“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;  but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”   Abraham Lincoln

Major Aspects in September 2014

September 1 - Mercury enters Libra

September 8 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 15 Virgo / 15 Pisces

September 10 - Venus opposition Neptune - 6 Virgo / 6 Pisces

September 13 - Mercury opposition Uranus - 15 Libra / 15 Aries

September 13 - Mars enters Sagittarius

September 15 - Mercury reaches 16 Libra (return point of Mercury retrograde in October)

September 20 - Moon conjunct Jupiter - 14 Leo

September 22 - Pluto turns direct - 11 Capricorn

September 22 - Sun enters Libra - Equinox

September 24 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 2 Libra

September 27 - Mercury enters Scorpio

September 29 - Venus enters Libra


September Overview

September is universally a SEVEN* month emphasizing ...... 


2014 Overview

Not only does 2014 set a new pace, but January provides a unique emphasis that begins in the New Year. This dynamic beginning to 2014 provides a powerful element that sets a whole new series of energies into motion. 2014 is universally a SEVEN year, providing the transparency elements and alignment of your inner qualities to your outer expression. Within the SEVEN year, great realizations and awareness grows to encompass the opportunity to move beyond the past. There will be many events that push you toward your right direction, allowing you to express your inner qualities and be seen for who you really are. With 2014 changing the Personal Year for everyone, a new track is pulling you into your right journey, one that is outwardly reflective of your true inner essence. The previous SEVEN years' occurred in 2005, 1996, 1987, 1978, 1969, 1960, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Realizations, deepening understanding of your true purpose brings awareness to these important areas of your life. Specific events occur, all for the purpose to bring forward a greater spiritual awareness of your True Self. (*in numerology terms)




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Celestial Trends - September 2014

September 2014 Overview
September is universally a SEVEN* month (in numerology terms), which shifts your thoughts, concepts and beliefs from the influence of the outer world to the inner elements of your connection with the Divine.  The events of September point to the shifts and changes that occurred earlier in the year, especially as major delays (from Mars retrograde in Libra) with twists and turns kept situations from moving forward in a logical way.  The shift of Jupiter from Cancer into fiery Leo created the spark to ignite the major changes that were already happening, albeit in slow motion.  Since mid July, the pace has activated the avalanche of options and opportunities to move into your new life.  August unfolded and moved situations even further along the way.  The month of September typically become a time of review for the year.  However, because of all the delays, the typical review will be checking off the box and jumping into the next situation. Major evolution of events will continue all through September in preparation for the Solar and Lunar Eclipse in October which parallels a Mercury retrograde in Libra and the first few degrees of Scorpio.  The events from mid-September on become the pathway of situations that will later shift and change as Mercury retrogrades back into key scenarios.  This guarantees that the last half of September will have all sorts of situations flying into your life and pulling you in one direction and then into another, not really knowing what you want to do, but giving you many options.  Ultimately, September becomes the runway that will launch you into a completely new life as October’s Solar and Lunar Eclipses signal that it is now time to lift off and the new reality is the destination.

The highlights of September circle around the heightened aspect of Mercury in Libra, which began September 1.  It not only reflects the shifts during the first seven months of this year while Mars was in Libra, but also the fact that Mercury will reach the important point of 16 Libra on September 15.    Mercury, once retrograde (beginning October 4), will aim back to this point of 16 Libra, reaching back through the retrograde on October 25 before turning direct.  The events from Mercury’s focus of 16 Libra, have a high level of importance in your life, especially as the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in October sparks heightened realizations that are carried at the same 16 Libra vibration.  This turning point begins major choices, as with the Full Moon of Sun opposition Moon, Uranus next to the Moon creates the emotional challenges to open the door for greater self-understanding.  Pulling up the high tide of information begins as this all-important point of 16 Libra is reached in mid-September.  The new reality that is moving into place begins at this time, revealing the reality of your new life.

August 31st through September 6th

Sunday brings Moon to connect with Saturn, to remind you of the commitment to your new direction that is pulling you into unfamiliar territory.  September begins the review of the SEVEN year, as September is a universal SEVEN month.  Looking at all that has transpired becomes a dizzying effect with so many events and happenings.  The Mars retrograde that took over the first seven months of the year kept so many situations in a delayed pattern.  Once Mars turned direct situations could begin to open new doors in preparation for a new life.  With Jupiter moving into Leo a new spark ignited the new pathway lighting the way with creative ideas and optimism.  Finally underway, September will be adding to more of the year than the usual review that occurs in the month.  September 1 Mercury moves into Libra as if to unfold the assessment of situations that occurred while Mars was going back and forth with uncertainty and instability.  Many decisions will come into play as September begins.  New goals and plans are revealed.  These new goals and plans have an impact on the contracts, pacts, treaties and agreements that were put into place while Mars was finishing it’s time in Libra, which will now begin to be revised.  Friday begins the meetings to make the important shifts and changes that are the next step in the process to move forward.     

September 7th through September 13th

The almost full moon that rises Sunday evening emphasizes the Virgo/Pisces attributes, to bring forward the qualities that emphasize inner and outer balance.  Virgo emphasizes the outer sense to make the right decisions and Pisces emphasizes the inner, intuitive connection with the spiritual sense of following what is right, regardless of the outer voices of reason, society and those who seemingly have outer authority.  This Full Moon at 16 Virgo/16 Pisces requires a strong and deep connection to deal with the waves pushing and pulling situations, bending you one-way and then another.  Sunday evening sees the Full Moon that again arrives on Monday night as well.  The Harvest Moon brings the efforts forward that are now ready for Harvest.  A time that your efforts to build must give way to transition the crops to their next level, with a great amount of round-the-clock effort.  Whether it is corn, apples or grapes for wine, it is Harvest Time.  Business pursuits with ideas and concepts must now be ready to travel down the runway to lift off and go to their next destination as well.   Midweek, Venus brings balance to Neptune’s spiritual blueprint.  Venus brings forward the solutions that have to be put into place to smooth the bumps that occur mid-week.  Finding the solutions becomes the important balance to achieve on Wednesday.  Rolling out the clarifications helps to put all of the pieces in the right places.  Saturday Mercury in Libra is in opposition to Uranus in Aries, which naturally kicks many situations over and seemingly spills out the issues and creates problems.  However, only after all issues are seen for what they are, then the right solution can present itself.  Mars rolls into fiery Sagittarius that comes in, looks at the situation, says it like it is and takes action to get things rolling in the right direction. Mars in Sagittarius is a no-nonsense type of placement.  Direct, to the point, type of actions in order to fix the problem.  Quick, easy and it is done, no frills, no fluff, just what needs to be done.  Mars is in Sagittarius from September 13 through October 26.  The inundation of activity and high level of accomplishments during this time will be stunning.  Looking back it will seem that an incredible amount of ground has been covered.  It is time to rev up and be ready for action. 

September 14th through September 20th

Mercury reaches the important point of 16 Libra on Monday, September 15.  This point becomes the same point reached on October 25 when Mercury turns direct at 16 Libra.  Earlier in the year when Mars was in Libra and turned retrograde, the same degrees were affected which makes situations look as though progress is not advancing.  However, Mercury will pull information from that time and bring forward the efforts, creating a pathway to move through the old situations to reach the new environment.  You may even have the chance to bump into people that were prominent during that time.  The issue is that situations have progressed and you have moved beyond the old situations, ready to take action on the new environment.  Late Thursday a new surge of information emerges that takes your creative ideas and begins to put some power behind them, shooting them out of a cannon, ready to land into new situations.  Saturday morning, Moon rises with Jupiter, bringing in a promise of good things to come, as you have had to wait patiently. 

September 21st through September 27th

Monday Pluto slows and turns direct at 11 Capricorn, prompting business and political resolutions.  Pluto brings power issues forward that are either empowering or controlling others.  Pluto turning direct will begin to unfold the new changes and transitions that are prompting changes within many realms of business, industry, government and career.  Sun moves into Libra as well, signaling the Autumn Equinox, shifting to the last quarter of the year.  Sun shines the light onto the Libra elements of harmony, partnership, relationships and diplomatic connections.  With Sun & Mercury in Libra, focus toward balance is pushing hard.  Opening a door to regain the balance that was pursued as Mars ventured into Libra for the first seven months of this year.  However, opening the door seems to indicate empty efforts.  However, it is at this time that you will begin to see and hear of the efforts during this time in which your efforts brought in the rewards that were earned.  the new Moon on the 24 brings Sun and Moon to the exact connection at 1 Libra.  With a New Moon, major connections come in that bring in opportunities with Libra energies providing the balance.  Friday Mercury connects with Moon opening the floodgates of information that is pertinent to the situations emerging.  Saturday finds Mercury shifting out of Libra and into Scorpio.  The information that is now aligning with the inner depth and qualities of each person is coming up short within the ability to find the inner connectivity points, which create the Mercury retrograde theme; to go hunting for the qualities that need to be lined up with the efforts and events from the first seven months of the year.     

September 28th through October 4th

This week sees the transition out of September and into October.  September becomes the review of the year and October becomes the preview of events to come in 2015.  October is an EIGHT* month, which highlights business, career and government policies.   This also increases the pace, and brings situations into focus as they related to the outside world.  Moving from the hidden realm of the SEVEN into the horse-race of the EIGHT, the agility of flexing with change becomes a major component to successfully making this incredible transition.  Mercury hovers at 2 Scorpio all week before turning retrograde on Saturday.  The same 2 Scorpio is the powerful degree on the 26th that is shared with the Sun conjunct Venus aspect.  There will be many key elements that come into play during this time that will also become key fixes to align the inner and outer environments.  The fixes that become important at this time will also become the key information that is put into the pony express satchel on October 25 as Mercury turns direct, for the midnight run to get into the information surge that will hit out porch Sunday morning, October 26.

October 2014 Overview

October is universally an EIGHT* month (in numerology terms), which shifts your thoughts, concepts and beliefs into taking action and being in high gear.   The Solar and Lunar Eclipse in October parallels the Mercury retrograde in Libra and the first few degrees of Scorpio.  The events that begin to unfold in October hover over major issues that need to be reviewed, revised and adjusted.  Mercury in Libra brings balance in relationships and connections; however as Mercury moves into Scorpio, the inner elements of motivation, ethics and values come to the foreground.  Relationships will become like boats, disengaging with those that do not have a strong connection to the dock and instead engage with those that are connected to something solid and secure.  As the true inner elements become visible, then relationships will be pulled one way and then another to help line up with similar energies.  Relationships will go through various shifts and changes to come into the right alignment. 

The Mercury retrograde will be a major focus for changes as the Lunar and Solar Eclipse brings in the highlighted focus to look at relationships and bring in the new beginnings that are connected to your sense of self, purpose and passion.  The Full Moon rising on October 7 brings in the focus of 16 Libra/16 Aries. With Uranus aligned with the Moon, shifts and changes in the emotional arena become huge.  Uranus brings in changes on the wind.  The Uranus breeze opens the door to bring in the unexpected connections to your emotional nature. 

In addition, Mars become trine (positive) to Jupiter, which opens the very doors that move you in the right direction.  This assures you are moving forward.  October 16 the Sun connects with Mercury, which brings in information about your partnership elements and brings in the decisions that are moving you forward.  The next day Mercury connects with Venus, opening up the solutions that spur your new directions forward.  You may feel your life is turned upside down, but it is to shake out the old concepts that are not aligned with the right elements. 

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon on October 23 has major aspects happening all day long, shifting situations into a completely different direction.  Saturday Sun connects with Venus at 2 Scorpio, bringing in the solutions and fixes to make the adjustments needed.  The next day, Mars enters Capricorn, which prompts these fixes to be put into contracts, pacts, treaties and agreements that are the result of career, business, government and financial arrangements. 

As Mercury turns direct on the 25, the countdown begins before the new information is put into the pony express satchel and it is out at the midnight run to get the information into the early morning hours on the 26.  As the new information hits the doorstep on Sunday morning, new goals and aspirations are set in place to begin a powerful integration process beginning on October 28.  

Written by Karyl Jackson
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