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Major Aspects in June 2016

June 3 - Sun opposition Saturn - 13 Gemini / 13 Sagittarius

June 3 - Venus opposition Saturn - 13 Gemini / 13 Sagittarius

June 4 - Sun conjunct Moon - 14 Gemini - NEW MOON

June 6 - Sun conjunct Venus - 16 Gemini

June 9 - Mercury opposition Mars retrograde - 25 Taurus / 25 Scorpio

June 13 - Neptune turns retrograde - 12 Pisces

June 20 - Sun opposition Moon - 28 Gemini / 28 Sagittarius - FULL MOON

June 20 - Mercury opposition Saturn - 11 Gemini / 11 Sagittarius

June 22 - Mercury square Jupiter - 16 Gemini / 16 Virgo

June 26 - Jupiter trine Pluto - 16 Virgo / 16 Capricorn

June 29 - Mars turns direct - 23 Scorpio

June 30 - Venus opposition Pluto - 16 Cancer / 16 Capricorn



2015 Overview

The previous EIGHT* years' occurred in 2006, 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. New career paths open up, new business ventures and expansion of the ones already in motion take a different course toward success. (*in numerology terms)



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Alpha Life Trends

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Celestial Trends - June 2016

June 2016 Overview

June is universally a SIX month bringing in the focus to the home and work environments. There will be important shifts within these areas to solve and fix what is there or to jump into a new environment that is more fitting to the expression that is needed. June 6th has Sun and Venus connect at 16 Gemini, which brings in the focus to harmony, balance and financial shifts to support the changes. Also on June 9th, Mercury in Taurus and Mars retrograde in Scorpio will reach the point of having gathered information that will then determine the stepping stones into the new direction because of the inner alignment with right actions. The week brings in the key elements that are integral to the changes needed to align with the true inner essence. June 29th, Mars turns direct at 23 Scorpio as the true inner assessment can begin to make the corrected projectile with stepping stones and moving into the right direction. The elements of Mars in Scorpio become a natural expression of all that is under the surface to bring into the process of transparency to roll out the true essence as the new journey begins.

May 29th through June 4th
Sunday Moon connects with Neptune, opening up a major intuitive portal providing more information and connections that normal. The connection with spiritual Neptune brings in the importance of the spiritual blueprints to see the alignment with our Life map. The spiritual elements that play a part in this process are opening the doors to move into our rightful direction especially with the intuitive connections providing additional support and awareness. Monday Mercury creates a positive trine with Pluto in Capricorn, which brings in the desire to make a difference. Pluto’s use of power will be a major piece of information collected during the Mars retrograde journey as Pluto’s power of influence becomes an energy source that is powered by passion. The passion to make an impact in the world of others can take the form of influence to add to others or to take away from others by using control to take from others or to add to others by positive influence. Pluto’s trine with Mercury provides the information that will begin to unfold the shifts and changes that will occur as June’s SIX month spotlights the home and work environments.

June 5th through June 11th
This week we begin with the backdrop of the New Moon in Gemini, bringing information forward that prompts adjustments and shifts in directions. Monday the Sun shines on the connection with Venus, which accentuates the positive blend to the adjustment choices available. Thursday brings the balance forward of Mercury in Taurus and Mars retrograde in Scorpio. The changes of the Mercury retrograde from May are being aligned with Mars retrograding to collect the elements of value to shift into right-action choices. Mercury in Taurus brings forward the outer values that need to be balanced with the true elements of Scorpio’s elements of ethics, motives and transparency of inner values. With Mars retrograding, revision of the alignment will be the result as stems from the inner values. As Mercury balances the transition process adjustments occur throughout the month until Mars turns direct. On June 29th as Mars turns direct, the rollout of the new options, pathway and right actions begin to occur.

June 12th through June 18th
This week brings a thrust of information as Mercury shifts into Gemini, as new information hits our doorstep. The information spurs the requirements to stay adaptable and spontaneous with the blowing in of new information, requirements and adjustments. Monday Neptune turns retrograde to make the new adjustments to our spiritual blueprint with the information and choices that provide shifts in our spiritual journey. These shifts become more pronounced as Moon and Mars connect, with Mars emphasizing alignment of true intentions and goals and Moon providing the transparency element. Saturn in Sagittarius prompts us to solidify our goals,, which creates a square to Neptune, accentuating the changes in our spiritual journey because of our choices. The Spiritual Blueprint will roll out the choices that provide the beginning of the next nine-year cycle from 2017 – 2026. Choices that we make now with the alignment to intentions and inner values of ethics and motives, will align us with the pathway for this next nine-year cycle. Transparency of true intentions become a major part of the roll-out process. Previous squares of Neptune and Saturn turned the cogs shifting the spiritual pathway that emphasized the transformation of the work environments.

June 19th through June 25th
This week sets the pace for our right-action choices and goals to be aligned. As the almost Full Moon rises Sunday evening, the Gemini/Sagittarius elements accentuate the shift and change of directions that light the way forward. Adjustments will be rolled out as Mars turns direct on the 29th. Monday’s Full Moon at 28 Gemini/28 Sagittarius propels changes onto the shore to create the signals needed. Mercury/ Saturn alignment at 12 Gemini/12 Sagittarius requires balanced expression of information by putting stepping stones into place. Also Venus and Saturn create a similar alignment at 12 Gemini/12 Sagittarius bringing the solution of the information, choices and stepping stones. Mercury creates a challenging square to Jupiter’s emphasis and choices of right action, prompting cogs to turn and changes to occur to bring in the right alignment for right action choices to occur. Having to change by going away from our easy choices of the past, now have to advance to align with inner intentions, choices and right actions. Saturday brings a culmination to the inner alignment with realization and recognition of the revised spiritual journey as Moon connects to Neptune, providing an intuitive profile of our revised journey.

June 26th through July 2nd
This week begins with Jupiter creating a positive trine to Pluto’s power of influence. As the trine brings in the right action choices, changes occur and new revisions to move into positions of power begin to be visible. Along with the trine of Jupiter and Pluto, a trine is created with Venus and Neptune, bringing forward the harmonious roll-out of the new situation mid-week as Mars turns direct at 23 Scorpio. This aspect provides the set-up of situations ready for the roll-out of changes as Mars turns direct on June 29th. The connection of Mars in Scorpio opens issues of actions from motives, ethics and intentions. Mars has been retrograde since mid-April as situations required the line-up of inner intentions to the outer expression of right action. Venus and Pluto provide the curtain opening for career and business changes as a result of the Mars realignment. July brings in the SEVEN month emphasizing the transparency of intentions from the inner realms. With Mars direct in Scorpio and the SEVEN month bringing transparency, the rollout of situations begins the alignment process, connecting the outer directions to the true inner intentions.

July 2016 Overview
July as a SEVEN month emphasizes the inner realms of intentions, ethics and motives. The transparency to the real elements of value become the engine that drives the changes that will occur all month long. As Mars moves forward pathways change to align with the true inner values as the choices of right actions unfold the pathway that begins the transition process to bring us to the right beginnings of the new nine-year cycle from 2017 – 2026.

The New Moon in Cancer taps into the alignment of emotional awareness to view the level of care given to others in expression of intentions. From this point Sun connects with Mercury to sign on the dotted line of true commitment with the new options presented. Mercury and Sun takes turns opposing Pluto’s status quo. Pluto provides the power of influence, which will change to the true inner alignment of those committed to the positive result of influence and use of power. Mercury connecting to Venus brings in the opportunities to align leadership and expression to intentions to make a positive difference.

The Full Moon brings in the Cancer/Capricorn sector to balance the inner emotional awareness with the outer shifts of business, career and pursuits. Information begins to set out situations as the winds of change blow in new events. Uranus turns retrograde on July 29th to rollout another layer of events, changes and options. As the winds of change blow, Sun and Mercury in Leo open the doors for opportunities bringing in many earned options slated to appear in August, as the choices of pathways begin to separate people according to the true intentions and choices that will roll out the pathways for the next nine-year cycle.

Written by Karyl Jackson

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