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Major Aspects in December 2014

December 4 - Venus trine Jupiter - 22 Sagittarius / 22 Leo

December 4 - Sun trine Uranus - 12 Sagittarius / 12 Aries

December 6 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 14 Gemini / 14 Sagittarius

December 8 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 16 Sagittarius

December 8 - Jupiter turns retrograde - 22 Leo

December 12 - Mercury trine Jupiter - 22 Sagittarius / 22 Leo

December 14 - Sun trine Jupiter - 22 Sagittarius / 22 Leo

December 14 - Uranus square Pluto - 12 Aries / 12 Capricorn

December 16 - Mercury enters Capricorn

December 20 - Venus conjunct Pluto - 12 Capricorn

December 21 - Sun enters Capricorn - SOLSTICE

December 21 - Uranus turns direct - 12 Aries

December 21 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 1 Capricorn

December 23 - Saturn enters Sagittarius - through Dec 2017

December 24 - Mercury conjunct Pluto - 13 Capricorn

January 1 2015 - EIGHT Year

January 1 - Mars opposition Jupiter - 21 Aquarius / 21 Leo


November Overview

November is universally a NINE month, which requires new accomplishments move in, helping move the old out of your life.  You will be finalizing issues, agreements and bring to completion many elements that have completed their purpose in your life.  

Mid-month, on November 12th and the 13th, major aspects create the one-two punch to let go of the old ways.  Two major squares occur; Mars square Uranus and Sun square Jupiter, which push to let go, loosening the grip on the old situations.  Instead, space is created,  as openings for changes occur that complete ties to previous situations.   Also, Venus connects with Saturn.  Venus brings in the resolutions needed as Saturn prompts a series of tasks to integrate the resolutions.  Cogs begin to turn, rolling up the pictures and events of the old environment.  As the picture fades, the canvas becomes clear to make room for the new pictures, people and events.  This transition becomes the theme for November.  It may be uncomfortable to say good-bye to the burning barns, but often these situations and circumstances have not been good or kind to you.  Just because something is familiar, the positive and negative issues in your life may need to be revised.  Looking at situations from a new perspective provides a comprehensive review of all that has outlived their purpose.  

Ultimately, the last week in November brings about a great deal of healing energy that opens new doors.   to a new spark of excitement and optimism that will roll out the red carpet.  Bringing forward a new sense of purpose and passion replaces those aspects of your life
Ushering you into December, you have added energy and enthusiasm for the new elements that now overtake the view of your life.  Great things are possible as the new has infused your spirit with hope, joy and promise on the horizon.

2014 Overview

Not only does 2014 set a new pace, but January provides a unique emphasis that begins in the New Year. This dynamic beginning to 2014 provides a powerful element that sets a whole new series of energies into motion. 2014 is universally a SEVEN year, providing the transparency elements and alignment of your inner qualities to your outer expression. Within the SEVEN year, great realizations and awareness grows to encompass the opportunity to move beyond the past. There will be many events that push you toward your right direction, allowing you to express your inner qualities and be seen for who you really are. With 2014 changing the Personal Year for everyone, a new track is pulling you into your right journey, one that is outwardly reflective of your true inner essence. The previous SEVEN years' occurred in 2005, 1996, 1987, 1978, 1969, 1960, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Realizations, deepening understanding of your true purpose brings awareness to these important areas of your life. Specific events occur, all for the purpose to bring forward a greater spiritual awareness of your True Self. (*in numerology terms)




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Alpha Life Trends

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Celestial Trends - December 2014

December 2014 Overview
December is universally a ONE* month (in numerology terms), which brings in a completely new energy.  After moving the old situations from the last seven years, a new theme, focus and purpose is emerging, making room for the new people, places and things designated for the next seven-year cycle.   Ushering you into the ONE month of December, you have added energy and enthusiasm for the new elements that now overtake the new space and provide a new view of your life.  Great things are possible, as the new has infused your spirit with hope, joy and promise.  On the horizon comes new scenery unfolding the very elements that are deserved and are the new props of you new cycle.  December has many aspects that have the right combination to unlock your new life, allowing the new environment to appear under your feet as the shifting terrain of November has given way to the new stabilizing influence of December, building a new life that will emerge as 2015 rolls into place.  

The shift of the new energy occurs on December 4th as two major trines brings in the surge of new energy; Venus trine Jupiter and Sun trine Uranus.  The Full Moon emphasizes the Gemini / Sagittarius elements of aligning your communication and footsteps with the Sagittarius goals that open up a new pathway.  December 8th becomes a very powerful day as Sun connects with Mercury at 16 Sagittarius to sign on the dotted line in commitment to your new direction.  In addition, Jupiter has played a major part in opening up these creative directions and as the signing on the dotted line is completed, Jupiter turns retrograde to go back over the key expansions and creative ideas that will begin to overtake the expansion process to enlarge your scope of influence.  December 12th Mercury creates a trine with Jupiter as well, which takes a lot of the information from November 22nd and 23rd and begins to shift it into a new energy to roll into a new direction, this time one that rolls into new directions instead of hitting the walls of the past.  Also with Sun trine Jupiter, the new directions continue to unfold further, especially from the revised dead ends felt November 13th from Sun square Jupiter, that ended situations because a new focus was required.  In addition, Uranus creates and 6th aspect in the series and sequence of Uranus square Pluto on December 14th. 

However, on December 23rd, Saturn shifts out of Scorpio into Sagittarius, bringing the solidified motives, ethics and values forward to roll into the new Sagittarius goals.  December 24th has two aspects that require major fears to be addressed and steps determined as a way to move forward.  Mercury connects with Pluto and squares the winds of change, Uranus.  This shift takes you one way and then another as major fears provides the elements that become fodder for reactions, showing the true elements of one’s inner self.  Information comes along with Mercury to speak up and require changes, yet with the winds of change blowing in new information, situations shift and change the focus of this time, preparing for the new energies of 2015. 

November 30th through December 6th
New energies begin on Sunday, creating the threshold into a new month and opening the week.  The new series of goals are rolled out as the old situations are completed,   loose ends tied up, issues packaged things up, and moved out of the way, clearing the pathway for forward motion and emerging into a new environment as you walk into December.  With the completed events, situations, relationships, roles and connections to previous circumstances, the stage is cleared of people, places and things moved out of the way, and old roles are vacated.  Emerging in December with the opening of the curtain onto a new phase, a new environment is activated and animated. Thursday brings forward two positive trines that were challenging and squared aspects in November.  The two aspects can now have the qualities brought into a positive energy flow; Venus trine Jupiter and Sun trine Uranus.  The shift of energies create positive trines, and bring in new relationship connections that have a new positive energy surge, and shift gears activating the ONE month of December.  Venus brings forward the type of relationship connections that give you the opportunity to move forward in the ways that also connect with you.  Giving you the chance to expand the positive elements of your relationships, Venus and Jupiter open more doors and opportunities to share similar interests and pursuits.  
The Sun trine Uranus highlights the shifts and changes by enhancing the changes that are emerging in December.  Sun in fiery Sagittarius gives Uranus the spur to bring in changes that help move beyond the past and spearhead into new innovative directions that are emerging this month.  Mercury trine Uranus on Friday continues to unfold the options becoming available this week, prompting bold changes.  New information surfacing comes in to create the shifts that allow new avenues to be visible.  The Full Moon that rises Friday evening emphasizes the new information that hits the shore and begins to spark situations into activation.  The events of the 4th, 5th and 6th create actions that crescendo in information forging a new path that evolves throughout December

December 7th through December 13th
This week brings many situations, circumstances and events into the ONE month of December, sparking new beginnings and new opportunities.   The shifts and changes that begin this week, spurred from the rise of the Full Moon Saturday night, create new avenues to pursue as well as transitions into a new environment.  Monday brings in two key aspects that set a more active pace.  Sun connects with Mercury at 16 Sagittarius, which requires you sign on the dotted line in commitment to your new directions that have just opened up.  Additionally, Jupiter has been expanding you are your bold, creative pursuits since July 16th.  With your new commitment a new enthusiasm rises, expanding the bold actions that enhance the creative pursuits you have been working on since that time.  The events and decisions on the 8th set the pace for the rest of the month, setting action plans, gathering information and stepping up to the next level of leadership.  By Friday, Mercury creates a positive trine to Jupiter, opening the floodgates of information that pushes forward a new path.  Rolling out the red carpet, you will find that the stronger the creative energy utilized, the bolder the call comes as you pursue with your bravery and courageous spirit.  Unfolding the opportunities reveal your next bold step, this becomes the focal point of your journey into 2015.  With Jupiter turning retrograde, you will put all of the new pieces into place.  Jupiter is Leo has pushed you to be bold, courageous and dynamic.  Between December 8th and April 9th (when Jupiter turns direct), the new avenues will become alive with options and opportunities.  Friday Venus creates a positive trine with Jupiter bringing forward the communication and decisions to move forward on the new options that have revealed additional avenues.   

December 14th through December 20th
This week begins with Sun shining the light onto new decisions made early Sunday morning with Sun trine Jupiter.  The focus of decisions made on the 12th from Mercury trine Jupiter will now be seen with the Sun spotlighting the choices.  Information that has opened the door to shift pursuits allows you to follow the bolder pathway.  Moving into the workweek, Uranus squares Pluto, pushing for the changes that move you away from the business as usual approach to situations.  Major changes are optimum, especially with the assistance with Mercury and Sun creating a positive trine to Jupiter.  Venus shifts into Capricorn on Tuesday evening, which opens up the positive options that pull you into the new directions and away from the business-as-usual scenarios.  The rest of the week becomes the push to make the changes a reality.  Saturday Venus squares (challenges) Uranus, but trines (positive) Pluto, which becomes the obvious manifestation; harmony comes from changes and creates challenges when no changes are made.  Pluto creates the powerful connections creating the emphasizing energy that is geared to make you accept the shifts that are occurring.      

December 21st through December 27th
This week Uranus slows to walk step-by-step into a new focus on December 21st coordinating efforts to also connect with a New Moon.   Uranus turns direct as Sun shifts into earthy Capricorn, ultimately bringing in the energies for the New Year of 2015.    With the new decisions and new directions emerging, the day’s events reflect the major turning point that is being created.  The winds of change blow in the opportunities that require shifts be ready to be put into place.  Uranus turns direct unrolling your new journey, and will unveil new opportunities that have awaited for this energy lineup.  The changes have been occurring to move you away from the familiar and toward the new directions that are aligned to your true inner world.      Sun shifts into Capricorn bringing in the Solstice, as shifts and changes in business and career options emerge, bringing in a new pathway.  The New Moon in Capricorn opens the passageway that becomes your new path.  Capricorn brings in new contracts and arrangement to reflect the major shifts and changes occurring.  The major agreements that shift open new doors for a new path and journey that emerges in 2015.  January takes the events of November and creates a new path that unfolds the way forward for each in 2015.On Tuesday; Saturn finishes its visit in Scorpio and rolls into Sagittarius, where it will be through December 2017. Saturn shifts focus to goal-oriented Sagittarius.  Saturn also opens the transparency issues to the industries ruled by Sagittarius; higher education, churches and court systems.  These areas will be opened up for scrutiny and Saturn demands adherence to doing what is right.  Wednesday Mercury connects with Pluto and brings in information that requires the old way of business with these industries be changed.  Situations will begin to create the need to move away from old ways of operating to reveal transparency and revision.

December 28th through January 3rd
Sunday brings in the winds of change as Moon connects with Uranus.  The shifts into new avenues are creating the focus for situations and events to unfold.  With Saturn moving into fiery Sagittarius, Uranus already in fiery Aries and Jupiter in Fiery Leo, this trine of fire signs creates the new energy for 2015, which launches many situations into action.  The Moon in Aries activates a new surge of energy that is filled with goals and creative pursuits.  Opening the new year of 2015 Mars connects with Jupiter and requires that actions line up with the pursuits that have been expanding since mid July.  With Mars in Aquarius, actions geared toward connecting to a particular group become important as creative pursuits become a major theme in the transition into 2015.  By Saturday, Sun connects to powerful Pluto, which prompts a surge in business goals and activities that expand leadership and creativity.  With 2015 being an EIGHT universal year, the pace is quickened and accomplishments become the requirement. As the almost Full Moon rises Saturday evening emphasizing the Capricorn/Cancer sectors, the spur to put together a plan of action becomes paramount.  The high tide of feeling rises onto the shore pushing for more results and accomplishments.   

January 2015 Overview
January is universally a NINE month, which requires a new level of accomplishments to be activated, eliminating the old, comfortable pace and move into a new phase.  You will be clearing your pathway, finalizing issues and agreements from 2014 and bring completion many elements that have completed their purpose in your life.  With this completion, you can box up the situations move them out of the way, clearing a path to ultimately move forward and break into the quickened pace that requires complete engagement and activation.  Letting go of the old attitudes becomes the theme as the hesitations and doubts will begin to drop away.  Anything and everything that kept you from jumping into your life, focused on your goals will fade away, leaving room for the new aspects from the three major planetary energies kick into gear;  Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius.  These three areas of your life will make adjustments in many areas of your life to line up the energies, your goals, and your new seven-year spiritual journey and purpose.  

Beginning with the Full Moon on January 4th emphasizing the Capricorn/Cancer sectors, the energies that rise will push you into connectivity with those that share your journey and direction.  Mercury shifts into Aquarius on the 4th as well, which escalates the humanitarian connection that is aligned with Jupiter in Leo, bringing forward the creativity and leadership associated with your new direction.  Mercury brings information into play that also sets the pace for the first Mercury retrograde of the year that begins January 21st to February 11th.  Also with the key degrees of 1 – 17 Aquarius, the issues begin to surface beginning of January 4th, to push the major shifts inherent within the year.  Mercury in Aquarius requires that the humanitarian approach be used within business and within the connectivity for all business activity.  Treating others fairly and as you would want to be treated becomes the reoccurring theme that is heard many times over.  Setting the theme for the year actually hits with the first aspect on January 1st with Mars in Aquarius opposition to Jupiter in Leo.  This aspect sets the pace and then Mars hands the microphone over to Mercury to begin the communication process and the information flow.  

Major adjustments hit the month especially around the 19th, when the squares and oppositions push into a new level of achievement, and the New Moon on the 20th demands adherence to address the issues.  Transparency of how people are treated, attitudes toward others and requirement to engage in making a difference becomes the energy surge activated within the new EIGHT year of 2015.  With Saturn in Sagittarius, the transparency issues are magnified within the areas of higher education, churches, and activities within the court systems.  Any discrepancy from these industries that are not visible, will become invisible, revealing the work to be done during the next 2 ½ - 3 years, which Saturn is in Sagittarius.  Personally, the focus of Saturn takes the philosophy, goals and aspirations and begins to unfold the pathway as aligned on the inner level of awareness.  Taking aim at the best of life, yet not having the dedication and philosophy to walk that path, creates a disparity that will need to be addressed during the Mercury retrograde.  Shifting paths become a major factor during January and February, before the New Moon and Chinese New Year begins on February 19th as Year of the Goat.  The Mountain Goat is ready to climb mountains, and 2015 will provide exactly that.  The effort to climb to achievement is created by the motivation, ethics and values from Saturn’s time in Scorpio.  Saturn will drop back into Scorpio mid year 2015 to check back to the true motives as they power actions through thoughts, words and deeds.     

Dates of Uranus / Square Pluto
June 24, 2012: 8 Aries / 8 Capricorn
September 19 2012: 6 Aries / 6 Capricorn
May 22 2013: 11 Aries / 11 Capricorn
November 2 2013: 9 Aries / 9 Capricorn
April 21 2014: 13 Aries / 13 Capricorn
December 14 2014: 12 Aries / 12 Capricorn
March 17 2015: 15 Aries / 15 Capricorn

Written by Karyl Jackson
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