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Major Aspects in 

July 2017

July 2 - Mars opposition Pluto - 18 Cancer / 18 Capricorn

July 4 - Venus enters Gemini

July 5 - Mercury enters Leo

July 8 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 17 Cancer / 17 Capricorn

July 9 - Sun opposition Pluto - 18 Cancer / 18 Capricorn

July 18 - Venus trine Jupiter - 16 Gemini / 16 Libra

July 19 - Mercury trine Saturn - 22 Leo / 22 Sagittarius

July 20 - Mars enters Leo

July 22 - Sun enters Leo

July 23 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 1 Leo

July 24 - Venus opposition Saturn - 22 Gemini / 22 Sagittarius

July 26 - Sun conjunct Mars - 4 Leo

July 28 - Jupiter conjunct Moon - 17 Libra

August 3 - Uranus turns retrograde - 29 Aries


2017 Overview

The previous ONE* years' occurred in 2008, 1999, 1990, 1981, 1972, 1963, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Clearing the decks of the past situations to prepare for the next nine-year cycle becomes the active theme all the way through the year with the spotlight of major shifts beginning in October, November and December to open to the following TWO* year (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - July 2017

July 2017 Overview
June July is universally an EIGHT month, emphasizing the business and career shifts that will continue to evolve our life. July brings an additional focus to our relationship connections. Decisions made in June to align our heart, heart and actions, have brought us into the month of July. Doors opening allow a natural flow into the right direction. Mars and Pluto set the pace to take action into new directions. The decisions made have an added aspect that will enrich our connections. Moon connecting to Jupiter moves our connections with people, shifting our focus into the envisioned directions. The Full Moon on the 8th emphasizes the 17 Cancer/ 17 Capricorn focus. The location of Pluto at 18 Capricorn provides a close connection, and brings the light onto our intuition. Our intuitive connection prompts and pushes us to make these choices, and to align our actions with our journey. Another aspect that brings Venus into positive alignment with Jupiter, helps to push our life forward as we bring our new relationship connections into the journey. Mars and Sun move into Leo the last week of July to emphasize the New Moon bringing in a new level of self-expression. Sun and Mars shine the light onto the actions that are part of our new self-expression that will begin to prompt a new level of action-plans. As July emphasizes these new actions, the planet of Uranus slows and prepares to turn retrograde in early August. Uranus at the last degrees of Aries, captures our new self and choices for our new journey and expression.

June 25th through July 1st

This week brings our new choices forward to emphasize a renewed connection with our head and heart as our actions begin to take hold of our movements. Mercury connects with Mars mid-week at 16 Cancer, to move our life forward in major ways. This connection emphasizes the events at the beginning of the month with the alignment of our head, heart and actions. Now with Mercury and Mars connecting, we will move forward with this alignment, a new action plan and with little hesitations. Thursday, Mercury comes into alignment with Pluto to push us beyond our previous hesitations and fears. Pluto aligns with the power and strength on our inner level. Mercury and Pluto come into balance to push away the hesitations and concerns to move forward with our decisions. Mercury at 18 Cancer and Pluto at 18 Capricorn, brings in the alignment with our decisions to take action over the weekend as Mars connects with Pluto at 18 Capricorn in the early morning hours on July 2nd. Between Mercury’s connection with Pluto on June 29th and Mars connection on July 2nd, our decisions have to move from thoughts and into action. This launch from thought to action brings powerful energies into the transition of the SEVEN month into the EIGHT month.

July 2nd through July 8th

This week begins with Mars opposition Pluto, bringing in action-oriented Mars that has reached the end of the road as we know it and have to go one way or another, but not continue in the same old direction. Mars in Cancer brings in our emotional feelings to push us forward into the direction that we need to choose as spurred by our feelings. Listening to the calling of our heart becomes the essence and transition into July. We all cross into July to make important choices and veer into the turning point of the year. Tuesday Venus shifts into Gemini to bring forward solutions that emphasize change and using the information to make important choices as we veer into different directions. Mid-week Mercury shifts into Leo, which brings in creativity and the ability to be bold in our communication and decisions. As the almost Full Moon rises Friday evening, our choices begin to hit the shore that emphasize the need to choose one way or the other. The high tide continues all through Saturday until the Full Moon rises. During this time frame, we will be hit with wave after wave to move forward into our direction as associated with the calling of our heart.

July 9th through July 15th

This week we begin with the Full Moon emphasizing the transitions required by Mercury opposition Pluto on June 29th, Mars opposition Pluto on July 2nd and Sun opposition Pluto on July 9th. The information that was streaming into situations on June 29th began the process of transitions into our new direction. The actions on July 2nd required we move our efforts and actions into alignment with our new direction. Sun opposition Pluto brings the spotlight to this transition and requires that we make the shift Sunday evening to set up this important week. With the requirement to listen to the inner calling, our focus for this week requires our actions set the pace for our journey. Veering into new directions, it is time to make the inner adjustments needed by aligning our inner essence with our true feelings.

July 16th through July 22nd

This week requires that we continue to walk into different and unfamiliar directions. As we hit the fork in the road, we have to choose one way or another. The choices must align with the inner essence. The aspect on Tuesday brings a harmonious trine of Venus and Jupiter. The emphasis on flexibility with Jupiter’s focus on relationships, create the transitions for our new directions. On Wednesday, Mercury creates a positive trine to Saturn. Mercury's information, communication and decisions become the commitment to Saturn’s discipline to align with our goals. This aspect spurs us into motion. Decision and commitment moves us forward into the new directions that are opening within situations. Thursday, Mars moves into Leo, which adds to the boldness of our actions and the ability to quicken the pace of our choices, actions, and schedule. Saturday Sun joins Mercury and Mars already in Leo to expand our stride as we pursue new avenues.

July 23rd through July 29th

This week begins with an early morning New Moon at 1 Leo, which also brings Mars into the mix with the early morning connection with the Moon. The pace quickens and situations begin to dance with the fiery Leo blazing the trail that we need to follow. Shifting into high gear begins this week and will not let up. Mercury creates a positive trine to Uranus on Monday as the winds begin to blow moving situations around that keep us running. The information blowing in helps Uranus make the changes to veer us into the directions that are being revised in July. Venus and Saturn also form a harmonious trine on Monday. Venus brings forward solutions to Saturn’s requirements to align discipline with goals. The efforts this week become the major stepping stones to walk into our right directions. Mercury shifting into Virgo Tuesday evening shifts the focus to right action, and aligns our inner and outer efforts. Wednesday Sun and Mars connect at 4 Leo. Bringing a boldness to our actions, we move forward into directions, while receiving the push and swift kicks to keep moving.

July 30th through August 5th

This week we transition out of the EIGHT universal month to move into the NINE. We are required to clear the decks of the past, old associations and situations. They may be familiar, but are no longer representative of our new direction. Late Wednesday evening Uranus turns retrograde after reaching the last degree in Aries. Turning retrograde, Uranus will venture back to 24 Aries, backtracking to regain the changes from April 16th. Uranus will peel back these changes to release us from the old aspects of Self that we used to keep and maintain our own personal constraints. Uranus will bring in major changes to help us clear the decks of these old issues. The white-knuckle grip on these constraints will no longer work and we will be tossed out of the old environment and into our new realm. On Friday Jupiter creates a square to Pluto. We are required to face our fears, make changes within relationships, business and career. To embrace our new journey requires we expand beyond our fears.

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August 2017 Overview

August is universally a NINE month emphasizing the need to clear the decks of the old ways of operating. We have two eclipses in August to highlight the focus of the changes slated for this time. August 7th provides a Lunar Eclipse with Leo and Aquarius pushing our efforts forward to bring the inner spark and boldness to the surface. The high tide of events surrounding this Lunar Eclipse brings in information that pushes us toward our creative energy and self-expression. Mercury turns retrograde on August 12th at 11 Virgo, emphasizing right action. Information comes streaming into this time to give us options and changes. To align with right action, we must make choices to bring our inner and outer self into a time of adjustment. The Solar Eclipse on August 21st at 29 Leo emphasizes the decisions and commitment to our new directions. Mercury will retrograde back to 29 Leo on September 5th to provide the green light for our decisions to be rolled out with a new level of commitment. This Mercury retrograde and Solar Eclipse at 29 Leo highlight the area of our life that requires we step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. The Mercury retrograde in August helps to clear the deck of all aspects of our old self to give us the freedom to move into our true direction.


Written by Karyl Jackson

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