Major Aspects for April 2014

  • April 2 - Sun conjunct Uranus - 12 Aries
  • April 7 - Mercury enters Aries
  • April 8 - Sun opposition Mars retrograde - 18 Aries / 18 Libra
  • April 11 - Venus conjunct Neptune - 6 Pisces
  • April 14 - Mercury conjunct Uranus - 12 Aries
  • April 14 - Pluto turns retrograde -13 Capricorn
  • April 14 - Mercury Square Jupiter - 12 Aries / 12 Cancer
  • April 15 - Mercury square Pluto - 13 Aries / 13 Capricorn
  • April 15 - Sun opposition Moon - Full Moon/ LUNAR ECLIPSE - 25 Aries / 25 Libra
  • April 16 - Mercury opposition Mars retrograde - 15 Aries / 15 Libra
  • April 19 - Sun enters Taurus
  • April 20 - Jupiter opposition Pluto - 13 Cancer / 13 Capricorn
  • April 20 - Jupiter square Uranus - 13 Cancer / 13 Aries
  • April 21 - Uranus square Pluto - 13 Aries / 13 Capricorn
  • April 22 - Mars retrograde square Jupiter - 13 Libra / 13 Cancer
  • April 23 - Mars retrograde opposition Uranus - 13 Libra / 13 Aries
  • April 23 - Mars retrograde square Pluto - 13 Libra / 13 Capricorn
  • April 25 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 5 Taurus
  • April 29 - Sun conjunct Moon - New Moon / SOLAR ECLIPSE - 9 Taurus
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Celestial Trends for April 2014

April 2014 Overview
April is universally a ELEVEN/TWO* month (in numerology terms), which brings in an influx of people, relationships and cooperative connections. The ELEVEN brings in visionary leadership that works to make the changes needed, while being placed in demanding situations. The ELEVEN requirements take strong characteristics of sensitivity and yet to drive solutions forward through vision and purpose. With April hosting the Lunar and Solar Eclipses, strong, dynamic energies begin to create the spark of creativity by mid month. The Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon occurs on April 15th at 25 Aries / 25 Libra, requires that balance occur between the self and self-expression. As the TWO month emphasizes people and relationships, the issue of balance is also prominent with the TWO as well. The four days from April 20, 21, 22 and 23 become the dynamic shift with the Grand Cross between Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. These four planets become cogs turning to open the next series of events are designated to shift the stage, activities, people and events. The Jupiter square Uranus sets the pace early on April 20th, which completes the last seven-year "testing of a true disciple" and opens the door for the additional changes to shift into place. Right after these four days Sun connects with Mercury to sign on the dotted line to commit to a new direction that is opening up as the stage changes; your commitment to your new direction begins to change as well. This aspects heralds in the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on April 29th at 9 Taurus unfolding the new phase; New stage, new people, new activities, new script and new purpose. The surge of creativity begins to launch many new and exciting events and circumstances into motion.

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March 30th through April 5th
Sunday sets the pace with the Second New Moon in March, at 10 Aries. Sun connecting to Moon brings your emotions and your spark together to ignite new directions. There are many important events that occur today with the Aries New Moon, opening up new opportunities, options and projects. Wednesday Sun connects to Uranus as 12 Aries, shining the light onto the changes that have been unfolding all through March. These changes are good as breaking free from the past situations is like a breath of fresh air. Mercury also provides a positive connection to Saturn, which brings in a stronger sense of discipline needed to jump into your projects. Saturday Venus rolls into Pisces, which brings a harmony to situations that have been at odds with events, waiting on the back burner for the opportunity to move forward and actually make accomplishments that bring forward results.

April 6th through April 12th
A new pace is set for this week as Mercury rolls into fiery Aries Monday morning. Mercury brings spontaneous communication and more innovative ideas into the marketplace. Mercury fans the Aries enthusiasm and excitement, which spurs stronger, more independent actions. Tuesday Sun in Aries is in opposition to Mars in Libra. This aspect requires balance as focus and direction needs to be adjusted in order to create a harmonious blend with the activities and people involved. With Mars still retrograde, activities continue to be overly demanding. The pace is still quickened, yet situations require adjustments to be made. Revisions are a constant shift of the situations and circumstances with people, places and events. Friday, Venus connects with Neptune in Pisces, which brings forward resolutions that have been missing. Venus always emphasizes the harmony that needs to be achieved. Neptune brings forward a stronger intuitive connection, assisting Venus to spark the ideas for resolution of situations that have been at odds and have been in a contested position.

April 13th through April 19th
This week announces the days and events that become the very stepping-stones for progress and forward motion. The aspects on Monday bring forward communication and information that creates the need to make adjustments and changes. Mercury connects with Uranus as 13 Aries, which also sets the pace for the major shifts slated for the last two weeks of April. Mercury brings information into the picture that impact change, shifting situations to move into new directions. Mercury opens the door to the requirements of change that shift you away from the old ways and toward revisions and new opportunities. Pluto turns retrograde on Monday as well, which gives additional emphasis to these changes. Going away from the old approach that keeps your life operating as a habit and legacy instead of opportunity becomes the push for change. Information surfaces to point to this issue becomes the focus. As the Full Moon rises, the push to make these changes becomes a requirement. With these requirements hitting your shore with the high tide from the Full Moon, the Lunar Eclipse that occurs in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, and the major push becomes the powerful high tide. The Lunar Eclipse demands that the issues needing change are acknowledged and addressed. The Aries/Libra Full Moon emphasizes the need to overthrow the old ways and embrace balance, harmony and the opportunity for change. On Wednesday, Mercury is in opposition to Mars, accentuating the Aries/Libra sectors. Mercury in Aries provides information that becomes bold and requires changes to be made. Mars in Libra represents your activities and interaction with others. Your relationships become important as your interaction style and approach becomes a key factor in using the information that is coming in. Mercury in Aries is pushing to make important changes and to integrate new ideas into the activities. With the theme of change affecting events, the focus is transformation of the business, government and financial arenas. New systems and approach becomes the transition of activities in the corporate, government and financial world. Saturday Sun shifts into Taurus, creating a more logical, methodical approach to making decisions and pursuing new directions.

April 20th through April 26th
This week unfolds many powerful aspects. The theme of these important aspects is to push beyond the comfort zone, leaving behind the old ways and moving into a new phase. The edge of old situations gives way by a major shift in approach and direction. Sunday brings in the important Jupiter square Uranus, which opens the door to release many situations that have been held in place since the last Jupiter square Uranus, in October 2007. This release becomes the thrust out of the old environment and allows you to sail into a new ocean. Jupiter is also opposition to Pluto, which is to expand beyond the old system, old habits, attitudes and ruts. Monday brings Uranus to square Pluto, pushing to bring change into the government, business and financial arenas. Change blowing in the wind also blows open many of the previously hidden power plays that are slated to be disengaged. Tuesday Mars retrograde is square to Jupiter. Jupiter expands you beyond your comfort zone and Mars retrograde has given you situations, relationships with others that push you to change your relating habits. Jupiter is also opening doors to connect with new and different people as you get outside your comfort zone. Wednesday Mars is in opposition to Uranus, which activates the changes in the areas of your life that are ruled by Aries and Libra. The shifts happening are to push you to make the changes needed to move you out of an old environment and into a new environment. Mars is also square to Pluto, which brings in power plays that now require negotiations as the old ways no longer work. Revision of actions, plans and the stepping-stones needed to reach your destination become the important shifts in the journey. Friday Sun connects with Mercury, which provides the opportunity to sign on the dotted line in the commitment to shift into your new ways of operating. This commitment signals the revisions that are moving you into your new direction.

April 27th through May 3rd
With many important decisions made and realized last week, the events created by the major squares, the Grand Cross as well as Jupiter's opening the door to your new direction will begin to be visible. Monday, the Solar Eclipse / New Moon at 9 Taurus opens your new direction. This Solar Eclipse becomes the culmination of all of the shifts and changes, which sets you on your new path. The Taurus focus brings value into your life, making choices about the aspects of life that you desire and want to achieve. The location of this Solar Eclipse provides an open door for your new directions to be seen, understood and achieved. The surge of new beginnings provides the open the door to walk into new directions that are now available. Thursday brings in a new month, the THREE month (in numerology terms) of May. THREE brings in creativity, love, happiness, optimism and expression of these qualities. Having the major shifts and changes behind you, you can now move forward unencumbered and free to be yourself. Friday sees Mercury opposition Saturn, which gives you the reasons to plan the journey ahead, to determine the effort needed and to organize your efforts toward your new goals.

May 2014 Overview
May is universally a THREE* month (in numerology terms), which shifts the energy and focus toward creativity, optimism, love and happiness. THREE is a very positive number and beckons expression of an upbeat and optimistic attitude. The resourceful qualities bring in new ideas and creative concepts that improve, help and inspire situations. The shifts and changes that occurred in April helped to turn the pathway toward new opportunities that in May can begin to be implemented and enhanced. May opens the door to revise ideas and set them on a new path bound for success as the surge of energy is uplifting the situations, circumstances and environment to move you into a new environment. The atmosphere with so many creative options becomes exciting and inspiring. Mercury shifts into Gemini on May 7th, which brings in an additional spontaneity and social elements into your life. The Full Moon on May 14th requires a balance between your new directions, goals and to value the starting place that can now unfold a new level of success. Mars has been in Libra since December 7th and has been retrograde since March 1st. Mars turns direct on May 19th, which shifts actions and goals into new directions with the shift of people, places and situations. Mars is now back on track and all systems are go. Mars can now begin to move forward, tracking the right path and activating the people that are on the same path. The pursuits that have had stops and starts, yet nothing concrete or successful occurred, can now be on the right track, full speed ahead, and the right people now involved, leads these pursuits to success. The New Moon on May 28th in Gemini emphasizes the social elements and the ability to bring the important changes of late into the situations that enliven the interaction and pursuits to achieve success with all people.

Look to the Uranus in Aries section, to read about this New Moon and the great potential you are offered. It is time to jump into your new life.

More Information about the road map that is available;

A Life Reading provides explanation of your personal chart and interpretation of the aspects prompting your transition. Many events in your life are coming together to shift your journey, moving from one way of life to another. Know where you are going gives you the confidence to see the important steps along the way.

Written by Karyl Jackson
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