“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;  but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”  Abraham Lincoln

Major Aspects in March 2015


March 1 - Mercury opposition Jupiter - 15 Aquarius / 15 Leo

March 3 - Jupiter trine Uranus - 15 Leo / 15 Aries

March 4 - Venus conjunct Uranus - 15 Aries

March 5 - Sun opposition Moon / FULL MOON - 15 Pisces / 15 Virgo

March 9 - Mars trine Jupiter - 14 Aries / 14 Leo

March 11 - Mars conjunct Uranus - 15 Aries

March 12 - Mercury enters Pisces

March 14 - Saturn turns retrograde - 5 Sagittarius

Marach 16 - Uranus square Pluto 15 Aries / 15 Capricorn

March 18 - Mercury conjunct Neptune - 8 Pisces

March 20 - Sun conjunct Moon / NEW MOON - 29 Pisces

March 20 - Sun enters Aries - Vernal Equinox

March 30 - Mercury enters Aries

March 31 - Mars enters Taurus


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Written by Karyl Jackson

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This week, April 12th through April 18th, brings in several aspects that create shifts and changes to continue moving you closer to your goals and aspirations.  Discussions with others start the week as new people are brought into your environment.  

Mid-week, Venus in Gemini brings balance to Saturn’s emphasis to align goals with beliefs.  Saturn in Sagittarius brings in the requirement to determine the stepping stones that become the journey to your new goals.  Venus finds the solutions and the journey through connecting with the things you love that create the pathway to your true goals.    With the decisions made last week, filled with new opportunities, you will find that options to expand more of the things you love will begin to unfold this week.  Gemini and Sagittarius bring in creative ideas that spark and ignite new options, opening the next phase of your journey.

Thursday evening Pluto turns retrograde, to back track along the aspects that have required you move away from the old ways of operating and embrace the new options that are pulling you into new directions.  Pluto has required that the old habits and concepts be updated to reflect your true self, your new journey and the revised concepts that widen your understanding.  

As these important shifts veer you into new directions, a new environment and scenery emerges.  Early Saturday morning, Sun connects with Moon in the late degrees of Aries, to provide more initiative to your journey.  The New Moon in Aries brings confidence and the ability to see you are making a difference in the world by being unique, independent and passionate about your beliefs.  

Moon shifts into Taurus later Saturday afternoon, connecting with Mercury and Marls already in Taurus, which becomes the energy that shifts ideas into action.  The new beginnings that occur from the New Moon quickly become organized and set into motion as the focus changes to earthy Taurus.  Over the weekend many plans are put into place to create a new surge of energy that continues to unfold your new journey. 

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