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Major Aspects in June 2015

June 2 - Sun opposition Moon  - FULL MOON  - 12 Gemini / 12 Sagittarius

June 5 - Venus enters Leo

June 11 - Mercury turns direct  - 3 Gemini -  6:33 pm EDT

June 12 - Neptune turns retrograde - 10 Pisces

June 14 - Sun conjunct Mars - 24 Gemini

June 14 - Saturn enters Scorpio

June 16 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 25 Gemini

June 21 - Sun enters Cancer - Solstice

June 22 - Jupiter trine Uranus - 19 Leo / 19 Aries

July 1 - Venus conjunct Jupiter - 22 Leo

July 1 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 10 Cancer / 10 Capricorn

June Overview

June is universally a FIVE* month in the EIGHT year of 2015, which brings in shifts and changes that create a very active month..  Additionally, changing locations, traveling and revising your direction is the ultimate results of this month.      Typically the changes come flying into events and circumstances that require you to adjust to the changes.  Communication, information and change is the consistent energy and events visible during the FIVE month of June.  The motto of the five month,is to stay on your toes!! 

2015 Overview

The previous EIGHT* years' occurred in 2006, 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. New career paths open up, new business ventures and expansion of the ones already in motion take a different course toward success. (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - June 2015

June 2015 Overview
June is universally a FIVE month, which brings the shifts and changes that blew into the picture in May, to blend with the events that are unfolding simultaneously.  June brings in the Full Moon on June 2nd to set the pace, emphasizing the Gemini information and the Sagittarius goals.  Major adjustments are needed as the new information comes into the picture to shift goals and directions.  Mercury turns direct on June 11th at 4 Gemini, which begins the process of finalizing the adjustments, rolling out the new pathway and re setting plans and goals.  On June 14th Sun connects with Mars at 24 Gemini, which activates the new purpose as the new landscape becomes visible with the new pathway shining forth.  Saturn crosses back into Scorpio to address the issues of ethics, motives and values.  Scorpio is the inner engine that motivates our actions, purpose and passions.  Scorpio can be hidden and hide the true motives, however Saturn brings in the transparency elements that show the visible engine that motivates our actions, purpose and passion.  The inner purpose to make a difference becomes the powerhouse that gains momentum, as the empty desire of power will no longer have an engine along the new pathway.   The New Moon on June 16th becomes the new beginnings of the shifts that have settled in and become the new landscape.  This shift illustrates the major changes that have the purpose to move forward with new thoughts, ideas and concepts as integrated into the new terrain.  Mars shifts out of Gemini on June 24th, as the dust settles revealing the revisions and renovations to improve and align the forward motion. This prepares for the shift that occurs every 18 months.  July has two Full Moons (July 1 & July 31) and the New Moon in the middle, July 15.  Typically the month before this change becomes the cosmic deadline for the shifts.  June brought in a Mercury retrograde, a universal FIVE month and the requirements for the hefty deadline to make all the remaining changes slated for the last 18 months.  Situations intensify until the major adjustments are completed, which becomes noticeable with the level of activity and the fury of events flying around.    

May 31st through June 6th
Sunday brings in the last day of May, to usher in the FIVE month of June, representing change, breakthrough and freedom.  The aspects of June become even more billowing than the changes experienced in May.   June begins with Moon in Sagittarius, emphasizing the shift and change of goals and directions.  The ability to integrate the changes into a new series of goals will be emphasized on June 2nd with the Full Moon.  Shifting goals and changing directions become the focus of the day and sets the pace for June.  Many elements of change are blowing and reformatting the old landscape to create a new terrain.  The new landscape also determines that new pathway and points to the new direction that  is needed.  Adapting to the requirements catches many off base with an inability to be flexible in the situations.  Friday Venus enters Leo joining Jupiter already moving through the constellation of Leo, which brings in the harmonious elements for those who have been the bold, courageous leaders wielding a creative approach to situations.  Venus will be in Leo for four months (til October 8th) , rather than the typical 4 weeks.  Venus will turn retrograde to help bring in the results and rewards for those bold and courageous leaders who adapted to change to find solutions on the fly.   

June 7th through June 13th
This week, June 7th through June 13th, has a great level of activity with friends and family get togethers and a whirlwind of situations pulling into group activities.  Early Monday we gegin to look at situations from a stronger notion of spiritual quest to determine what is the right things to do and the right places to be.  Mid week becomes the jumpstart that gets everything ready for Mercury to turn direct. The uncertainties that have continued to increase will begin to make everyone feel unsettled and on edge as situations continue to be uncertain.  Moving forward in the midst of uncertainties is not easy to do, but there is a timing factor that is playng a part.  Moving forward will help to bring options and choices to replace the uncertainties.  Sitting on the bench or staying in non-movement will not bring forward the options and choices, instead the uncertainties begin to feel overwhelming to push toward movement.  Thursday afternoon, Mercury turns direct and unfold the new pathways that we have been searching for to give us the greenlight to take the obvious path forward.  Friday Neptune turns retrograde, to give us a chance to review the intuitive connections with our thoughts, ideas, decisions and choices.  Neputune provides a stronger intuitive connection which accentuates the inner alignment we feel that energizes our spirit indicating that the directions will unfold according to the inner essence.  

June 14th through June 20th
This week  becomes on of great shifts, beginning on Sunday with Sun conjunct Mars at 24 Gemini.  Sun shines the light onto the new purpose that is unfolding as well as linking up the shifts to the deeper elements of Saturn moving into Scorpio.  The inner essence and inner sense of motivation and purpose is expressed through the Scorpio energy.  The deeper elements of motivation are becoming more transparent and showing the true motives, ethics and values that exist on the inner level.  Saturn is moving back into Scorpio for a short time, to make some adjustments with the visibility and transparency of beliefs, motives and actions from June 14th through September, when Saturn shifts back into Sagittarius. Early Tuesday the New Moon  at 25 Gemini opens the doors to new options and opportunities that have been emerging during the mercury retrograde, finally culminating at just the right time to open the passageway.  Thursday evening Moon shifts into Leo, to emphasize and highlight the bold leadership and creative qualities that have been part of this expression.  Ultimately Moon will connect with Venus and Jupiter  on Saturday, and provide a beautiful evening sky with this beautiful connection with Moon, Venus and Jupiter, bringing the promise and opportunity of good things.  

June 21 through June 27th
This week brings in the Solstice with the shift of Sun into Cancer, emphasizing the new environment and desire to gain security with the new terrain.  Tuesday brings in a major cog that turns; Jupiter trine Uranus.  This positive aspect becomes the unfolding of the new environment that dissolves many of the old, challenging situations that occurred as the last completion of Jupiter square Uranus, which occurred August 2013, January 2014 and April 2014.  These shifts that occurred out of the squared events have been progressing and will reach the overarching opportunities to move out of the old ways.  Jupiter trine (positive) brings in the very events to naturally dissolve the old challenges.  With the old challenges fading into the woodwork the new options and opportunities emerge pulling you into your new environment and engaging new situations.  The angle of Uranus at 19  Aries, and Jupiter at 19 Leo becomes the focus of the opportunities.  For the next seven years, this angle will begin to create a ray of llight that ignites another series of circumstances and situations, that unfold your new stage.     

June 28th through July 4th
Sunday evening Venus brings a positive trine with the Uranus winds of change, blowing in the opportunities that also blow in the props on your new stage.  With Jupiter connecting to the Moon, the beautiful sunset backdrop provides an inspirational glow that gives you the inner acknowledgement that your new life is unfolding.  Finishing up the FIVE month of June and rolling into SIX month of July brings in a month with two full moons, accentuating that major shifts are slated for this time.  Wednesday as July 1st highlights the Full Moon at 10 Cancer and brings a closeness with your feelings.  Additionally Venus, first entered Leo on June 5th has now caught up with Jupiter causing the two planets to connect and ignite the fiery Leo inspiration that opens many opportunities.   The rewards will begin to unfold options, providing you with choices to make before moving forward with the right one.  This becomes the time to gravitate toward those elements that you want in your life; to bring them in and set them into your life.    

July 2015 Overview
July is universally a SIX month, which brings the focus and desire to make things harmonious within the home and work environments.  Reviewing both arenas will prompt shifts and changes made in both.  This also prepares for the shift that occurs every 18 months.  July has two Full Moons (July 1 & July 31) and the New Moon in the middle, July 15.  Typically the month before this change becomes the cosmic deadline for making major transitions.  June brought in a Mercury retrograde, a universal FIVE month and the requirements for the hefty deadline to make all the remaining changes slated for the previous 18 months.  As the July pace becomes very full of events, situations seem to activate and dance with changes flying one  way and then another.  The New Moon on July 15th at 15 Cancer accentuates the emotional elements that provide the surge of energy to move into a whole new direction.  Situations within the work environment begin to be revised as people, places and things begin to move in and out of situations.  On July 23rd, Mercury shifts into Leo joining the Sun and providing a connection with Sun and Mercury to bring forward a new commitment and a new level of decisions that are required.  At 1 Leo, the wave of Leo energy is bringing in bold and dynamic events to shift situations within home and work, personal and business arenas.  The decisions made at the time of the 23rd will have a direct link to the issues that will be revised by Venus turning retrograde on July 25th.  Venus will move back through the Leo energy to align the positive connections from the focus during Jupiter in Leo times, since June 2014.  As the almost Full Moon rises on July 30thto herald in the last day of July and the shift of Moon sequence, July 31st becomes the milestone of completing two Full Moons in one month.  


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Written by Karyl Jackson
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