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Major Aspects in May 2015


May 3 - Sun opposition Moon  - Full Moon - 13 Taurus / 13 Scorpio

May 3 - Mercury opposition Saturn - 2 Gemini / 2 Sagittarius

May 11 - Mars enters Gemini

May 14 - Mars opposition Saturn - 2 Gemini / 2 Sagittarius

May 17 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 28 Taurus

May 18 - Mercury turns retrograde - 13 Gemini

May 21 - Sun enters Gemini

May 22 - Venus opposition Pluto - 15 Cancer / 15 Capricorn

May 22 - Sun opposition Saturn - 1 Gemini / 1 Sagittarius

May 27 - Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars - 11 Gemini

May 30 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 9 Gemini


May Overview

May is universally a FOUR* month in the EIGHT year of 2015, which requires effort, effort and more effort.  Additionally, planning and organizing activities are the consisten focus during the month.    Typically the efforts exhurted during the FOUR month don't have the results visible until the FIVE month of June.  The motto of the four month, keep going!! 

2015 Overview

The previous EIGHT* years' occurred in 2006, 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. New career paths open up, new business ventures and expansion of the ones already in motion take a different course toward success. (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - May 2015

May 2015 Overview
May is universally a FOUR month, which brings April’s creative ideas into the right month to effectively organize, set schedules and roll out the new action plan.  The Full Moon on May 3rd bring s in the high tide of events that also shifts the plans and goals into a solid schedule, as Mercury and Saturn hammer the details into place.  There is a lot that needs to be organized, which is what happens the first week of May following the Full Moon.  It is as if the previous plan was scattered onto the floor by a gust of the changing winds in April.  May 11tth Mars shifts into Gemini, which activates the mental plan put into place.  Everything might look good in theory, but living it out on a day-to-day basis becomes a quickened pace that seems hard to keep.  By the 14th, Mars and Saturn begin to get a feasible schedule together that can be upheld and still provides the accomplishments needed.  On May 17th, the New Moon at 26 Taurus becomes the acceptance of the new pace as major milestones still have designated place for accomplishments.  May 18th finds Mercury slowing and ready to turn retrograde by evening.  Mercury has reached 13 Gemini, before the Sun could even reach into the sign of Gemini.  This keeps the pace so forward that the feeling of disconnect required a revision process to make the pace a bit more logical.  As Mercury turns retrograde on the 18th, Sun shifts into Gemini on the 21st, which begins the process of the Sun shining the light onto the information of Gemini needed to set a realistic pace and process.  Mercury connects with Mars to find the right pace and gear needed to attain the level of accomplishments needed.  The last day of May Sun shines the light onto Mercury as the revision of schedules, accomplishments and responsibilities shifts into a workable plan. 

April 26th through May 2nd
Sunday brings in the beautiful sunset with the Moon glowing bright with Jupiter’s promise for good things to come.  Creative ideas pop on Monday, which begins the week that allows movement into the FOUR universal month of May on Friday.  As the new ideas continue to fly into the day, Tuesday gathers the best of the best to package up as a way to move forward.  Presenting the new concepts, approach and scheduled pathway receives questions and demands for detailed information.  Once it is satisfied enthusiasm is received.  Gaining the momentum needed for the new ideas to take off at the end of April, Mercury shifts into airy Gemini, and lift-off occurs.  Shifting to the correct coordinates for May, the FOUR month provides the environment to plan, organize and implement the decisions made throughout April discussions.  May brings in the change of focus and the shift of circumstances that open the door to rollout the implementation of the changes.  May heightens the thrust forward, with a solid pace for accomplishments and the push to make things happen quickly.  

May 3rd through May 9th
This week, May 3rd through May 9th, begins with a Full Moon expanding the issues and elements of motives, ethics and values and how they unfold with setting goals and plans.  The Full Moon of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio brings the balance between the inner and outer values that need to be achieved.  Additionally Mercury opposition Saturn at 2 Gemini/2 Sagittarius brings forward ideas to shift your goals and aspirations into a step by step plan that opens the door to solidify your foundation.  Saturn in Sagittarius emphasizes the disciplined approach needed to set the corner stones into place.  Mercury at the early degrees of Gemini continue to blow in ideas and concepts that need to be integrated into the foundation.  Mercury blows in ideas yet with this gust of new information and Sun sign still in Taurus, there is an uncertainty as to what to do with these ideas and concepts.  Once Mars shifts into Gemini (May 11th) to join Mercury the velocity of information will continue to blow in more and more ideas. The winds will continue to increase, bringing in new ideas that fill the airwaves and create the very reasons to begin to make adjustments to situations.  By the end of this week there is still the notion that the new shifts of situations can now be hammered into place, but as Mars shifts into Gemini next week, the changes from this week will look very tame.

May 10th through May 16th
This week  begins with Mars blowing into Gemini, joining Mercury already flooding the airwaves with shifts and changes.  The winds will increase overnight to gale-force, blowing in new information that takes the events from last week and makes them seem docile.  The additional information blowing in will add to the elements already in place.  New goals and plans will be put into place to organize the information, events and new tasks that have landed in the week.  However, the velocity of information continues to blow in, causing decisions to be changed in mid-stream, and new plans put into place.  This begins to be the response as gusts of new information continues to move into the picture, bringing in new elements and aspects to assess and determine the best way to proceed.  Having the Sun in Taurus, the desire to organize and plan to move ideas forward will be working overtime until Sun also joins Gemini, on May 21st.  This will quickly be the determination that there is no plan.  Projects and tasks become something that just has to be done “on the fly”.  Being flexible and adaptable this week becomes the natural solution to Mercury and Mars in Gemini.  Some work well with this requirement, while others ….. not so well.

May 17th through May 23rd
This week begins with the New Moon at 28 Taurus, providing the chance to rest and re-energize.  The desire to have the information and plans organized become the cornerstones of the day, Sunday.  Monday, Moon shifts into Gemini and another series of information sporting change and adjustments comes into the day adding to the shifts that prepare for Mercury turning retrograde at 9:58 pm EDT, 13 Gemini.  Mercury has been hovering at 13 Gemini since Friday the 15th, which provides the clues to the issues and elements of changes that will begin to unfold.  Thursday Sun moves into Gemini, joining Mercury and Mars already flying through the airy Gemini sector.  Sun shifting into Gemini steps up the music to keep everyone on their toes with the new information that still continues to fly into the picture, shifting concepts and creating reactionary elements that begin the “pin ball” effect.  Venus opposes Pluto on Friday as Sun opposes Saturn, pushing for new goals that shift situations out of the old ways and into the new ways.  With the amount of change flying through this week, adjustment and flexibility becomes the natural response for those capable of bending with the situations and bouncing back to stay with the airy program.  

May 24th through May 30th
Saturday and Sunday evening brings in the beautiful sunset with the Moon glowing bright with Jupiter’s promise.  Jupiter in Leo has opened the door for creative options and leadership.  Many have jumped in with an ability to be bold and courageous.  The timing to blend the Jupiter in Leo with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Gemini becomes optimal, as fire is aided by air.  The creative elements will get a surge of energy and ideas from the Mercury retrograde.  The bold and courgeous will begin to jump into action this week, taking advantage of the increase in ideas, while others will feel debilitated from all of the changes and adjustments.  Wednesday as Mercury retrograde connects with Mars, more information blows into the picture that becomes the important element.  Mercury and Mars connect at 11 Gemini, which will be the same degree as the New Moon on June 2nd, as the mega changes are pushed into place.  On Saturday, May 30th, Sun connects with Mercury retrograde, shining the light on the changes that are being considered and new situations will be scheduled to be rolled  into place.   Typically Sun connecting to Mercury provides the decisions and commitments to sign on the dotted line.  However, with Mercury retrograde, the decisions may be made, but the second half of the process won’t occur until after Mercury turns direct, June 11th.  As May is finished up, the month of June, a universal FIVE month of change, opens the doors and windows as the major gusts of change come onto the landscape.   

May 31st through June 6th
Sunday brings in the last day of May, to usher in the FIVE month of June, representing change, breakthrough and freedom.  The aspects of June become even more billowing than the changes experienced in May.   June begins with Moon in Sagittarius, emphasizing the shift and change of goals and directions.  The ability to integrate the changes into a new series of goals will be emphasized on June 2nd with the Full Moon.  Shifting goals and changing directions become the focus of the day and sets the pace for June.  Many elements of change are blowing and reformatting the old landscape to create a new terrain.  The new landscape also determines that new pathway and direction is needed.  Adapting to the requirements catches many off base with an inability to be flexible in the situations.  Friday Venus joins Jupiter in Leo, which brings in the harmonious elements for those who have been the bold, courageous leaders wielding a creative approach to situations.  Venus will be in Leo for several months (til October 8th) , rather than the typical 28 days.  Venus will turn retrograde to help bring in the results and rewards for those bold and courageous leaders who adapted to change to find solutions on the fly.   

June 2015 Overview
June is universally a FIVE month, which brings the shifts and changes that blew into the picture in May, to blend with the events that are unfolding simultaneously.  June brings in the Full Moon on June 2nd to set the pace, emphasizing the Gemini information and the Sagittarius goals.  Major adjustments are needed as the new information comes into the picture to shift goals and directions.  Mercury turns direct on June 11th at 4 Gemini, which begins the process of making the adjustments, rolling out the new pathway and re setting the plans and goals.  On June 14th Sun connects with Mars at 24 Gemini, which activates the new purpose and the new landscape becomes visible with the new pathway shining forth.  Saturn crosses back into Scorpio to address the issues of ethics, motives and values.  Scorpio is the inner engine that motivates our actions, purpose and passions.  Scorpio can be hidden and hide the true motives, however Saturn brings in the transparency elements that show the visible engine that motivates our actions, purpose and passion.  The inner purpose to make a difference becomes the powerhouse that gains momentum, as the empty desire of power will no longer have an engine along the new pathway.   The New Moon on June 16th becomes the new beginnings of the shifts that have settled and become the new landscape.  This shift illustrates the major changes that have the purpose to move forward with new thoughts, ideas and concepts as integrated into the new terrain.  Mars shifts out of Gemini on June 24th, as the dust settles revealing the revisions and renovations to improve and align the forward motion. This prepares for the shift that occurs every 18 months.  July has two Full Moons (July 1 & July 31) and the New Moon in the middle, July 15.  Typically the month before this change becomes the cosmic deadline for the shifts.  June brought in a Mercury retrograde, a universal FIVE month and the requirements for the hefty deadline to make all the remaining changes slated for the last 18 months.    

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Written by Karyl Jackson
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