“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;  but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”  Abraham Lincoln

Major Aspects in May 2016

May 6 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 16 Taurus

May 9 - Jupiter turns direct - 13 Virgo

May 9 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 19 Taurus

May 13 - Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus - 16 Taurus

May 20 - Sun enters Gemini

May 21 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 1 Gemini / 1 Sagittarius

May 22 - Sun opposition Mars retrograde - 2 Gemini / 2 Sagittarius

May 22 - Mercury turns direct - 14 Taurus - 6:20 am PDT/9:20 am EDT

May 24 - Venus opposition Mars retrograde - 1 Gemini / 1 Sagittarius

May 27 - Mars retrograde enters Scorpio

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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... Mercury slows and turns direct as Sun opposition Mars creates the turning cog of events ...

This week, May 22nd through May 28th, begins with the backdrop from the Saturday Full Moon emphasizing the Gemini/Sagittarius information that hit the shore on Saturday afternoon. Waves of information continue with Mars connecting to Moon in Sagittarius. These dynamic shifts surround Mercury transition to direct in motion. Mars in Sagittarius connecting to the Full Moon created the revisions of the Sagittarius philosophy to create new choices as “actions speak”.

The dynamic changes moving into place from the Full Moon sets the stage for Sunday’s early morning aspect of Sun opposition Mars, which is set as Mercury turns direct at 14 Taurus. The Sun opposition Mars aspect brings forward the information needed to shift choices to align with right action that will set the pace for this new week. Gemini Sun requires change as information points to the shifts needed that will create the alignment with Mars in Sagittarius retrograding back to revise the projectile traveled since mid-February.

Early Sunday Morning, after the Sun opposition Mars aspect, Mercury slows to 14 Taurus, hovers, changes direction and begins to inch forward. Mercury takes about four days to gather momentum enough to speed out of 14 degrees Taurus, which also coincides with Mars shifting into Scorpio. Mercury shifts into 15 degrees Taurus, and gains one degree in two days throughout May and finally clips along gaining one degree each day in June.

Tuesday evening Venus aligns with Mars at the tip of Gemini/Sagittarius sector, before Mars slips back into Scorpio. The elements that need to be revised will be brought into the day, as requirements to shift situations around to bring forward harmony and solutions. Documents will become the focus of important changes during the week shifts.

On Friday Mars shifts back into Scorpio, which brings in information that was previously hidden and residing below the surface. Scorpio relates to ethics, motives and intentions. Mars has been backtracking since mid-April to revise the projectile of energy from February, to become more in alignment with right action and the actions that are spurred from the true intentions. From May 27th through June 29th, many discoveries will be made regarding the true intentions of ethics and motives that spurred situations into motion.

Transparency allows view of many actions disguised as good, when in fact, the motives and ethics were something other than good. The many aspects occurring this week will be to prepare for the SIX month of June, which emphasizes changes within the home and work areas. The changes will be spurred by Mars shifting back to correct the right action choices that are at the foundation of these changes.

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This week, April 26th through May 2nd, begins with Moon connecting to Jupiter in Leo, expanding the bold, dynamic events that are emerging to move you forward.  The promise thacomes with Jupiter’s connection with Leo provides the expansion of the creative energy and the doors that open because of thebold actions that are taken when it is easier to just not participate.  Leo provides the leadershipvV emphasis that comes with the ability to take action and move in a particular direction without outer guidance.  

On Thursday Mercury shifts into Gemini, which means that Mercury is more than 20 degrees ahead ofhe Sun and has moved into a different sign than the Sun, which creates the feeling that situations are disjointed.  Mercury flying into Gemini brings in more communication, information and spontaneous events.  The situations thatbegin to occur feel that the logic and methodology are missing and decisions have become a bit more chaotic.  The Sun doesn’t move into Gemini to join Mercury until May 21st.  This becomes increasingly challenging because airy Gemini creates many thoughts and ideas that begin to fly around, yet lack a solid place to land.  

Preparing to review ideas that seem to fly through situations sets the stage for the Mercury retrograde that is coming up on May 18th as Mercury reaches 13 Gemini.  Turning retrograde to allow the sun to catch up is welcomed as Sun once in Gemini, joining Mercury, can begin to shine the light onto important decisions to create a new pathway forward.  As we begin to feel disjointed with Mercury shifting into Gemini at the end of April, we are also getting ready to shift into the month of May on Friday.  May is universally a FOUR month, which requires additional effort to maintain the pace that is activated by Mercury in Gemini.  

Mercury will continue to fly around, tossing ideas and concepts into the already chaotic airwaves.  By maintaining the ability to act and not react, there will be more ease about the situations that seem to become the wind that blows one way and then another.  Flexibility is key as is knowing many decisions made will be changed or revised later down the road.