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Major Aspects in 

September 2018

September 5 - Mercury enters Virgo

September 6 - Saturn turns direct - 2 Capricorn

Sseptember 7 - Sun opposition Neptune - 15 Virgo / 15 Pisces

September 9 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 17 Virgo

September 10 - Mars enters Aquarius

September 12 - Venus opposition Uranus - 2 Scorpio / 2 Taurus

September 13 - Meracury opposition Neptune - 15 Virgo / 15 Pisces

September 18 - Mars square Uranus - 2 Aquarius / 2 Taurus

September 20 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 27 Virgo

September 22 - Sun enters Libra - Equinox - beginning of Autumn for N Hemisphere, beginning of Spring for S Hemisphere

September 24 - Sun opposition Moon - HARVEST FULL MOON - 2 Libra / 2 Aries

September 30 - Pluto turns direct - 19 Capricorn

Alpha Life Trends

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September / October 2018

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September/October newsletter

September / October 2018

September is universally an ELEVEN/TWO month, which brings us to a point of review of all that the year has presented. ELEVEN is the higher pathway of the TWO, bringing the ELEVEN awareness of the spiritual perspective into our life, as if we are flying high as the Eagle. With this Eagle vision, we see life from a higher perspective and see all situations from this vision. The TWO is the interaction as if the mouse on the ground. The requirement of the ELEVEN is to have this Eagle vision while being the mouse on the ground. This presents the highest perspective of all situations and people to have the heart of understanding and awareness while relating to others as the mouse on the ground, knowing they are choosing to only see situations from this perspective. Dealing with others and situations create an important choice for us as well, relating to others but bringing the Eagle perspective into our everyday life. This gives us the ability to make a difference, to communicate with an understanding heart, to bring a higher perspective into conversations to expand awareness of a larger reality and a greater purpose. September provides the review of situations that expands this perspective to see those situations we became entrenched as a mouse on the ground rather than living in the reality of the ELEVEN. It means to detach from the outcomes, but be very emotionally present as the mouse on the ground. September sees Mars in its forward motion (turning direct on August 27th) and when combined with Saturn moving forward on September 6th, we are given the responsibility to make the choices of “right action”. These options become important as September brings us to review the events of the year. With Sun and Mercury being balanced with Neptune’s spiritual blueprints, we will make important decisions and come to some critical realizations. Sun connects with Mercury on September 20th at 28 Virgo, prompting these “right action” choices to define and determine the pathway forward.  

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