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Major Aspects in April 2016

April 5 - Mercury enters Taurus

April 7 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 18 Aries

April 9 - Sun conjunct Uranus - 20 Aries

April 14 - Mercury trine Jupiter - 14 Taurus / 14 Virgo

April 17 - Mercury trine Pluto - 17 Taurus / 17 Capricorn

April 17 - Mars turns retrograde - 9 Sagittarius (back to 23 Scorpio)

April 18 - Pluto turns retrograde - 17 Capricorn (back to 15 Capricorn)

April 19 - Sun enters Taurus

April 21 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 3 Taurus / 3 Scorpio

April 22 - Venus conjunct Uranus - 21 Aries

April 28 - Mercury turns retrograde - 24 Taurus - 10:20 am PDT

April 29 - Venus enters Taurus


2015 Overview

The previous EIGHT* years' occurred in 2006, 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. New career paths open up, new business ventures and expansion of the ones already in motion take a different course toward success. (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - April 2016

April 2016 Overview

April is universally a FOUR month in a NINE universal year, bringing in effort that is needed to organize, plan and clear the decks of situations, people, props and events that are no longer relevant. A great deal of effort will be required during April’s events as the tasks and projects mount and demand your attention.  Major events come into the month that call your focus away from other tasks to give you a major project to do in between the projects that seemed to take up a lot of your time.  Mercury creates a positive trine angle with Jupiter and Pluto, which brings in information that opens doors to accentuate right action and transformation.  Mars and Pluto turn retrograde on April 17th and 18th.  Mars turns retrograde at 9 Sagittarius, which will go back through Sagittarius and back into Scorpio to review the motives, ethics and values that propel actions to see the true elements in motion.  At the same time Mercury reaches the farthest point beyond the Sun possible before turning retrograde April 28th.  Mercury reaching 24 Taurus brings the key point that also relates to the point Mars will reach in its furthest retrograde; 24 Scorpio, the opposite point to the Taurus Mercury retrograde accentuating the Mercury / Mars opposition on June 9th.  Events occurring this month help to set up the shifts and changes that will be designated for that time.  The inner / outer alignment with motives, intentions, ethics, and values will be the focus of the major shifts that have their beginning in April’s aspects.  

March 27 through April 2
This week begins with Moon shifting into Sagittarius to take the elements of Saturn’s change of direction and begins to put them into emotional elements that need a new focus point.   Moon in Sagittarius provides the emphasis for three days to bring information into the environment that requires Sagittarius set a new pace, a new direction and a new focus.  As the last week in March presents energies and shifts, major changes come into play that will demand planning, organizing and specific actions to create harmonious shifts into this new phase.  On Wednesday, Moon shifts into Capricorn, connecting to Pluto which creates a square to Mercury as information is gathered that needs to be brought forward to expand beyond the old ways of expression.   Thursday brings Mercury to connect to Uranus that breaks away from the elements that are ready to be put into place that will go through many iterations that speak to the changes slated for Uranus.  Mercury opens up a lot of new communications during this aspect and provides the reason to move forward and along new direction slated for this focus.   

April 3 through April 9
April’s FOUR universal month, shifts the creative ideas and events into a new environment and arena that will spur efficiency and open the doors for new avenues to plan, organize and provide solid day-to-day stepping stones toward the new directions.  With 2016 being the NINE universal year, bringing closure to the previous nine-year cycle that began in 2008, many situations are completing to clear the decks to make room for a new era.  The nine-year cycle began with Pluto moving into Capricorn, requiring mega changes of the old patriarchal ways of operating in favor of new energies and a new approach to business and personal pursuits.   April brings in a new energy that requires breakthrough, which will begin this week and will be emphasized with the New Moon at 18 Aries on Thursday April 7th.  The New Moon has the winds of Uranus blowing from a different directions, to shift the pace and to create the change, breakthrough and freedom that is a major requirement of the changes that are being set up and prepared for the month of May catapulting situations into a new environment.  With major shifts beginning to be visible this week, Mercury moving into Taurus, which will host the Mercury retrograde that begins at the end of April, and sets the pace for the mega changes of May.  Sun connects with Uranus on Saturday, April 9th, which sees the winds of change that began with the New Moon on the 7th, reach gale force winds blowing in changes from a different direction.

April 10 through April 16
The Sun connection with the Uranus winds, sets the pace for this week, which begins to break through many barriers of old ways to shift situations into new ways and to blow things around to begin the process.  Much of April will be to shift and set up for the mega changes in May that will also host a mercury retrograde in Taurus, representing inner and outer balance of values.  Thursday Mercury reaches a positive trine with Jupiter, both in earth signs.  Mercury in Taurus requires values become the focus of Jupiter’s connection with “right action”.  The shift of Mercury in Taurus communication begins the focus and set up to see changes of the inner and outer values to be adjusted according to choices of “right action”.  The winds blow and reveal the changes that need to occur to plan, organize and shift situations, pursuits and directions.  The events this week are preparing for Mars to slow and turn retrograde on Sunday, April 17th at 9 Sagittarius.  Mars representing energy, will retrograde back into Scorpio, ruling motives, ethics and values.  The focus in May, with Mercury retrograde holds the major shifts that will bring the alignment of inner and outer values to balance in early June.  This balance determines the direction and the new environment that will begin to open according to the alignment of motives, ethics and balance of inner and outer values as aligned with “right action”.  Mars brings the shift in energy and actions as the retrograde gets set up this week.  Mars holding steady at 9 Sagittarius will begin to collect the information about actions to retrograde and return to 23 Scorpio, where it was mid February, as situations began to veer off course.  Returning to that point to get back on course will be the purpose and result of Mars retrograde.  This week will set the stage for the return course and revised focus.

April 17 through April 23
Sunday begins Mars turning retrograde at 9 Sagittarius, to return back to the point in mid February, (February 18th), when actions began to veer off course. This course correction for Mars will provide the revision of energy and actions based on the ethics, motives and values chosen at that time that were pointed into directions that will now begin to shift back to the right course according to the balance of inner and outer values.  Mercury will have reached 14 Taurus, the very degree that Mercury will return to on May 22, to enact many of the revisions set for the Mercury retrograde month of May.  Monday, Pluto turns retrograde as well, to revise issues dealing with power and the ethics and use of power as well.  Tuesday, Sun shifts into Taurus to bring the spotlight to the issue of values as they pertain to choices and values according to inner and outer alignment.  Thursday Moon shifts into Scorpio, to begin the view of the inner issues of ethics, motives and values.  The Full Moon rises Thursday evening to bring focus to the balance of values.  Sun at 3 Taurus and Moon at 3 Scorpio, brings in the high tide of events that capsulate the issues that require adjustment.  As the high tide crashes on our shore, the major focus of inner and outer balance will be emphasized with a major requirement to address inner ethics and motives as expressed through outer actions.  The major focus of Thursday begins the shifts and changes set to occur during the Mercury retrograde in May and the revision of actions by Mars retrograde in Scorpio (May 27th through June 29th)   Friday, April 22 brings Venus connection to Uranus, which emphasizes the new harmony brought to the changing winds of Uranus.  A revised focus of balance comes into the day as the high tide crashed upon the shore, can now begin to recede revealing the revised balance.  

April 24 through April 30
Moon shifts into Sagittarius to connect with Mars retrograde setting the pace for the new week.  Mars retrograde in Sagittarius is shifting goals, actions and sense of purpose.  Choice of actions will be revised with a new focus that goes back to the correction point of February 18th, as Mars veered into a direction that must now be revised and corrected.  Mars was in Scorpio in February, aligning with the inner motives, values and ethics, but emphasis of “right action” will now begin to make important changes.  Monday, Moon connects with Saturn that requires choices connect with goals, plans and responsibilities as Mercury reaches 23 Taurus and begins to pause, as issues of right action begin to become the focus of shifts and changes.  Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday, to go back over the issues brought forward from April 14th, as Mercury created a positive trine to Jupiter’s efforts to revise choices for right actions.  Mercury creating a positive trine to Pluto on April 17th, same day that Mars turned retrograde, brings the issues of power and the right use of power into focus.  As Mercury turns retrograde, April 28th, there will be another swing with Mercury trine Pluto on May 12th and then again on May 30th.  Mercury’s information becomes key to the alignment with right action as Pluto deals with power and the right use of power.  The revisions become the main focus and theme of this Mercury retrograde, to then provide the adjustments of home, work, position and status as June (the universal SIX month of balance) brings in the revised picture, ready for the set-up process of the next nine-year cycle to reveal the new theme.
May 2016 - Overview
May begins the universal FIVE month of change, breakthrough and freedom.  This month is slated to host the mega changes of the year, as this month contains the aspects that will close up the last nine-years that began in 2008.  The nine-year cycle has brought completion to many of the events and circumstances that began in 2008 and will clear the decks, balance the inner and outer values to engage right action choices made during this time to the passage into new directions.  May hosts a Mercury retrograde in Taurus, bringing values into the picture as the major theme.  The values that have been at the root of choices for actions as well as the Mars retrograde focus shifting back into Scorpio, brings the issues of ethics, motives and values forward to determine the pathway forward.  May 9 sees Jupiter turning direct at 13 Virgo, aligning with the Taurus energy of Mercury as information is brought forward as aligned by right action.  The positive trine energy finds shifts and changes according to the alignment or misalignment of the energies, as well as with the trine to Pluto in Capricorn representing the right use of power.  Many elements along these lines will be shifted according to all that has transpired since 2008, the beginning of the current nine-year cycle.  Sun connects with Mercury retrograde on the 9th as well, at 19 Taurus to make new decisions according to the lineup of values associated with a commitment to values.  Mercury turns direct on May 22 and begins to unfold new situations that also expand Jupiter’s alignment with right action.  Mars dips back into Scorpio to address ethics, motives and values on May 27th and will bring the strike of alignment to reality as mercury in Taurus is aligned with Mars in Scorpio at 25 on June 9th.  This alignment draws the line to make the shifts to the appropriate environment as right actions are lined up with inner and outer values.  The new pathways emerge at that time emphasizing the choices made as “actions speak”

Written by Karyl Jackson

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