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Major Aspects in October 2014


October 4 - Mercury turns retrograde - 2 Scorpio - 1:02 pm EDT

October 7 - Sun opposition Uranus - 14 Libra / 14 Aries

October 8 - Sun opposition Moon - LUNAR ECLIPSE / Full Moon - 15 Libra / 15 Aries - 6:51 am EDT

October 10 - Mercury retrograde back out of Scorpio and into Libra

October 11 - Venus opposition Uranus - 14 Libra / 14 Aries

October 16 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 23 Libra

October 17 - Venus conjunct Mercury retrograde - 23 Libra

October 17 - Jupiter conjunct Moon - 18 Leo

October 23 - Sun enters Scorpio

October 23 - Venus enters Scorpio

October 23 - Sun conjunct Moon - SOLAR ECLIPSE / New Moon - 1 Scorpio - 5:57 pm EDT

October 25 - Sun conjunct Venus - 2 Scorpio

October 25 - Mercury turns direct - 16 Libra - 3:17 pm EDT

October 26 - Mars enters Capricorn


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Written by Karyl Jackson

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... Revision of your pathway forward takes you into your right direction ...


The week of October 26th through November 1st, begins with several aspects and changes already in motion. Mercury has reached back to 16 Libra, to regain a forward motion.  The issues and elements of partnerships, relationships and friendship have been revised.  Because Libra also relates to harmony and balance, the particular location of the Libra Mercury retrograde is bringing key information forward.  The circumstances that are subject to the shifting environment will be brought back to the focus that was first addressed on September 15th.  The connections that have occurred since that time become significant in the revision process.  With Libra’s focus to bring harmony and balance to situations, the issues of relating to others becomes the major factor of change.  With situations now unfolding the new circumstances, a different path becomes available.  The important aspect to the revision of the pathway forward is that the shift can now take you into your right direction.  

The people on your stage are shifting and becoming the right connections.  The fact that during the first seven months of this year, there were clues to the changes.  The shifts that have now transpired reflect the adjustments that occurred around the mid July time-frame.  Jupiter went into Leo and Mars finally passed out of Libra.  With the Eclipses and Mercury retrograde, many new elements have surfaced during this time to shift you off one road and onto another.  The road that moved into place during the Solar Eclipse on the 23rd and brought you onto a different path on the 25th sets a new pace this week.

As Mercury turns direct, Mars shifts into business-oriented Capricorn to expand the new pathway that has emerged with the Solar Eclipse and Mercury unfolding your new journey  Your life will step into a quickened pace as this week’s events reveal more of your new pathway.  Setting goals into place on Monday will quickly evolve into reviewing contracts and agreements on Tuesday.  Documents seem to pile up in your in box and in your schedule.  Thursday provides meetings and business discussions that seem to move into the weekend.  

Very favorable aspects pull you into the new month of November.  The NINE universal month finds a sense of completion with the many situations that have occurred.  Clearing the decks of these old situations becomes the theme as many are tied up and moved out of the way.  Making peace with the past and moving on seems to create diplomatic ways to finish many old situations on a positive note.  


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Enjoy events unfolding your pathway way of October !!


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