“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;  but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”  Abraham Lincoln

Major Aspects in November 2014


November 6 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 15 Taurus / 15 Scorpio

November 8 - Mercury enters Scorpio

November 9 - Venus square Jupiter - 21 Scorpio / 21 Leo

November 10 - Mars conjunct Pluto - 13 Capricorn

November 12 - Venus conjunct Saturn - 25 Scorpio

November 12 - Mars square Uranus - 13 Capricorn / 13 Aries

November 13 - Sun square Jupiter - 21 Scorpio / 21 Leo

November 15 - Neptune direct - 5 Pisces

November 16 - Venus enters Sagittarius

November 18 - Sun conjunct Saturn - 26 Scorpio

November 22 - Sun enters Sagittarius

November 22 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 0 Sagittarius

November 22 - Mercury square Jupiter - 22 Scorpio / 22 Leo

November 25 - Mercury conjunct Saturn - 27 Scorpio

November 27 - Mercury enters Sagittarius

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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... Shift of focus from in depth Scorpio to fiery, adventuresome Sagittarius ...


The week of November 16th through November 22nd, brings new energy into the picture.  With Neptune turning direct early morning on Sunday, November 16th, the spiritual blueprint begins to change to incorporate all of the new information that is coming into your life, to find a place to unfold the new circumstances, concepts and environment. 

Sunday Venus shifts out of Scorpio and into fiery Sagittarius, which brings in a sense of adventure with a different pace.  A more exciting spontaneity comes from this transition; which spurs and quickens the process of moving the old out to make room for the new.  

Tuesday Sun connects with Saturn, which shines the light onto the issues that are being brought onto your stage.  Many of these issues go back to November 12th, when Venus connected with Saturn.  Major issues highlighted at that time were subject to the shifts and changes to make room for the new circumstances dealing with love, money and relationships.  Tuesday brings the Sun to focus on the elements that are moved into place by Saturn.  The people and props shifting out one door and new situations come in another are activated by the Saturn in Scorpio elements ruling inner motives, ethics and values.  

The remainder of the week brings Moon into Scorpio, granting you vision into the in depth elements ruling inner motives, ethics and values.  This deeper perspective brings awareness of the importance of these Saturn in Scorpio elements.  Having been the focus since September 2012, major requirements have come into your life to see how you respond.  This response is spurred from your inner motives, ethics and values.  A snapshot of this perspective determines the changes moving out to bring in more appropriate and similar circumstances.  Matching up your motives with the outer changes becomes the focus of this week.  

Early Saturday morning, Sun shifts into Sagittarius, bringing in a new enthusiastic atmosphere.  This enthusiasm is infused as the New Moon in Sagittarius sets a new path with a new focus.  This New Moon brings in the new directions that are now opening up, creating new possibilities.  The positive energy created by this shift of pace will also be accentuated by Venus connecting with Moon Saturday afternoon to bring in a new promise.  Even though it may seem to counter the directions you thought were going to unfold, the new pathways are key factors in your journey.  Opening to the new directions becomes an important shift with the expanding weekend events and circumstances.  New goals and aspirations begin to light up your new directions allowing you to see the area of your life that will unfold  a new environment as you go through the last week of November.  

The Scorpio terrain under your feet in November requires you walk out of one environment into another !!

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