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Major Aspects in January 2016

January 5 - Mercury turns retrograde 5:06 am PST - 1 Aquarius

January 5 - Sun conjunct Pluto - 15 Capricorn

January 7 - Jupiter turns retrograde - 23 Virgo

January 8 - Venus conjunct Saturn - 12 Sagittarius

January 9 - Sun conjunct Moon - New Moon - 19 Capricorn

January 14 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 22 Capricorn

January 20 - Sun enters Aquarius

January 22 - Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto - 16 Capricorn

January 23 - Sun opposition Moon - Full Moon - 1 Aquarius

January 23 - Venus enters Capricorn

January 25 - Mercury turns direct 15 Capricorn - 1:50 pm PST

January 29 - Mercury conjunct Pluto - 16 Capricorn


2015 Overview

The previous EIGHT* years' occurred in 2006, 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. New career paths open up, new business ventures and expansion of the ones already in motion take a different course toward success. (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - January 2016

January 2016 Overview

January is universally a ONE month in a NINE universal year, bringing in the new energy that will emphasize completion and closure.  This New Year begins with changes already in the works from Mercury square Uranus winds of change, as Mercury will turn retrograde January 5th to January 25th.     The shifts and changes visible during the Mercury square Uranus aspects (December 20, January 20 and January 31) will become the winds that turn the cogs of change.  The power that comes into play during this time of Mercury conjunct Pluto brings in the real force of these changes (December 19, January 22, and January 29).  

As one door closes another opens, but often times the attention on the elements of closure keep us from seeing the opening of a new door.  With Mercury retrograde bringing in new information and the Uranus winds turning the cogs of change, not all situations are visible.  Mercury will bring in the powerful information from the connection with Pluto to transform according to Pluto’s emphasis of all that becomes the spark and power source from the inner world; motives, ethics, intentions and values.  Pluto shifted into Capricorn in 2008, which began the journey that is now halfway through the constellation of Capricorn and began the emphasis of the Capricorn focus.  (See the link for Pluto in Capricorn according to your Sun Sign and House Placement).  Pluto created the situations that prompted a response that has accumulated and become a major force and spark of passion.  With this spark, many choices were made along the way, which has brought us to this time of completion and closure.  Our response beckons the new doors that will open as the year evolves, and trusting the journey of 2016 becomes the key.  

During the Mercury retrograde of January, the winds turn the cogs of change to usher us along the pathway, which also has aspects that play a part.  Jupiter turns retrograde on January 7th, which will return over the events and situations that have emerged since Jupiter entered Virgo on August 11th, and will bring the energy to right the course of the journey.  The New Moon on January 9th at 19 Capricorn provides another opportunity to open the doors for career, business and financial pursuits as aligned by the inner spark of passion and purpose.  Sun connects with Mercury retrograde on January 14th at 22 Capricorn prompting new decisions to be made and put into place once Mercury turns direct.  Also this Sun/Mercury aspect is trine (positive) to Jupiter as major shifts and changes open the new doors along the month’s events.  The Full Moon on January 23rd emphasizes the Aquarius/Leo sectors that have the high tide of events bringing forward new options, information and opportunities.  

As Mercury turns direct on January 25th, other connections with Mercury and Pluto begin to unfold key situations and events that provide new pathway, new doors and new focus.  January 29th brings in the Mercury conjunct Pluto at 16 Capricorn as Mercury squares Uranus on January 31st.  These major aspects create the power that is shifting situations, turning the cogs of change and blowing in new situations.  

December 27th through January 2nd
This week brings in the forward movement of Uranus, which has captured the square of Mercury on December 20th, to blow in the information that turns the cogs of change.  With Uranus winds picking up speed and squaring by sign Mercury’s information and communication process, there will be many pieces of information that require major changes as 2016 emerges.  Tuesday Venus shifts into Sagittarius, emphasizing the goals and plans as aligned from inner philosophy and sense of purpose.  Venus brings the harmony and balance to make the adjustments needed to have the alignment with the revised sense of purpose.  On the last day of the year, Moon connects with Jupiter at 23 Virgo to bring the promise of good things to come from this inner alignment of right action.  The early morning hours emphasize the connection that will guide situations into the right direction.  Shifting into the New Year of 2016 signals the emergence of the NINE universal year, the time to bring forward completion and closure for the last nine-year cycle that began in 2008.  With the completion comes the letting go of all that has occurred since 2008, but yet brings forward efforts, intentions, ethics, motives and sense of purpose that has been woven into the response to all of the situations since that time.  January is universally a ONE month within a NINE universal year, providing the start needed to let go and “let God”.  

January 3rd through January 9th
This week begins a very active and eventful week.  Tuesday Mercury slows and turns retrograde after barely touching into Aquarius.  Mercury prepares to retrograde through 15 degrees of Capricorn, ruling career, business and financial dealings.  The emphasis of the Mercury retrograde will become visible as it sets the pace for the New Year of 2016.  Also on Tuesday Sun connects with Pluto, shining the light on the key issues for this month, with Pluto’s emphasis on power and the use or mis-use of expression and the influence it has on others.   This is also the theme that will be integrated into the next phase of our journey.  Pluto’s influence from 2008 will culminate the response to situations from that time and create the pathway that shifts to open during the Mercury retrograde.  Late Thursday, Jupiter slows and turns retrograde at 23 Virgo.  The earth-friendly sign of Virgo joins Mercury in Capricorn to bring information forward to prepare the pathway of right action to open 2016.  Friday Mercury shifts back into Capricorn to collect the important information that will become the stepping stones of the month, as Venus connects to Saturn, at 12 Sagittarius.  Setting the goals that are needed to align with the new pathway becomes the focus of this week.  The New Moon on Saturday at 19 Capricorn, opens the doors to move along the pathway gained by the influence and use of Pluto’s expression since 2008.  The new opportunities that open set the pace for the month and for the year’s journey.

January 10th through January 16th
This week brings forward the influence of the New Moon late Saturday evening at 19 Capricorn, which opens the door to the new pathway that moves us into the new phase for 2016.  During the Mercury retrograde, information comes along to shift the stepping stones and events to point each person into their right action.  Wednesday Sun is at a favorable angle to Jupiter in the earth-friendly signs of Capricorn and Virgo, to align career and business options toward the expression and right action that has been collected since 2008.  This influence of right expression creates the options and opportunities during January’s shifting circumstances.  Thursday Mercury moves into the same favorable angle to Jupiter, which expands the information coming in creating the options and opportunities that set a new pace and veer situations into new directions.  Also Sun connects with Mercury retrograde to emphasize the decisions made, the information brought forward and the major transitions that are happening mid month.  

January 17th through January 23rd
The week provides the energy shifts that assist in rolling out the new blueprints, as Mars creates a friendly and positive trine to Neptune.  The spiritual blueprints begin to shift and change to reveal the new pathways slated for this time.  Friday Mercury connects with Pluto, bringing forward information that becomes the key to open new pathways.  The information brought into the connection with Pluto at 16 Capricorn, provides the turning point as the passage becomes associated with the efforts of the past.  The influence of expression since Pluto ventured into Capricorn in 2008 sets the pace and determines the right pathway for each person to move forward at this time.  Pluto represents power with the use or mis-use of expression.  The power of influence is determined by the impact of the qualities thrust into situations and toward others within those very situations that have occurred since the beginning of this nine-year cycle, in 2008, which was also the time when Pluto first entered Capricorn.  The cumulative expression and influence from that time will determine the options available for each person.  (Read the influence of Pluto in Capricorn according to the Sun Sign and the house location within your Birth Chart).  The Full Moon rising Saturday evening hits the early degrees of Aquarius, the same as Mercury reaches before turning retrograde.  This emphasizes the impact that our expression has had on others, in relation to Pluto’s power of influence.  The influence will begin to shine the midnight moon onto the pathways opening up for each.  Setting each person onto their right path becomes the result of this Full Moon midnight magic.

January 24th through January 30th
This week Mercury slows in its backward journey and pauses at 15 Capricorn.  On Monday, situations shift to reveal the new way forward, as Mercury turns direct and as Moon shifts into Virgo to reveal the right pathway and the right actions that will begin to unfold this important week.  Moon stays in Virgo through Thursday morning, including a time of void of course that begins Wednesday evening, at the same time that Moon and Jupiter connect.  This becomes the magical time as Moon stays with Jupiter at 23 Virgo, emphasizing the opportunities of good things to come.  Moon and Jupiter connect all night long during this void-of-course phase, until Moon shifts out of Virgo as the workday begins Thursday morning.    This significant and magical connection with Moon and Jupiter rolls into and provides the entrance of the third occurrence of the Mercury conjunct Pluto aspect on Friday evening.  Mercury’s information integrates into Pluto’s power of expression.  The power of influence with Pluto contains the expression of qualities that have been gained while Pluto has been in Capricorn, since 2008.  

January 31st through February 6th
This week, brings in the entrance to the TWO universal month of February.  Monday emphasizes Mars connecting to the Moon, providing a strong motivation to the week.  This sets the pace for February, as January’s connections with Mercury connecting with Pluto brings in the openings for February’s interactions with new people that are emerging into your career and work environment.  Friday Venus connects with Pluto, bringing the influence of expression back into our lives with a passage opening as Venus brings in positive elements to the stepping stones of our journey.  Saturday Mercury trines Jupiter, emphasizing the shifts within career, business and financial dealings, with Jupiter’s expansion of Virgo’s alignment with right action. Connecting to the right action, our new pathway, the shifts and changes of the year present a new threshold that will be crossed on February 8th as we celebrate the Chinese New Year.

February 2016
February is universally a TWO month in a NINE universal year, bringing in the shifts and changes of people in our environment.  The focus of change within the career, business and financial dealings provides the people connections that open new friendships, aligning with similar people and pathways.   

As one door closes another opens, as February allows the passage through the new door with the celebration of the Chinese New Year.  The spark of passion is ignited with the New Moon at 19 Aquarius, emphasizing the connection with humanity and a new purpose.  

Mercury joins Sun in Aquarius on February 13th, to bring in another layer of information associated with the new journey of 2016.  Tuesday February 16, Venus joins the Aquarius gathering to provide the blanket of good friends and new acquaintances emerging into our life to help open the new doors of the journey and the pull on the horizon.

The Full Moon on February 22nd at 2 Pisces/2 Virgo brings in the spiritual connection with the new journey as the right actions outside will be aligned by the inner spiritual essence.  Pisces opens the intuitive connection with this phase of the journey and aligns with the right actions that Virgo is instilling into our day to day environment.  

On February 28th, Sun connects with Neptune at 9 Pisces.  Sun shines the light onto the new spiritual blueprint as the transitions are made, the environment changed to reveal the transformation of the inner spiritual awareness.  Neptune brings the connection to the spiritual elements of life to expand into the material world for those with the eyes and ears to see and hear with the intuitive feelings.  This world begins to naturally expand during this important time of transition as our new journey pulls us into place, and the passage is made possible by all that has been done through the power of influence and expressions to make a difference.

Written by Karyl Jackson

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