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Major Aspects in July 2015


July 1 - Venus conjunct Jupiter - 22 Leo

July 1 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 10 Cancer / 10 Capricorn

July 6 - Sun opposition Pluto - 14 Cancer / 14 Capricorn

July 8 - Mercury enters Cancer

July 15 - Mars opposition Pluto - 14 Cancer / 14 Capricorn

July 15 - Mercury opposition Pluto - 14 Cancer / 14 Capricorn

July 15 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 23 Cancer

July 15 - Mercury conjunct Mars - 14 Cancer

July 22 - Sun enters Leo

July 23 - Mercury enters Leo

July 23 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 1 Leo

July 25 - Venus turns retrograde - 0 Virgo (30 Leo)

July 26 - Uranus turns retrograde - 20 Aries

July 31 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 8 Leo / 8 Aquarius


2015 Overview

The previous EIGHT* years' occurred in 2006, 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. New career paths open up, new business ventures and expansion of the ones already in motion take a different course toward success. (*in numerology terms)



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Alpha Life Trends

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Celestial Trends - July 2015

July 2015 Overview
July is universally a SIX month, (in numerology terms) which brings the focus and desire to make things harmonious within the home and work environments.  Reviewing both arenas will prompt shifts and changes made in both.  This also prepares for the shift that occurs every 18 months.  July has two Full Moons (July 1 & July 31) and the New Moon in the middle, July 15.  Typically the month before this change becomes the cosmic deadline for making major transitions.  June brought in a Mercury retrograde, a universal FIVE month and the requirements for the hefty deadline to make all the remaining changes slated for the previous 18 months.  As the July pace becomes very full of events, situations seem to activate and dance with changes flying one  way and then another.  The New Moon on July 15th at 15 Cancer accentuates the emotional elements that provide the surge of energy to move into a whole new direction.  Situations within the work environment begin to be revised as people, places and things begin to move in and out of situations.  On July 23rd, Mercury shifts into Leo joining the Sun and providing a connection with Sun and Mercury to bring forward a new commitment and a new level of decisions that are required.  At 1 Leo, the wave of Leo energy is bringing in bold and dynamic events to shift situations within home and work, personal and business arenas.  The decisions made at the time of the 23rd will have a direct link to the issues that will be revised by Venus turning retrograde on July 25th.  Venus will move back through the Leo energy to align the positive connections from the focus during Jupiter in Leo times, since June 2014.  As the almost Full Moon rises on July 30thto herald in the last day of July and the shift of Moon sequence, July 31st becomes the milestone of completing two Full Moons in one month. 

June 28th through July 4th
Sunday evening Venus brings a positive trine with the Uranus winds of change, blowing in the opportunities that also blow in the props on your new stage.  With Jupiter connecting to the Moon, the beautiful sunset backdrop provides an inspirational glow that gives you the inner acknowledgement that your new life is unfolding.  Finishing up the FIVE month of June and rolling into SIX month of July brings in a month with two full moons, accentuating that major shifts are slated for this time.  Wednesday as July 1st highlights the Full Moon at 10 Cancer and brings a closeness with your feelings.  Additionally Venus, first entered Leo on June 5th has now caught up with Jupiter causing the two planets to connect and ignite the fiery Leo inspiration that opens many opportunities.   The rewards will begin to unfold options, providing you with choices to make before moving forward with the right one.  This becomes the time to gravitate toward those elements that you want in your life; to bring them in and set them into your life.    

July 5th through July 11th
Sunday brings a more intuitive element into the day as Moon connects with Neptune.  Moon’s sensitivities become aware of the intuitive elements that allow visions and perceptions to become clear.  The internal connections open the doorway to see and understand from a higher perspective.  At times with Moon and Neptune connections it is unclear what are your thoughts and what are the thoughts you are picking up and perceiving that stem from others.  Continuing to strive for clarity becomes a key requirement.  Monday Sun is in opposition to Pluto, which requires a balance of the Sun’s purpose and Pluto’s push to do things differently.  This becomes an important day to change your approach, your goals and your steps along the way.  Tuesday finds Moon igniting the Aries mode of striking out in new ways that blaze a new path, creating the momentum to make good headway with accomplishments for this week.  Mid-week Mercury shifts into Cancer, allowing a stronger connection with intuitive perceptions and feelings being aligned to your inner essence.  Thursday and Friday become days to organize and plan your strategy to get things done.  Major accomplishments come into the week.     

July 12th through July 18th
This week, begin with communication, ideas and new concepts flying into your head, opening up new options.  Tuesday in the early morning, the waning moon connects with Mercury, which prompts you to listen to inner guidance that is pointing you into important directions.  Wednesday, these important directions begin to open up and you will begin to see the information has created a new direction, new opportunities and a day that has new directives moving into place.   Wednesday has a series of key aspects that open up the options that are emerging and pushing for a major shift of focus.  With July being the month of two Full Moons, the finishing up of one journey then dead ends to open up to another journey and direction.  Mars is in opposition to Pluto, followed by Mercury in opposition to Pluto, both at 13 Cancer, to have a New Moon at 23 Cancer in the middle of these major events, followed by the culmination of Mercury connecting to Mars at 13 Cancer.  To have four aspects in one day creates a powerful day of changes and shifts as new information comes into to point your life into a very different direction that you may have expected.  Look to where you what 13 Cancer to determine the location of changes and the opening of the new beginnings at 23 Cancer.  At the end of the week, after the stun factors have occurred, Jupiter connects with Moon to bring in the feeling that the changes are actually a blessing in disguise.  The evening display after sunset of the crescent moon connecting to Jupiter and Venus will once again bring in the sense of promise and good things to come.  

July 19th through July 25th
This week begins with the chance to create your new focus from the changes mid month, and have the ability to see the options that are on the horizon and becoming available.  Sunday and Monday become days to determine what your next step should be and becoming a bit disillusioned with the situations as they have unfolded along the way.  Mid-week, Sun moves into Leo, which bgins to activate the elements that are ready to be revised.  This revision process becomes a turning point that will bring in new thoughts, ideas and decisions as Wednesday rolls into Thursday.  Mercury moves into Leo, joining the Sun that also just shifted into Leo.  The arrival of Mercury in Leo occurs early morning, which brings in information that hits our doorstep early in the day, letting us know that the day’s events will bring in shifts and changes.  Early afternoon Sun connects with Leo, providing a new level of commitment with a new journey that has opened up a new level of opportunity.  Saturday, Venus turns retrograde, ready to move back through Leo, to bring in the benefits for efforts brought forward while Jupiter has been in Leo, since June 2014.  For over a year, Jupiter has been expanding the bold, creative and resourceful energy of Leo, and pushing those who could brave thinking outside the box to provide a new way.  Venus turning retrograde begins to bring in solutions that have rewards options and resolutions.    .  .  

July 26th through August 1st
This week as Venus retrograde sets a new backdrop, Sunday morning Uranus too, turns retrograde, blowing in many changes as Venus creates a wake of new options and resolutions.  .Setting new goals, changing directions and revising many parts of your life is in response to the major shifts that began with Jupiter trine Uranus on June 22nd.  As one door closes, another opens, this time it will be more in alignment with your own inner expression and capabilities.  With Saturn back in Scorpio, ethics, motives and values become the engine that moves your life forward into the new directions that are pulling you forward.  Tuesday brings in new contracts and documents that reflect the changes that have revealed your new journey.  Thursday afternoon meetings, discussions with new people provide the activities and events on your new stage.  As the almost Full Moon rises on Thursday evening, the moonlit pathways emerging begins to be seen, even if they are still in beginning phases of being formulation.  By Friday morning the Full Moon becomes huge, setting from the night of walking the moon lit path of your new journey.  Venus retrograde in Leo reveals your creative options that are emerging from your efforts of courage and expression while Jupiter has been in Leo.  New rewards are emerging bringing in visions of the blessings that are now your new journey.       

August 2015 Overview
As the almost Full Moon rises on July 30th to herald in the last day of July and the shift of Moon sequence, July 31st becomes the milestone of completing two Full Moons in one month, which becomes the threshold into the SEVEN month of August. The many aspects in August open your new life as the page is turned that reveal the props and state set.  As the page is turned in the pop-up book of August, new situations begin to evolve.  Events that come into play during August have a strong connection with Saturn’s shift return into Scorpio, revealing the true motives, ethics and values.  As Scorpio opens the engine compartment and the motivation, ethics and values that determine thoughts, words and deeds, the short stint back into Scorpio has set the pace for Venus to assess the Leo will, as aligned with the true inner essence.  The truly courageous and creative will begin to see their life shift in many directions as options emerge and opportunities abound.  August 4th Venus connects with Jupiter at 28 Leo, the last degrees of Leo, to open the doors for major shifts that are a direct link to inner sense of purpose and passion.  August 6th and 7th bring in the connections with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, blowing in the information and communication that reveals your new journey, with a new sense of purpose and passion.  August 8th finds Mars activating the Leo energy to open the door to this pathway that is actively evolving, giving you a journey that reflects your new inner essence that is recognized and rewarded for the challenges experienced along the way.  Jupiter shifts out of Leo and into Virgo on August 11th, which creates the new journey, dotted with the Leo scenery that has emerged during the August events.  This SEVEN month brings transparency into the equations revealing the new journey as aligned with your inner essence.  Later part of the month Sun connects with Jupiter, creating the threshold that opens the major door way ushering you forward into your new journey.

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Written by Karyl Jackson
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