving through Virgo, aligning our thoughts with right action choices. Mercury brings us many situations that require decisions as our thoughts create specific steps along our journey, moving us into the new nine-year cycle. Mercury brings in different thoughts to consider and prompts us to make choices as aligned with our decisions for right action. These choices usher us forward along a particular path aligning our inner and outer life. All through the week’s events, Mercury prompts us to take actions, pushing us to take the stepping stones that we feel propelled to move forward. By the end of the week, Mercury connects with Mars at 8 Virgo, the very location Mercury stood during the Solar Eclipse on August 21st. The decisions that we were considering at that time, will now begin to unfold moving us along ur stepping stone pathway into our new directions.

September 17th through September 23rd
Making the important decisions with Mercury connecting with Mars, we move into the week as Moon connects with Venus, to reflect our choices to our own inner blueprint. As Moon connects with Mars and Mercury to set the focus for the week, our choices become the key elements that are also brought into the New Moon on Tuesday. With the 27 Virgo New Moon, we also have Mercury bringing balance to our spiritual blueprints through our choices, decisions and actions. The stepping stones that appear this week are those pushing us to have a strong alignment with our inner thoughts and outer actions. Veering into our own personal directions, we are able to align our path with the new phase of our journey. Shifting into the Equinox on the 22nd, the past situations begin to fade and we have made the transition into our next series of situations that have a strong dynamic impact on our own inner essence.

September 24th through September 30th
Sunday’s aspect of Mars connecting to Neptune’s spiritual blueprints, sets many new energies into motion and makes major adjustments with our own pathway that we pursue. The changes that have been made with our spiritual journey during September become the launchpad for the avenues that open in October. The specific and personal stepping stones in September have led us to this next critical phase of our new journey. Jupiter opposition the Uranus winds bring in changes from Jupiter’s year-long journey through Libra, with our commitment to relationships and to the alignment of our true self with others. This aspect has occurred in December and in March, to open up opportunities to make this alignment. Pluto turning direct also brings changes into our career and business pursuits as we become more aware of the power of influence that brings positive effects into our environment. At the end of the week, Venus aligns with Neptune’s spiritual blueprint to make the last changes in our stepping stones as we shift to the calling of our heart to move into the last phase of our steps before jumping into October’s major transitions.

October 2017 Overview
October becomes the transition month for the year, as we move beyond the time to make right action choices. Our new nine-year cycle has required me align our inner and outer expression with our spiritual awareness to adjust our spiritual blueprints. October begins with two important aspects; Venus connecting Mars at 18 Virgo, emphasizing the harvest of our efforts and actions, and Sun conjunct Mercury at 16 Libra, which brings forward our commitment to this new phase of our life. These two aspects set the pace, direction and purpose for the next cycle that is emerging. Venus connecting to Mars, brings the love, money and well-being to our spiritual journey as we are ready to move forward in this next phase. The Harvest Full Moon occurring at the same time, gives us the harvest for our efforts and commitment to our spiritual journey. This connection emphasizes the ability to plant the Venus elements (love, money and well-being) that will come to harvest during this time. Also Sun and Mercury emphasize the commitment to this important phase of our journey, with signing on the bottom line with relationship adjustments and changes along our new pathway. Jupiter shifts into Scorpio for a yearlong stay. Scorpio emphasizes our inner motives, ethics, intentions and values. Jupiter will provide the transparency of these elements as the shifts and changes equate to transitions along our journey. As Mercury and Sun connect to Jupiter, many new options will open up according to our commitment to our ethics and values. Decisions on the 18th begin to be visible as Sun connects with Jupiter on October 26th. From this point our transparency begins to shine through and our intentions become very visible. Our transition into our new nine-year cycle becomes the journey we have chosen with our heart, ethics and intentions.

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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